When In London


2. Just Getting Started

(Jayda Pov)

    I woke and saw that I only had so much time to get ready, and get Tyler up and ready. So I rushed and got into the shower, brushed my teeth, and hair, trying to get everything done within 20 minutes. I then ran into my closet and through on some black skinnies, a white shirt, a jean jacket, and quickly put some mascara. I grabbed my backpack and ran to Tyler’s room to wake him up.
    ‘Man, if we didn’t have school he would be the one waking me up, not the other way around,' I thought to myself while walking into his room. I had no mercy this morning so I just jumped on him while screaming “ TYLER FUCKING OAKLEY, GET YOUR ASS UP AND GET READY FOR SCHOOL NOW!!!!!” he jumped pushing me off him. “AHHHHH!!!! REALLY JAYDA WAS THAT NEEDED” he yell at me furiously. “Yes, Now get up and get ready peasant” I said while giggling. “ Urggg. Give me 20 minutes” he said getting up from his bed groggily. “What do you need 20 minutes for?” I asked already knowing the answer. Tyler rolled his eyes at me “ My hair, I’m gay not magic”, he said like it was the most obvious thing in the world. “Okay 20 minutes only” I said warningly. "Yeah, yeah, whatever” Tyler said while shooing me off and shutting his door. I headed down stairs and turned on the TV and waited.
    When Tyler finally came down he said “Hey Jayder” peppily, just to annoy me with my horrible nickname. So to get revenge I said “ Hey Ty Ty” mimicking his tone and smirking when I saw him cringe. “ Urggg. Just get in the damn car” he said annoyed. “Okay, Okay, Mr. Pushy” I playfully said back. He gave me the look that said ‘don’t push it,' and I just yelled “I LOVE YOU TYLER” while running to the car and getting in. “Yeah, yeah I know” he said cockily while hopping in the car and driving to hell... I mean school.

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