Inside the Outside

Same story. Different Name. Better content.

When Natalie Carter moves to a new school, she's instantly noticed by the schools biggest bad boy, Harry Styles. He hooks up with girls, then there gone the next day, he rides a motorbike and barely shows up to class. Harry thinks Natalie's just another toy in his game. Natalie thinks he's her worst nightmare, but opposites attract right?


3. Chapter Three

A few days passed since Harry took me to that party. I’ve barely murmured a word to my mother, I still can’t believe she forced me to go out with him even though it was clear I didn’t like him. She’s really starting to get on my nerves, whilst I ignore her she’s constantly going on in my ear about how lovely Harry is and asking when we will be going out again. ‘Lovely my ass’ and ‘never’ are the only two words I’ve uttered to her.


Fortunately I haven’t seen Harry around too much, I’ve been deliberately avoiding him as I despise him so much. He doesn’t try and approach me when he does seem because I tend to stick close to my new found friends, where I find safety in numbers I guess. Even though he does come near me I can always feel his blazing green eyes burning into me from where he watches from a far. He makes me feel so uncomfortable, it’s like he’s always watching whether it’s in the corridors as I move to my next class or outside where he peers at me from his monstrous motorcycle. He makes the hairs on the back of my neck constantly prickle and my skin sweat under his intense gaze, it makes me feel awful.


My feet hurriedly carried me down the corridor after Amy, her blonde hair swishing as we hurried towards English class on Tuesday afternoon. I was fumbling with my books, trying to balance them in one hand whilst holding my bag and sports shoes in another. We’d just come from P.E and both of us were in a bit of fluster after just having to suffer through a five kilometer run on a scorching hot day like today. Most days I loved running, but in heat like this absolutely hated them, my lungs and throat burnt painfully and I had sweated like a pig under the torturous whether conditions. I worship the inventor of spray, if it didn’t exist I don’t think I’d have any friends, but on the plus side I might smell terrible enough for Harry to leave me alone.


“Amy! Wait up.” I called.


She was zigzagging in and out of the crowd, slipping slickly away from me as she rushed to get to class. I desperately tried to keep track of the zippy blonde girl, but it was becoming increasingly difficult the further she got down the corridor. My heart hammered heavily in my chest as I looked around for Amy after losing sight of her for only a moment, she was nowhere to be seen amongst the many students crowding the corridor. My heart sank, she was meant to be leading me to English, but she had moved too quick, leaving me in the dust as I struggled to follow. I was back to where I started last Friday, roaming the corridors completely and utterly lost.


Standing on my tippy toes I leaned up, hoping to catch a glimpse of blonde hair flaying out behind a quick moving female. My eyes skimmed the crowd, spotting a couple of blonde girls, but none of them were Amy. Unfortunately for me whilst I was searching for my friend someone knocked into me, causing my bocks and shoes to fly out of my hands in opposite directions. I watched as my expensive sports shoes sailed across the floor through the thinning swarm of people. No one stopped to help me, they just stepped over my items without a second glance. I rubbed my shoulder, letting out a huff of annoyance, there are almost no kind people in this town.


I scampered across the corridor to retrieve my sports shoes, brushing off the small amount dirt they’d gathered on their little trip across the floor. Now that I wasn’t in such a hurry considering I was lost anyway I took a moment to stuff them in my bag before slinging it over my shoulder. Sighing loudly I turned around to gather my scattered books lying with their pages crumpled and spines bent in awkward positions. I crouched down to pick them up, my fingers folding them back together again before putting them back in my small pile.


I was just reaching for the final book when an index finger hooked under the spine, lifting it from the floor. My gaze followed the book, watching as it was flattened out between two large hands before the person crouched down to help me with the rest of them. I blinked in disbelief as my eyes fell upon green eyes and dark, untamed curls. I was shocked that the guy who had harassed me and frightened me earlier was doing a kind deed, I didn’t think it was physically possible.


Harry’s fingers lightly brushed against mine, I was quick to snatch them away, despite his random act of kindness I was still intimidated by him and his frightening persona. He clasped his hand around my books as he stretched back up to full height, leaving me feeling small and timid on the grubby floor. The extremity of height difference between us made me feel weak and powerless whilst he loomed high above, obtaining the advantage.


I gasped quietly as he reached down, his free hand catching hold of my elbow, he gently tugged at my arm, helping me up. I squirmed away from his touch once at my usual height, taking a second to brush myself off. Harry’s eyes were upon me, his hot gaze felt against my back as I turned away to avoid meeting his gaze. I wasn’t ready to confront him, quite honestly I’m really confused as to the reason why he decided to help me, I thought he’d be the kind of guy that would deliberately kick my books further just to make my life more difficult for his own sick amusement.


