Inside the Outside

Same story. Different Name. Better content.

When Natalie Carter moves to a new school, she's instantly noticed by the schools biggest bad boy, Harry Styles. He hooks up with girls, then there gone the next day, he rides a motorbike and barely shows up to class. Harry thinks Natalie's just another toy in his game. Natalie thinks he's her worst nightmare, but opposites attract right?


2. Chapter Two

It was late morning when I woke the next day, I hadn’t been able to sleep, my thoughts haunted by a green eyed curly haired boy that had forcefully clamed me as his. I had finally managed to drift off to sleep in the early hours of the morning and much to my relief I hadn’t had nightmares hence the reason of my late wakening. My feet quietly padded across the floor as I made my way down the stairs to the kitchen where I could satisfy my grumbling tummy.

I stopped dead in my tracks once I’d reached the bottom of the stairs. My ears strained to hear two voices coming from within the kitchen. My eyebrows creased into a frown as I intently listened, trying to figure out who the two voices belonged to. One was a familiar female voice that undoubtedly belonged to my mother. But the other was a deep, raspy, masculine voice I which I was not familiar with.

There was a horrible sinking feeling in my stomach as I found myself wondering if mum had met a man here. It would be distraught if she had, she had promised herself to she would never date another man after my father. I don’t think I could handle my mother bringing another man into my life, I would feel as though mum were trying to replace my father.

Quietly I pushed the door open, I peeked out from behind the solid wood, cautiously peering into the kitchen. My body went rigid with fear as my eyes fell upon the owner of the raspy voice. He was sitting perched on one of the stools at the bench, his back to me as he spoke to mum. I almost wished that t was some random man that mum had met sitting at the kitchen counter, not some curly haired pedophile who seemed to be determine on making my life a living hell.

 I attempted to quietly close the door again and slip away before either of them could notice me. However, luck did not appear to be on my side as mum happened to look up just before I could make my hasty escape. Her twinkling blue orbs locked on mine as she warmly smiled at me.

“Morning, Nat.” She greeted.

Harry spun around on the stool he was perched on, a smug grin plastered on his face as he stared tauntingly. A wave of nausea washed over me and I had to grasp the doorframe to prevent myself from toppling over, provoking Harry’s smirk even further. His cruel smile made it clear that he found my horror amusing. Despite the overwhelming fear I was feeling within, I did well to mask it as I bravely stood my ground, sending harry a hard, cold glare.

‘Alright Natalie.” He winked.

"Why are you here?" I snapped without returning his greeting.

Harry’s dark eyes danced with laughter he was carefully containing and I suddenly felt the urge to run up and punch him in the face, spilling black demon blood down his grey shirt. But my fear of what he would do restrained me, the idea of breaking his nose vanquished.

“I came to see you, but you were still asleep.” He responded quietly. “I didn’t want to wake you.”

My fists involuntarily clenched by my sides as mum smiled at him, it was obvious he was playing the innocent, sweet card to win her over and much to my despair it was working. I watched in disgust as she patted him on the shoulder, he had poisoned her mind into thinking he was a charming young man who was intrigued by her contemptuous who appeared uninterested in the sweet boy.

“Mum, could I please speak with you for a minute.” I asked through gritted teeth, motioning to the hall.

Mum nodded, telling harry we’d be back in a minute before she followed me out into the hall. I closed the door behind us so our conversation wouldn’t be audible to Harry’s ears.

"Why did you let him in?” I asked angrily.

“He said he was a friend of yours, he’s very sweet.” She gushed.

“So if a forty year old man said he was friend of mine would you let him in?” I scolded. “He could have been a murder.”

“Don’t be stupid, Natalie. Of course he’s not, Harry’s adorable.”

I rolled my eyes at my mother, Harry had used his charm to fool her into liking him, now it was two against one and I was in a losing battle. I rubbed my temples, trying to get my head around the current situation.

“Come on. I’m making pancakes.”

My hand was clasped in hers as she practically dragged me back into the kitchen where Harry was patiently sat. He grinned as I reluctantly walked towards the counter, seating myself on a stool beside him. A gasp escaped my lips as Harry’s warm hand ran up my thigh. I was quick to bat it away, provoking a small chuckle from within his chest. I had an awful feeling that Harry enjoyed it when I fought. Mum was unaware of what was going on behind as she busied herself at the stove, creating warm, fluffy pancakes.

“Mmm.” Harry hummed softly.

I shoved at his shoulder as he attempted to lean into me, my hand forcefully pushing him away before he could get too close.

“What do you want?” I whispered sharply.

“I want to take you out tonight.” He spoke.

My touch withdrew from his shoulder, eyes widening in horror. I shivered at his words, they were a statement rather than a request. Mum turned around with the biggest smile on her face and I knew Harry had deliberately spoken loud enough so she could hear.

“Oh, that would be lovely wouldn’t it, Natalie.” Mum cut in.

Harrys hand dropped to my knee under the table, but before I could object, mum cut me off again.

“She’d love that.”

“No.” I glared at both of them.

Mum furrowed her eyebrows, she looked a little upset that I hadn’t said yes instantly. I was popular with the boys at home, but not in the boyfriend girlfriend way. 99.99% of my friends were of the opposite gender, most of them saw me as just one of the boys. I could tell how happy mum was that Harry had turned up on our doorstep. To her this was a dream come true , having an attractive guy ask her daughter out instead of a scruffy dirt covered ‘Hooligan’ coming over to ask if I wanted to come play in the mud. For me this was my worst nightmare. Not only had he given me a horrendous love bite, against my will, but now he wanted to take me out and do god knows what to me.

“Natalie!” she exclaimed.

She was clearly unimpressed by my rude and blatant reply, I didn’t care about what he thought of me, I wanted him to know I was not going anywhere with him.

“I said I don’t want to go.” I snarled back.

Mum shook her head at me, blonde curls bouncing on her shoulders as she gave me a look of disappointment. After she’d finished silently scolding me, she turned back to speak with Harry.

‘I’m sorry, Harry, Natalie’s not really a morning person.

Before I could make any further protests, mum had arranged a time for him to pick me up this evening. My mouth fell open, gawking at them both, since when was it control Natalie day? Harry smirked at me maliciously and I fought the urge to run upstairs and hide under my covers to evade that terrifying grin.

“You can arrange a fucking time, but you can’t make me leave.” I seethed.

