When In London


3. Hey Lets Talk

(Jayda Pov)
    When Tyler pulled into our parking spot I hopped out of the car no so eagerly. ‘Why do I even have to be here, I am a genius, and these idoits still don’t know the difference between left and right’ I thought to myself while smirking. Tyler started to walk ahead of me so I ran and jumped on his back, he lost his balance for a second but he caught himself. “Damn girl do you need to do that every time I'm in front of you?” Tyler asked still a surprised. I giggled at him “Of course I do, thats why your still here. I probably would have killed you by now, you know to much” he just rolled his eyes in reply. I hopped off of him once we got up to the doors. Kids were sitting all over the place waiting for school to start. “Okay badass mode on” I said while swiping my hand past my face while changing my express to a serious one. “Whatever, you are too adorable to be a badass” some guys said while walking up to me and Tyler and trying to pinch my cheek. ‘He must be new or mentally retared’ everyone thought as they turned around to see my reaction. I grabbed his arm and twisted it behind his back quickly. I went up to his ear and whispered into his ear “You wanna say that again” he shook his head furiously. “Good,” I said back and turned to Tyler acting like nothing happened “ Lets go, I wanna go to class.” Tyler just laughed “ Gosh, some times I swear you are bipolar.” We walked inside and the person we saw was... Crystal Staines.
    Crystal Staines is the biggest slut you could ever meet. The sluts at your school have nothing on her. She has pretty much had sex with everyone, nerds, teachers, jocks, or anything that is walking and breathing. No, she isn’t a prositute, not even close, she’s even payed people to have sex with her. She thinks she could get any guy she wants. She even thought she could get Tyler to turn straight for her. But that didn’t work I even think she turned him more gay. Plus she is always with her ‘clic’ trying to ‘rule the school’, but that won’t happen until I'm dead and gone. Me and her have always hated each other. I hate sluts and she hated virgins, so it works.
    Me and Tyler tried to walk past her and her ‘clic’ without starting anything. But that little cunt is like a damn hawk and saw us right away. “Hey Bitch, where do you think you’re going” she sneered in my direction. My back was turn at her so I turned around slowly to face her. Bitch was not a name I allowed ANYONE call me without getting the living shit beaten out of them. “I’m sorry, I didn’t hear you you” I said through gritted teeth. “I said, where do you think you’re going BITCH” she said effusing the bitch. Tyler was trying to get me away from her before I did any damage, “Uh... Jayda think we should get to class” he nervously said. I just disregard what he was saying and took a few steps closer to her getting her face. “Ok, so I'm gonna be nice and give you two choices,” I told her putting a faking smile on my face,” Choice number 1: you could leave right now and not start something you can’t finish, or choice number 2: get your ass whopped in front of all your ‘friends’.” She look terrified. One of her ‘friends’ nudged her when she saw that she was going to back out. “Um... I-I’m staying.” She stuttered. I went up to her ear and whispered “Bad choice. But sense your so brave your first move.” Once I move away from her she dug her heel into my foot. The only reaction I had was smirking. I bent down and grabbed her foot then bent it behind her back so she was doing a scorpion. “AHHH!!!!!! STOP! STOP!” she screeched. I laughed out a “ what can’t handle it?,” I put her foot down and warned her, “next time don’t call me a bitch. Hell, don’t even talk to me, I might have to get a shot just from touching you. I don’t know where you’ve been, YOU probably don’t where you’ve been.” She looked at me shocked, laughing I walked away with Tyler to class. “Damn” was all Tyler said.
    In the middle of class the intercom went off, “ Jayda Johnson to the principals, Jayda Johnson to the principals” the person on the other side announced. I got up grabbing my book bag and walking to the door. But before I left I did the Hunger Games solute and left the class in laughter.
    When I walked into Mr. Heedy office I smiled at him and took my usual seat. “So Jayda do you know why you’re here?” he asked trying to hide his shaky voice. This wasn’t a normal thing for him, but I acted like I didn’t notice. “Maybe I do, or maybe I don’t, what it to cha’?” I said in a Italian accent “ You like that, I’ve been practicing on it” That when I saw the thing that put all the pieces together...the heel that was jabbed into my foot this morning. Mr. Heedy looked like he was about to burst. “ Speaking of working on stuff,” I started crossing my legs and a smirk on my face,” It seem like Crystal is really working on you under the desk, huh?” His face went pale. “Don’t tell anyone, please” He pleaded. “I don’t know, this is some really good dirt, it might just slip out” I tested. “Please don’t, I could lose my job, I’ll do anything” he begged on, I took this in consideration then finally gave in, “Anything, hmm, well first i want all A’s, $20, and a speech in graduation” He quickly pulled out his wallet and handed me $20, “I’ll give you the A’s,” he paused for a second “ But can i ask why you want a speech?” I just laughed “ Well Mr. Heedy, sense it’s my senior year I want it to end with a bang, so who better to deliver than me?” I explained to him like I was talking to a two year old. “Oh, and me and Tyler are leaving so dismiss him” He quickly turned on the intercom again and dismissed Tyler from class. I walked out of Mr. Heedy’s office and met up with Tyler. “Why are we leaving, and what happened in there” Tyler questioned. I laughed remembering everything that had just happened “well Crystal tried to get me in trouble so she was giving Mr. Heedy a BJ while he was ‘disciplining’ me. I caught on and now I have all A’s, $20, and a speech at graduation.” Tyler laughed with me, “Well why don’t we put that $20 to use” he suggested. “I like that idea kind sir” I agreed. We then ran out of the school, jumped into our car, and drove and got... CHINESE FOOD!!!



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