Roughly I shoved the chair back, getting to my feet, mum stared at me wide eyed, appalled by my filthy language. I didn’t care what either of them thought, I was beyond pissed off. I swiftly turned on my heel, marching boldly out of the room. Once out of sight, I broke into a run, quickly ascending the stairs to my room before slamming the door closed. I couldn’t believe it. My own mother had turned against me. Couldn’t she see I despised the stupid prick? There was a knock on my door and my head snapped around to glare at whoever it was through the wood.

“Piss off!” I snapped.

A deep chuckle sounded from the other side of the door, sending chills down my spine. The door handle rattled and I stood frozen to the spot as Harry pushed the barrier between us open. I backed away as he stepped into my room, trying to put as much distance between us as possible. Harry’s eyes unsubtly wandered up and down the length of my body, mentally undressing me as he stalked closer. My heart thrummed rapidly against my ribs as I crossed my arms over my chest, hiding the cleavage revealed by my low cut tank top. His smirk widened, amused by my timid actions as he proceeded in closing the distance between us.

I let out a gasp as the back of my knees hit the bed and I fell backwards onto the soft mattress. Harry didn’t waste a moment, his green eyes gleaming with mischief as he pounced onto the end of the bed. I struggled to move as Harry gripped my ankle, preventing me from making an escape. Warm fingers glided up over the smoothness of my leg, his touch made me writhe, my hands pushing this shoulders as he crawled up my body. Harry’s legs straddled my body one on either side of my waist as His head leant down close to my face.

"You’re feisty." He growled lowly into my ear. "I like feisty".

I shuddered beneath the weight of his muscular body, dying to get away from the terrifying male. He hummed quietly as he pushed my hair away from my neck, leaning back a little to admire his handy work.

“Looks good on you.” He smirked.

A whimper racked my body as he pressed his full lips down over the painful mark, causing me to flinch. Wet kisses were sponged over the mark an antagonizing number of times as he took pleasure in feeling me flinch every time his lips made contact with my skin.

‘Please, stop.” I begged.

Harry ignored my plea, his hot breath puffing out over my skin as he brushed his nose up my neck.

“Hmm, you smell good.” He practically purred.

His lips kissed along my jaw and a gasp escaped as realized his intentions. Before his mouth could reach its destination, I sharply slammed my knee into his crotch. His hands flew to his groin, body rolling off to the side as h let out a series of groans. I was quick to roll off the bed, I had no desire to lay beside him whist he plotted my murder. My fear of him increased as I watched him stand from the bed, an angry scowl written all over his face as he blocked my exit. He was going to kill me, I knew it.

My eyes furiously darted from left to right in search for anything I could use to defend myself from the enraged male fuming towards me. My eyes landed on a bulky book, an idea striking me as a snatched it up. I hurled it at him as hard as I could, watching as it flew through the air, impacting harshly with his chest. The wind was knocked from him as the book fell to the ground, with the bonus of it squishing his toes in the process. I fought the urge to laugh as let out a small yelp, but I son grew fearful as his eyes darkened, anger flashing through the emerald green.

“What the hell!”

Harry attempted to approach me, but I grabbed a second book, tossing it towards him. He saw it coming this time and quickly ducked before it could smash into the hard features of his face. A third book was taken from the shelf, my arm drawing back, about to release it before I noticed mum standing in the doorframe, eyes bulging as she witnessed her daughter throw a large book at the boy she thought as sweet. Harry rose his hands to protect his face, putting on a little show since mum was there so she would believe he was innocent and I was the heartless monster. Her timing was perfectly in Harry’s favor, why couldn’t she have come up when he was assaulting my skin with his plump, pink lips.

“Ouch.” Was added for effect.

“Don’t you dare pick up another book!” Mum warned.

I felt my cheeks flush in embarrassment, this really was not my day. I hated Harry and I hated my mum, the pair of them were ganging up on me and I was really quite upset about it. If dad was here, he wouldn’t be fooled by Harry’s stupid charm, he would have tossed Harry back outside the moment mum stupidly let him in. But sadly, he was no longer able to protect me from creeps like Harry and I was left to fend for myself because mum was blinded by Harry’s good looks and fake personality.

“I should probably get going”. Harry spoke up.

Leaning down he pressed a kiss to my cheek, his lips lingered on my skin for barely a moment before I roughly shoved him off. Mum looked at me disappointedly, but I didn’t care, I just didn’t want to be touched by the filthy creature hiding behind his sweet charm.

“Bye Mrs. Carter.”

“Call me Evelyn.” She smiled, ignoring the death glare I was sending her.

“Natalie.” He nodded a goodbye.

I didn’t respond, only shifting my glare from my mother to Harry. He smirked at me before turning around and striding out my bedroom door. Mum grasped me by the forearm, grasping me tightly as she forced me towards the door.

“Show him out.” She ordered.

I snatched my arm away, exiting the room before I got myself in bigger trouble. There was no doubt in my mind that I would be receiving a long lecture the moment Harry was gone.

I followed him down the stairs, my only intent to tell him not to bother coming by again later tonight as I would not be going anywhere with him. I’d rather be tossed in a lion’s den than to be stuck with him. I pushed past him as he made his way down the hall towards the front door, ignoring the smirk I was being sent as I hastily opened the door eager to be rid of him.

“Someone’s glad I’m leaving.” Harry laughed as he stopped right in front of me.

“Yeah and I wouldn’t bother coming back because I won’t be going out with you.” I snarled.

This only evoked a deep, rumbling laugh from within his chest, his large palms grasping by hips before he forced me up against the wall.

“Oh I’ll be back, and when I come you’ll be going with me whether you like it or not.” He smirked his devilish smirk.

He painfully pinned my wrists against the wall before slowly grinding his hips into mine. I whimpered at the rough contact as Harry let out a throaty moan. I felt light headed as my face fell against his shoulder, my legs feeling jellylike, as though they might give way at any moment. His chest rose and fell rapidly as his breathing increased and then suddenly his pressure evaded me and I let out a huge sigh of relief.

“See you at seven.” He winked.

I angrily slammed the door, my rage causing the whole house to shudder. I hated him and he terrified me, why can’t he just leave me alone, my life’s already turned shitty, he doesn’t have to make it any worse. I ran my fingers through my hair, tugging at the roots as I tried to process the eventful morning. I was interrupted by mum coming to stand in front of me, her features reading displeasure.

“That was so rude, what on earth has gotten into you!?” she exclaimed.

“He was evading my privacy and I don’t like him.” I snapped at her.

She folded her arms across her chest, shaking her head at me in disappointment. She can’t force me to like someone, especially if they’re creepy pervert who stalks you home and touches you against your will.

“You’re going to go out with him tonight, you were so rude to him before and I think you need to apologies.” Mum spoke sternly.

“No, I don’t want to go out with him.” I shook my head.

“You’ve built your walls up so high. Why won’t you let anyone in?” She sighed.

I pushed everyone out after my father’s death, building up my protective walls so high that you’d need more than Rapunzel’s hair to climb. It wasn’t that I didn’t like boys, it was just that I found myself feeling exposed and vulnerable after my father’s death, he’s no longer around to protect me or to chase after the boy who breaks my heart with his shot gun. So I built up these high walls where I let no one into my heart apart from my dad.

“Because I haven’t met anyone I want to let in!” I yelled.

“No. It’s because you don’t give anyone a chance.” Mum whispered before quietly walking away.

I let out a huff of frustration, grabbing the handle of the door I had so swiftly slammed closed, yanking it open again. The door slammed shut as forcefully as it had the first time. Barefooted clad in my pajamas I walked down the driveway, sitting down on the curb as I released a heavy sigh. I rested my chin on my knees as I quietly stared at the sky, watching as the clouds came and went, creating swirling pictures with their white fluff.

The occasional car drove past, our street wasn’t very busy like some, but I knew the drivers were probably wondering if I was homeless. My mind wandered back to the earlier events of the day, a ghastly reminder of what was yet to come. I didn’t want to go out with Harry, he’d prod and poke at me all night and that terrified me. His forceful touches and unforgiving gaze scared the shit out of me, I was afraid he’d snap my twig like body in two by barely lifting a finger. But that wasn’t what I feared most about him, I was afraid of what the four girls I had met yesterday told me.

‘He’s got a long history of violence, he’s always getting into fights, but he also has a reputation for sleeping with half the schools female population.’

I was just a toy in his little game, a piece of fresh meat he could sink his teeth into, steal my innocence from. I didn’t want to be played with and tossed away like some old rag. Why couldn’t he go find some slut to fuck with, not the poor new girl that he terrified out of her mind on her very first day of school.

His aggression also frightened me, I was aware he had a violent history and that he could snap at the slightest little things. I’d made him angry today and it looked like he was about to murder me, if mum hadn’t appeared in my roof when she did, he’d either have killed me or I would have gone into panic mode and knocked him unconscious with the dictionary. God knows what he’s done to harm other people, I wouldn’t be surprised if he was wanted by the cops for murder.

“Hey, are you alright?”

I nearly jumped out of my skin when someone tapped me on the shoulder, tearing me from my thoughts. My hand hovered over my pounding heart as I tried to calm myself as I peered up at a familiar girl with jet black hair. Lara peered at me through dark eyelashes, a look of worry crossing her pretty features. I couldn’t help but wonder what she was doing here.

“Yeah, I guess.” I answered. “What are you doing here?”

“I live like two houses down.” She pointed to a house a white house with a grey roof built a couple of houses away from mine.

 Lara sat herself down beside me on the curb and a smile cracked across my lips when I saw she was in her pajamas too, proving we were both late wakers. I liked Lara, she seemed a lot like me, bouncy and energetic, but she could also be serious and comprehensive.

“What’s on your mind?” She treaded carefully.

I released a loud sigh of despair, I couldn’t tell my mum about Harry. She wouldn’t believe me because she had been fooled by Harry’s ‘charm’. But I could tell Lara and get it off my chest, potentially lightening the heavy load weighing down on my straining shoulders.

“Harry followed me home last night. He came by my house this morning. I was asleep and e told my mum he was my friend so she let him in.”

Lara’s eyes bulged in horror, her pupils growing wide at the very thought of the dangerous boy coming by my house. Her hand clasped mine, giving it a comforting squeeze as encouragement for me to continue.

“My mums convinced he’s some sweet guy that wants to take me out on a date tonight and I’m a ghastly cave troll who refuses.”

“Oh God, he wants to take you out.” Lara questioned with wide eyes.

I nodded my head fearfully. I was frightened enough by being around him for just a few minutes, the idea of being alone with him for more than an hour was mortifying. I wanted nothing to do with him, I wanted to go back to Doncaster where I pray he wouldn’t follow. Even if he did though, I’d have a pack of boys to hide behind and protect me from the curly haired demon.

“I wish I could help you.” She sighed.

I patted her on the back, grateful for her very presence.

“There’s nothing you can do. Even if you try, he’s not going to listen to anyone.”

Lara nodded her head in agreement and I gave her a weak smile as she gave me a hug. She was warm and smelt like coconut, her hug making me feel a little better.

“Please be careful.”




I became increasingly anxious as the hours ticked by every minute was a moment closer to the arranged time Harry was said to appear. My heart thrummed heavily in my chest as I glanced at the clock for what must have been the billionth time today. I wanted to scream when I realized I had a little under an hour to prepare myself for the awful confrontation. I don’t know what I’m going to do, I sure as hell don’t want to go, but it’s only a matter of time before mum comes in and forces me to get ready to go out with the frightening male.

I heard quiet footfalls against the wood floor as the made her way to my room, it was as if she had heard my thoughts. Her face held a stern look as she appeared in the doorframe and I shifted uncomfortably under hard gaze. Mum scowled at me, I knew she was waiting for me to move to get ready for my date with Harry.

“Natalie, I am sick of you friend zoning every boy that has the slightest interest in you.” She spoke. “You are going to go out tonight and you will not friend zone him.”

“You don’t have to worry about me friend zoning him.” I snarled.

I didn’t want to be friends with him, let alone date him. I doubt he even dates, he’s a player, he doesn’t have any qualities or potential to be anyone’s boyfriend, he only wants girls for sex.

“Why are you being so rude?!” Mum exclaimed. “What has he ever done to you?!”

Little did she know that Harry wasn’t the sweet, charming boy she believed him to be, it annoyed me immensely that I couldn’t tell her what he had done and what he was capable of. I was too proud to tell her, and even if I wanted to, I doubt she’d believe me, she’s convinced he’s a strapping young man who’s come to sweep me off my feet. My fists involuntarily clenched, her words infuriating me.

“Fine! I’ll go!” I spat.

The only reason I was doing this was because I couldn’t stand the way mum was speaking to me, she has no right to interfere with my life. I can go out with who I want, when I want on my own accords, she can’t use cruel hurtful words against me to pressure me into doing what she wants. But here she is doing all of the above.

“Good.” Her scowl disappeared and a smile appeared in its place. “Now hurry up and get dressed, Harry will be here soon.”

She turned on her heel, blonde hair swishing as she exited my bedroom, closing the door quietly behind her. I buried my face in my hands, mentally trying to prepare myself before I begun getting ready. After a few moment, I forced myself from the end of the bed before shifting across the room towards my chest of draws. A pair of plain black skinny jeans were yanked out, followed by a white Ramones muscle tee.

I took a quick shower, tugging on my clothes without much care about my appearance, I wasn’t dressing up for Harry. No sorry. I wanted to put my hair in a ponytail to make myself appear even less interested, but it was only when I saw the ghastly, purplish love bite on my neck that I realized I better leave it down. My eyes flicked over to the clock as I laced up my combat boots, a shudder of fear running down my spine as I saw it was a little passed seven o’clock. I ran a hand through my hair as I inhaled a deep breath before exhaling slowly in an attempt to calm my racing heart and slightly increased breathing. A quiet knock was rapped against my door causing me to nearly jump out of my skin before I realized it was only mum.

“Nat, Harry’s here.” She quietly spoke through the solid barrier between us.

I swallowed nervously, attempting to keep the contents of my stomach down although if they did come up it would mean I wouldn’t have to go out with Harry. I shook my head, putting my brave face on, sucking in all the fear coursing through me and burying it deep within. I strode bravely towards the bedroom door, swiftly yanking it open to reveal my mother. Her eyebrows rose as she examined my outfit, displeased with my lack of effort.

“You could have worn something a bit nicer.” She commented. “A skirt, or a dress even.”

“I can dress how I like thank-you very much.” I cuttingly replied.

Mum through her hands up in the air in defeat as I stormed past her.

“God! I don’t understand you!” she exclaimed.

I turned around, angrily glaring at her through slightly misty eyes, I’m not like other girls, I’m different, she wants me to be girly but I’m not, it’s just not my thing. She’s never understood me, my dad did though, but now he’s gone and I feel like I’m trapped. Trapped inside my own head unable able to get out and tell anyone how I feel because they don’t understand the way I work.

"You don't understand, and you never will!" I yelled.

Mum’s mouth fell open in shock, her expression made it clear that she was hurt by my words, but I wasn’t about to apologize, because it was the truth. I gave her a finally glare before turning on my heel, descending the stairs to hell.

Harry stood by the door, the smirk I so deeply despised spreading across his face as I came into sight. I was beyond angry, I felt almost numb apart from the growing fear in my gut as I approached the curly haired male standing before me. Harry’s eyes raked up my body and I watched as his pink tongue slipped out of his mouth, gliding slowly over his full lips to moisten the soft flesh.

“Hello Gorgeous.” His eyelid dropped in a wink.

I froze, an unintentional sound of disgust falling from my lips provoking a deep chuckle from Harry’s chest. I was unable to move, rooted to the spot in fear, I don’t think any amount of preparation could’ve helped me. When I didn’t move, Harry took the last few strides towards me, closing the distance between us that I desperately wanted to increase. I flinched back as his large hand caught hold of my forearm, his head dipping down to kiss me. I hastily turned my head to the side, his lips making contact with my cheek rather than their intended target, I didn’t want his filthy mouth anywhere near me, especially not my lips. He pulled away, a smug smile curling at the corner of his lips. Momentarily our yes met, his blazing green orbs burning into mine until I dropped my head, unable to hold his gaze any longer.

“Let’s go.”

Harry’s large hand fumbled with the door handle a moment before the door swung open and he stepped out into the open air. I glanced nervously back upstairs, I half hoped mum would run down and give me a final hug before I was kidnapped by the demon like male waiting impatiently outside. But she didn’t.

I reluctantly stepped outside, turning to close the front door and lock it behind me. I had only just shoved the keys in my pocket when I felt Harry’s warm hand entwine with mine. His large hand was surprisingly warm for such a coldblooded person, I might have even held on if he didn’t frighten me so much.

“Don’t touch me.”

I tugged my hand from his grip much to his amusement, a rumbling laugh stirring from deep within his muscular chest. Harry’s hand gripped onto mine again holding on more tightly so I couldn’t rip my hand away from his no matter how hard I struggled. We crossed the road where a rather intimidating black car was parked on the side of the road. I was relieved to see he hadn’t brought his motorcycle, the Gods had given me one stroke of luck today.

The lights on the black vehicle flashed as Harry clicked he unlock button on his car keys. I watched as he yanked the passenger door open, peering down at me expectantly as he held the door open for me to slip into.

“Hop in, Love.”

I complied, cautiously lowering myself down into the seat. Trembling breath puffed out from my lips as the door was slammed closed behind me, I was relieved that he no longer he’d my hand in his possessive grip, but mortified by the idea of being trapped in the close confines of the car with him. I watched as he jogged around the front to the driver’s seat. His tall frame smoothly slid into the vehicle before he abruptly shut the door. My eyes bulged fearfully as I heard the sound of the doors clicking locked, trapping me inside with him. My breathing intensified as I realized I had no escape, not even the option of jumping out of the moving vehicle potentially committing suicide.

“Don’t look so nervous, Natalie.” Harry smirked.

Why don’t you try being in my position and not be nervous, it’s not like he cares about how much he frightens me, he gets kicks out of his dominant control. His green eyes lingered on mine for a moment before he twisted around, reaching for his seatbelt to click himself in. I did the same. I peered at Harry as he turned the ignition on, giving the car a moment to rumble into life before he shifted it into gear. He grinned at me, winking at me before he pulled out onto the carless road.

Our drive was in silence, basically because he knew I would refuse to answer any question he asks. I found myself watching him as he pushed the sleeves of the black blazer he adorned up his forearms, displaying the rippling muscles hidden beneath. I shiver racked through my body as I stared at the muscles that he could use to easily tear me in two if he so desired. I couldn’t help but wonder just how old he was. He looked at least twenty, but he was still in school. In my curious nature, I found myself cocking my head to the side as I tried to define his age, but that was like trying to understand a dog. Harry glanced over at me as we stopped at a red light, a smirk tugging at his lips before I quickly averted my gaze knowing I’d been caught. A blush crept up my cheeks as I awkwardly stared down at my lap where I was awkwardly fiddling with my fingers.

“How old are you?” I asked quietly, just to stop my brain from nagging at me.

He turned to look at me briefly before looking back out the windscreen where the light had changed to green.



He was younger than he appeared, his dark looks gave the impression the he was in his early twenties though; he had the real bad boy look about him, especially if you sat him on his sleek motorcycle.

“Where are you taking me?” I quietly asked.

A wave of fear washed over me as his lips curled into a cunning smirk. I had an awful feeling that he wasn’t taking me somewhere nice, like the movies or out to dinner. No, that wasn’t in his nature.

“A party.” He coyly replied.


The lights on the black vehicle flashed as Harry clicked he unlock button on his car keys. I watched as he yanked the passenger door open, peering down at me expectantly as he held the door open for me to slip into.

“Hop in, Love.”

I complied, cautiously lowering myself down into the seat. Trembling breath puffed out from my lips as the door was slammed closed behind me, I was relieved that he no longer he’d my hand in his possessive grip, but mortified by the idea of being trapped in the close confines of the car with him. I watched as he jogged around the front to the driver’s seat. His tall frame smoothly slid into the vehicle before he abruptly shut the door. My eyes bulged fearfully as I heard the sound of the doors clicking locked, trapping me inside with him. My breathing intensified as I realized I had no escape, not even the option of jumping out of the moving vehicle potentially committing suicide.

“Don’t look so nervous, Natalie.” Harry smirked.

Why don’t you try being in my position and not be nervous, it’s not like he cares about how much he frightens me, he gets kicks out of his dominant control. His green eyes lingered on mine for a moment before he twisted around, reaching for his seatbelt to click himself in. I did the same. I peered at Harry as he turned the ignition on, giving the car a moment to rumble into life before he shifted it into gear. He grinned at me, winking at me before he pulled out onto the carless road.

Our drive was in silence, basically because he knew I would refuse to answer any question he asks. I found myself watching him as he pushed the sleeves of the black blazer he adorned up his forearms, displaying the rippling muscles hidden beneath. I shiver racked through my body as I stared at the muscles that he could use to easily tear me in two if he so desired. I couldn’t help but wonder just how old he was. He looked at least twenty, but he was still in school. In my curious nature, I found myself cocking my head to the side as I tried to define his age, but that was like trying to understand a dog. Harry glanced over at me as we stopped at a red light, a smirk tugging at his lips before I quickly averted my gaze knowing I’d been caught. A blush crept up my cheeks as I awkwardly stared down at my lap where I was awkwardly fiddling with my fingers.

“How old are you?” I asked quietly, just to stop my brain from nagging at me.

He turned to look at me briefly before looking back out the windscreen where the light had changed to green.



He was younger than he appeared, his dark looks gave the impression the he was in his early twenties though; he had the real bad boy look about him, especially if you sat him on his sleek motorcycle.

“Where are you taking me?” I quietly asked.

A wave of fear washed over me as his lips curled into a cunning smirk. I had an awful feeling that he wasn’t taking me somewhere nice, like the movies or out to dinner. No, that wasn’t in his nature.

“A party.” He coyly replied.

A shiver ran down my spine as I thought of all the awful things I’d seen in movies that occurred at parties. There was no doubt in my mind that there was going to be alcohol at the party Harry and I were attending. I wouldn’t be surprised if drugs were being offered as well. My hear hammered harder in my chest every moment passing by, blood pulsing loudly in my ears as my fears grew. I didn’t want to be mixed up in this kind of stuff, I had no interest in Harry and I wanted absolutely nothing to do with him!

My hands trembled as I desperately tried to keep my composure, I didn’t want Harry to see my fear; I didn’t want to appear weak. Harry noticed though, I flinched as Harry’s large hand fell upon my jean clad thigh, gently squeezing at the tense muscle. His palm moved up my thigh and I frantically tried to move away, the direction his fingers were heading in made me uncomfortable. My body pressed up against the car door, getting as far away from him as physically possible. This brought him amusement, a deep chuckle escaping his mouth as he removed his hand from my leg.

“So innocent.” He hummed.

The remainder of the awful journey was spent in in silence. I didn’t dare glance over at him again, afraid head run his filthy hands up my leg again. My eyes remained peering out the window, watching as the bright headlights of passing cars appeared and disappeared before my eyes. My heart rate increased again as the car slowly rolled to a stop in front of an expensive looking house that made my eyes bulge.

Blaring music could be heard from the ground, causing a domino effect as they fell into another intoxicated being.

“Come on.” Harry rasped, his eyes blazing with mischief.

Harry pushed the unlock button on his car keys, the doors clicked open but I didn’t make the slightest attempt to get out. My eyes remained locked on the intimidating house, I was unable to move, my body rigid with fear. Harry was one thing, but Harry and a house full of drunks that was another. I jumped in fright as my door was roughly yanked open, Harry’s hand tightly grasping my wrist as he yanked me out of the vehicle. I let out a shriek as I stumbled over the curb, managing to catch myself before I fell into Harry.

Harry slammed the car door again, his fingers still tightly wrapped round my thin wrist as he tugged me towards the party. The closer we got to the intimidating house, the more I squirmed in his grip, desperately trying to tug my hand away and run back to the safety of his car. He refused to release me though, his hold on me only tightening the more I struggled.

“H-harry, you’re hurting me.” I cried out in pain.

Much to my relief Harry loosened his grip, giving me a moment to rub my sore wrist. I shuffled away from him as he attempted to hold my hand, almost tripping over the borderline between the pavement and the grass in the process. Harry quickly wrapped his arm round my waist, pulling me into the warmth of his muscular chest before I could fall flat on my face. My mind was racing frantically as he held me tightly against his chest, enveloping me in his surprising warmth. I pressed my palms against his toned abdomen, trying desperately to evade him as his heavy masculine scent intoxicated my senses.

“Get off me!” I exclaimed.

Harry let me go briefly, giving me false hope in escaping his uncomfortable hold before he caught hold of my elbow, tugging me back into his chest. My hands became trapped between our two bodies as he molded me to fit firmly against his body. It was only when I felt his hot breath fan out across my lips that I realized how little space there was between our faces.

“You’re not going anywhere, are you, Love?” He cruelly smirked down at me.

Harry knew perfectly well that I was in no position of the sort to escape him, I was imprisoned in his arms and I very unlikely I would be going anywhere anytime soon. My body quivered in his hold, my breath becoming erratic as his lips set a course for my mouth as he dipped his head down. I turned my head, rejecting him for the second time tonight and I got the feeling it wouldn’t be the last either. He let out a grunt of annoyance, obviously not used to being rejected by young women he wanted to fuck with.

A sigh of relief left my lips as he uncoiled his arms from around my body, I thought I was a free spirit before he possessively snatched my hand up in his again causing my heart to sink in disappointment. I noticed the fiery blaze of anger in his emerald eyes as he swiftly turned towards the house. Harry had me practically jogging after him just to keep up with his long, confident strides, after being rejected twice he had no patience with me, and I wouldn’t be surprised if he dragged me along the concrete pavement out of anger because I couldn’t keep up.

I felt so small and powerless as I was led into the large, intimidating building, judging by the size of the house and the number of valuable decorative items I figured that whoevers party this is had pretty wealthy parents. I felt sorry for the poor mother who would come home to find half her pretty vases shattered into a billion pieces and scattered throughout her home.

Reluctantly I continued to follow harry down the hallway, careful to avoid touching a couple making out against the wall, they were getting a little too frisky to be in public. The girl had her hands under the male’s shirt, her tongue halfway down his throat as he slid his fingers under her blue dress that appeared short enough to be a shirt. I fought the urge to be sick, quickly turning my head away from the pair.

“Get a room.” Harry spoke my thoughts.

Harry’s grip tightened a little on my hand as we stepped into hot, stuffy room where a large volume of people were crammed into. Males and females were closely acquainted, their sweaty bodies grinding into one another’s as they moved in time to the blaring music unlike the drunks out front who could barely keep themselves upright. Harry shunted people out of his way carelessly creating a path for us to move through. No one objected to his actions and I couldn’t help but notice how they cowered away from him, scared he would beat them to pulp if they so much as looked at him. To see so many people as fearful of him as I was didn’t bring me any comfort, it only intensified the churning in my stomach as I followed helplessly after the guy who acted as though he owned the place, which he practically did.

I gasped as he abruptly spun around, yanking me forward so I fell against his chest, his eyes glinted were tinged with black as he peered down at me through long dark lashes. I watched as Harry slid his pink tongue out, swiping it seductively over his lips, a smirk curling at the corners of his mouth as his dark eyes within the looming building, dozens of drunk teenagers in the front yard sipping from red cups as they swayed out of time to the music. I don’t think the reason they were moving so out of time was because they lacked in rhythm, but because they physically could not withstand much more of the poison they

happily indulged themselves in. They looked as though they would topple over at any moment, crashing heavily to

ran up the length of my body in which  had tried to hide as much skin as possible. But despite my attempts he seemed to be mentally undressing me with those wandering eyes of his. Harry’s grin grew as I crossed my arms over my chest, preventing him from peeking down my shit. I felt heat rising in my cheeks as I suddenly became aware of the multiple eyes observing the new girl and the schools bad boy with great interest in the unlikely pair. I was unsure whether Harry was oblivious to the numerous pairs of eyes watching him or if he received so much attention he just didn’t notice anymore.

Harry’s hands fell upon my hips, spinning me around, pressing my back firmly against his front. Harry’s hot breath puffed out over my neck, causing me to shudder as his breath tingled down my spine. I was surprised by the softness of his curls as they brushed against my cheek. He had the softest hair I think I’ve ever felt. Harry’s long fingers brushed against my neck as he drew my long waves back over my shoulder, leaning into my ear.

“Dance with me.” He spoke in a raspy groan.

My body tensed in nervous anticipation, I couldn’t dance to save my life, my two left feet have a mind of their own. I was gifted with multiple sporting abilities, but there was nothing graceful about me when it came to dancing, the intoxicated people outside could do it better than me. Harry noticed my hesitance, growing impatient with me he began to grind his crotch against my backside making me squirm uncomfortably in his grip.

“S-stop, I can’t d-dance.” I managed to mumble.

Harry let out a loud laugh, his large palms pushing my hips back as he moved his forward, making our bodies grind unpleasantly together. I gasped as he repeated the action, rolling my hips into his in time with the beat of the music. Harry groaned on the third roll making me flinch away from the awkward proximity of our bodies. He pulled me back against him and I found my eyes fluttering closed as he leant down, breathing heavily down my neck. Harry’s lips were warm as they brushed softly over my earlobe, opening his mouth to speak.

“So innocent.” He practically purred.

Sometime past as the proximate press of our warm bodies carried on, our hips moving in time with the deafening music. Sweat glistened on our skin, the room becoming hotter by the minute as the heavy music continued to blast throughout the confined space. I was becoming even more uncomfortable as Harry seemed to find ways to draw me in closer to his body than I thought were possible.

His soft curls tickled against my cheek as he dipped his head down into my crook. My heart race increased dramatically, my brain going into a frenzy as I squirmed in his firm grip. Vibrations from his chest could be felt through his thin t-shirt as deep laughter was emitted. I shivered upon feeling a long finger hook into the neck of my shirt, pulling the fabric down from my shoulder to reveal a little more skin to his eager eyes.

“Hmm.” He hummed quietly in my ear.

My eyelashes fluttered softly closed as his soft lips brushed over my skin, lightly kissing down my neck and along my shoulder. I couldn’t help but notice how soft and delicate his kisses were and how they vastly contrasted with his harsh exterior shell. The feeling was almost pleasant until I realized who he was and why I disliked him so much.


My elbow jabbed back, harshly connecting with his gut, forcing the wind out of him. I silently praised m self-defense teacher back home, he was a real lifesaver. Harry doubled over, clutching his stomach as he desperately gasped for vital oxygen. I couldn’t stop the proud grin from spreading across my face whilst I stared at him in slight disbelief.

It took me a moment to realize this was my chance to escape, but by now it was too late. Just as I was about to make a break for it, he got to his feet at an impossibly fast rate, his hand catching my wrist preventing my flight. The malicious smirk on his face frightened me drastically as he tugged me back through the intoxicated crowd.

I was almost relieved now that we had stopped dancing, but not quite due to the fact I was trapped at this awful party with him. Harry held onto me tightly as he pushed his way through the crowd into another not so quite crowded room. I eyed the room which would probably be considered the living room, the black, leather couches crammed with couples intensely making out. Harry tugged me over to one of them, his eyes blazing aggressively as he stared down a cozy group.

“Get up.” Harry snapped.

The group were quick to disentangle themselves from one another, scuttling away with their heads low as not to make eye contact. Harry was forceful and threatening and by what I had witnessed this evening, I was not the only one intimidated by him. Every one appeared to fear the lean, curly haired male who loomed over them making them feel small a cowardly.

I was forced to sit on the couch Harry had quickly come to claim, I felt awkward perched there alone, nervously twiddling my fingers as I peered up at him. He stared back at me unblinkingly through dark lashes, it was a shame his personality didn’t match his handsome looks. I must admit he was rather attractive with his big green eyes framed by a web of long dark lashes, soft, bouncy curls and plump, pink lips that would look better in a genuine smile than his signature smirk. His personality was such a letdown.

“Stay here, I’m going to get us drinks.”

I sent him a glare as he turned away, disappearing back into the crowd. Now that he was gone, I was tempted to actually leave, but I decided against it because it was dark out and I didn’t have the foggiest idea about where I was or how to get home. I was mentally screaming as my head fell into my hands and I let out a heavy sigh of despair.

“Hey, are you alright?”

I rose my head from my hands, my gaze locking upon a pair of deep blue eyes and a head of dishevelled blonde hair. The boy’s expression read worry as he peered down at me exquisitely, his eyes frantically searching mine to see if I was okay.

“I’m fine.” I lied, putting on my best fake smile.


However, the blonde boy didn’t appear to be convinced by my failed attempt to lie as he sat down beside me on the couch. He reached out to pat me on the back, but I shuffled away in fair he might be like Harry. I watched as he awkwardly dropped his hand and I couldn’t help but notice the look of hurt flashing across his sweet features. I instantly felt bad for the guy, maybe he was just trying to be nice.

“I’m Natalie.”  I quietly introduced myself.

“Niall.” He replied.

I hesitantly shook his hand, a smile crossing my face as he grinned, his smile was contagious. Niall’s grip on my hand was gentle in contrast to Harry’s rough grip and he actually seemed to be genuinely concerned for my wellbeing. He released my hand, his eyes twinkling warmly as he continued to grin.

“I haven’t seen you around here before, are you new?” He asked.

“Yeah, I moved here not too long ago.” I replied.

Niall nodded his head in, flashing me his pearly whites again. He appeared to be the only decent guy at this party, he wasn’t a Neanderthal like most of the other party goers here getting high. Niall was actually civilized and didn’t walk up to me and shove his tongue down my throat like I’d witnessed countless other males do.

“I think I saw you yesterday, you were sitting in the back of the auditorium in drama class.” He snapped his fingers, finally clicking.

“Yeah. How’d the act go?” I asked smiling.

I don’t think I saw Niall during the rehearsals, I wonder what his part was. I watched as Niall’s grin slowly fell, a faint blush creeping up his squeezable cheeks.

“Other than accidentally dropping the curtain on Romeo’s head at the end it went pretty well.” He smiled sheepishly.

I let out a laugh, I wish I’d been able to see the curtain close which would have been pretty funny. Niall was still flushing a little, the situation at the current time probably would have been pretty embarrassing for him, but at least he was a backstage guy and hadn’t fallen off the raised platform in front of the whole audience like I had.

“Do you want to dance?” Niall asked as a slower song began to play over the speakers.

Despite my two left feet, I nodded my head and let him help me up and guide me onto the dance floor, all thoughts of Harry left forgotten. Niall seemed to notice my hesitance, he could see I wasn’t quite sure what to do. A warm smile was sent to me as he gently too my arms and placed them on his shoulders, before he rested his upon my waist.

Niall was kind hearted and generally a sweet guy, he didn’t push me around or force me to dance with him. He allowed me to do it on my own accords. We gently swayed in time with the slow music and surprisingly I found this kind of dancing relatively simple. I couldn’t help but notice Niall smelt like chocolate, his scent really matched his sweet personality and honesty I was comforted by him.

"So did you come here alone?" he asked.

I felt the colour drain from my face as I suddenly remembered the frightening green eyed devil I had been forced to come here with. He had been gone a while, I’m sure it doesn’t take that long to get a drink unless he found himself another girl to fuck with. I halfheartedly hoped he had, but I somehow doubted it. Harry had his eyes set on me and I doubt he’ll rest till he gets me.

“Actually I came here with Harry Styles.” I grimaced.

“Really? He doesn’t seem like your type.” Niall sounded generally surprised.

He was definitely not the type of guy would hang out with and I’m friends with a variety of different males so that’s really saying something. I didn’t want to associate with Harry in anyway, I think I’d rather be tossed in a lion’s den than around him.

“No, he’s not.” I shook my head in agreement.

Niall’s big blue eyes held sadness as he looked at me and then averted his gaze to the floor between us. I was worried for a moment that I had unknowingly said something that offended him, but then he looked back up at me again.

“Harry and I used to be really good friends.” He announced. “He was a real good guy until he started skipping school, getting wasted and taking drugs that got him high off his ass.”

It was difficult to imagine Harry being friends with Niall. Niall was so sweet and Harry was a bigheaded asshole who found pleasure in harassing poor girls. It was even harder to think of him as being a good guy, his cruel, unforgiving exterior made it awfully hard to see any kindness in him, but according to Niall he was once a good guy, which I find hard to believe.

“He’ll probably be back in a minute.” I nervously spoke, glancing around the room for any signs of him.

Niall and I quickly exchanged numbers and parted separate ways on the conditions id call him if Harry tried anything on me. I was grateful for his concern, but I somehow doubted Harry would give me a minute to call Niall if he was trying to pull a move on me.

I moved back over to the couch I had previously been sitting on and slumped down against the cushions, wishing the couch could just swallow me up and take me away from here. I felt the couch dip a little and I turned my head expecting it to be Harry, only it wasn’t. My eyes widened a little when I came face to face with a dark haired male with dark brown almost black eyes. Practically glued to the guy’s waist was a blonde girl weaving a very low-cut hot pink dress that I would have considered as a t-shirt. The male appeared to have no interest in the blonde female showing off way too much of her body, instead his eyes were fixated on me.

I gulped nervously as he shuffled closer, forcing me up against the arm of the chair so I had nowhere else to run. The blonde girl shot me a glare as the creepy male wrapped an arm around my shoulders. I could tell his guy was a complete sleaze ball and I found myself silently praying that Harry would come back.

“What’s’ a pretty girl like you doing sitting here all alone?”

I shuddered as his poisonous eyes wandered over my body, eyeing me up like a piece of meat. His large hand began to rub over my shoulder, making me feel even more uncomfortable. I squirmed under his touch for a moment before trying to push his arm off, but it didn’t budge.

“Please, don’t touch me.” I whimpered.

A cruel laugh rumble from deep within his chest as he allowed his arm to drop lower, grubby fingers inching their way towards my chest. Where the hell was Harry? I would prefer him a billion times to this sleazy guy trying to feel me up.

“Adam?” The blonde girl hissed.

She tugged at his shirt, trying to get his attention and I hoped he would go back to the slut and leave me alone. I already had one creep on back, I don’t think I can handle another one. Much to my horror Adam brushed the girl off, uninterested in her as he was fixated on me. The girl shot me an angry glare, obviously pissed off that Adam wasn’t paying any attention to her, it wasn’t like I wanted him all over me, I wanted him to get lost and take her with him.

“Get off Mel.” Adam barked, shoving his slutty friend back.

She gasped in surprise, angrily getting to her feet and storming off. I watched as she shoved her way back through the crowd, wishing she’d come back so I wasn’t alone with this pedophile. Adam smirked down at me, his hand grasping my thigh before I promptly slapped it away.

“Come on, baby. Don’t be like that.” He slurred.

It was clear he was intoxicated, his grubby fingers ran over my body as I desperately tried get his hands off me. He laughed maliciously as I squirmed under his grip.

“Get your fucking hands off her, Adam!” A raspy voice growled.

Adam and I both turned to see Harry standing before us, his hands wrapped around two red cups as he glowered angrily down at Adam. I was slightly relived to see him, although he frightened me I felt more secure with him than I did with male currently attempting to feel me up.

“Go find your own chick, Haz.” Adam growled back.

I glanced nervously between the two males suddenly realizing that I was being fought over by the two top dogs and I didn’t like that one bit. Harry took a step towards us, his face set in an angry scowl, deep creases indenting his forehead as he got up in Adam’s face.

“She’s mine.” He snarled.

I watched nervously as Harry’s fist tightened around the red cups, crushing them between his fingers, causing the liquid to gush over the sides staining the crème carpet. Harry looked about ready to smash Adam’s face in, the cups falling from his hands as he clenched them into fists. I struggled in Adam’s grip as he held me more firmly, preventing me from escape.

“I found her first.” Adam spoke.

“I brought her here, so get your fucking hands off her before I smash your face in.” Harry threatened.

I didn’t like the way the two males were treating me, I felt more like an object rather than a living, breathing human who they had no right to fight over. Adam’s laugh cruelly sounded as he grasped the

front of Harry’s shirt, pulling him forward so they were looking eye to eye. I watched as Harry’s jaw clenched unable to keep his cool for much longer.

“Let’s see who she wants to go with.” Adam spoke in confidence.

He released Harry, shoving roughly at his chest in order to force him back. I swallowed uncomfortably as both males eyes fell upon me, waiting for me to decide which of them I liked better. The smirk on Adam’s face showed how cocky he was and how he was sure I would choose him, whilst Harry’s eyes watched me intently, his features reading unsureness. Their gazes burnt into me, making me feel pressured as I glanced between the two guys, honestly I wanted nothing to do with either of them, they both terrified. I preferred Harry though, unlike Adam he had to take me home, because he knew my mum would be expecting me, but Adam, he could take me somewhere and never bring me back and it would all be pinned on Harry.

Quickly shoving Adam’s hands off me, I got to my feet. I carefully stepped over the crushed cups and alcohol spilt on the carpet, crossing the room to where Harry stood. His arm protectively coiled round my waist, drawing me closer to his body. My fingers tightly gripped the thin material of Harry’s shirt, holding on in fear of Adam running his filthy hands over my body again. I would choose Harry over Adam any day.

I was slightly surprised by how secure I felt with Harry, I didn't feel entirely safe, but his strong arms and warmth made me feel as though a protective bubble was surrounding me, protecting me from worse males such as Adam.

Harry sent a final glare towards the shocked Adam, before guiding me out of the room through the open doors into the backyard. I continued to cling onto Harry until Adam was well out of sight. I was surprised when Harry stopped, gently taking my small hands in his larger ones, his emerald green eyes worriedly searching mine.

“Are you alright?” he questioned.

I quietly shook my head, slightly surprised by Harry’s worried gestures.

“Are you sure, because I can go beat the shit out of him you like.” His eyes blazing brightly with fury.

“P-please, just take me home.” I managed to choke out.

Harry gave me a small nod, wrapping his arm around me again, I was too tired to object to his actions. All I wanted to do was curl up in my bed and fall asleep. Harry guided me around the back of the house, sheltering me from the water drunken teens splashed up from out of the pool as we passed by.

When we pulled up in front of my house I went to open the door and make a quick escape, but it was locked as it had been on the trip to the party. I peered at Harry, waiting for him to unlock the door, I waited for the click before pushing it open and clambered out onto the pavement. Harry was by my side again in the blink of an eye, his fingers sliding between mine. As we walked up the path and I saw the curtain twitch, before stilling, making it obvious mum was spying on us.

"Your mums watching, we better put on a show" Harry licked his lips.

I immediately pulled my hand out of his grip and made a run for it, diving into the safety of my home, slamming the door behind me before Harry had a chance to stop me. I sighed in relief, leaning back against the door closing my eyes as I breathed in and out slowly, steadying my rapid breath.

"That was rude."

My eyes blinked open revealing my displeased looking mother standing with her arms crossed over her chest. She forced me to go out with Harry as an apology for being rude earlier, but I had no intentions of following her orders. I made my own rules.

"Oh and spying isn't." I hissed before barging past her.

My feet stomped angrily up the stairs towards my bedroom. The door slammed loudly behind me, I wanted to make it clear to my mother that I was beyond pissed off. I sat down on the end of my bed, roughly yanking my shoes off before throwing them against the door with all my might. They made two loud bangs against the solid wood before dropping down onto the floor.

My clothes made me feel itchy and dirty, quickly I yanked my shirt off over my head, tossing it to the furthest corner of the room. I intended on burning that shirt after this god awful night, I never want to see it again, let alone wear it. I reached my hands round my back, about to take my bra off when I felt my phone vibrate in my pocket.

I tugged it from my jeans, hesitantly unlocking it as I read the name flashing across the screen. I felt my face pale as my eyes skimmed over the message flashing across my screen.


From: Harry

Nice bra, where are the matching panties? You should really close you curtains. ;) Xx


I quickly spun around towards the window, peering out it to see Harry leaning against his car staring up at me through the glass, he sent me a wink that made my stomach drop. My eyes widened in horror as I quickly dashed across the room, tugging the curtains shut concealing me from his perverted eyes.

Holy fuck, I nearly gave him a strip tease.


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