I sucked in a deep breath before turning to face him again, ready to confront him. Harry’s eyes were on my legs when I turned to confront him, unsubtly they travelled back up the length of my body before coming to rest on my face. I held his gaze for a moment but looking into the swirling green of his eyes soon became unbearable so I quickly averted my gaze. A smirk curled on his lips as I nervously fiddled with the hem of my shirt, hoping he’d return my books so I could get to class or anywhere he wasn’t.


“Can I have my books back?” I spoke curtly.


The corners of Harry’s mouth curled up further, smugly grinning as he glanced between me and the few work books he held between his fingers. His focus fell upon me again and I almost screamed when I saw the mischievous look in his eyes, he was set upon making my life a living hell. I watched as his pink tongue slipped out of his mouth, gliding slickly over the contour of his full lips before darting back inside. I bit down on the inside of my cheek, nerves bubbling in my stomach as I anxiously shifted my weight from foot to foot.


Harry took a few steps towards me and I found myself mirroring his actions with a step back every time. My back made contact with the wall of lockers behind me, the metal cool against my hot skin as Harry continued to advance. My throat tightened as I tried to gulp down my anxiety as the proximity between our two bodies slowly decreased until he was standing right in front of me. He was so close that I could hear the sound of his heavy breathing as the hot puffs of his minty smelling breath fanned out over my face. I pressed my back further against the wall hoping to get that little bit further away eve if it was only a centimeter. My heartbeat quickened, fear flowing thickly through my veins as I desperately tried to mask it. I watched in terror as Harry’s eyes darkened as he leaned his face in even closed to mine, plump lips parting as he opened his mouth to speak.


“I don’t know, can I get a kiss?” He asked rhetorically.


My eyes widened in disgust, he could keep my books. I wasn’t putting my lips anywhere near his, especially not voluntarily. My hands quickly shot up, shoving at his chest with some unknown streak of bravery. He grinned, holding his hands up in mock surrender as he took a step back, allowing me to slip out from between him and the lockers. I knew he found my movements amusing and it really pissed me off.


“Keep them.” I snapped.


Deep laughter rumbled from within his chest as he watched me swiftly turn on my heel and stormed off down the corridor. I didn’t have the foggiest idea as to where I was going, all I knew was I wanted to get away from Harry and anywhere was better than here.


Footfalls could be heard behind me as I quickened my pace, not bothering to look back because I already knew who it was. A sigh of frustration left my mouth when he reappeared at my side, his hand catching hold of my wrist. I actually don’t understand what he wants from me, he not see I have no interest in becoming another toy in his game, he might as well give up now and save himself a whole lot of work.


I yanked my wrist from his grip before shoving him in the shoulder with as much strength as I could muster. He chuckled at my week attempt to get rid of him, I really wanted to wipe that smug grin off his face but I didn’t dare try. Harry quickly moved in front of me, blocking my path to god knows where. I tried to walk around him but he took a step to the side, preventing me from getting past. I rolled my eyes in annoyance, it was a good thing I didn’t know where I was headed so when I turned around and set myself a new course it didn’t matter.


Harry popped up in front of me again so quickly that I walked straight into his chest, dropping my bag in surprise. I blinked up at Harry, his green eyes burnt into mine as he smirked down at me with a coy grin on his face. Involuntarily my hands clenched up into fists, I was gonna lose it in a minute.


“Would you just leave me alone?!” I exclaim, backing away from him as I threw my hands up in despair.


“Oh come on.”


I tried to shove past him, desperate to evade the poisonous male. My books fell to the floor as Harry’s large palms caught hold of my wrists, grasping them tightly as he used them to tug me against him. I gulped nervously upon witnessing the green his eyes darken, my throat feeling constricted as I desperately gasped for vital oxygen. I tried to break free from his firm grip, but no matter the amount of twisting and squirming hi fingers held tight and I soon came to the conclusion that I was trapped.


Harry’s head lowered down slightly, bringing us face to face. His curls flopped around his features, framing his face in a case of chocolate like swirls. My stomach dropped, throat tightening as Harry released one of my wrists, bringing his hand up to my cheek where a loose strand had fallen in front of my eyes. His fingertips lightly brushed against my skin as the strand was tucked behind my ear.


My heart rate rapidly increased, body stiffening as Harry slid his hand round to the back of my neck, causing wave of fear to wash through me. I tried to turn my head away as his full lips closed in on mine but his large hand kept my head facing forward. I’d used my lips to cheek strategy on Harry one too many times and Harry wasn’t about to let me reject him again whether he had to force my lips against his or not.


I was frozen to the spot, unable to move due to the great fear welling up in the pit of my stomach as stared into his translucent, hypnotic eyes. It was only when our lips were merely a fem millimeters away dad I snap out of my trance, bringing my free harshly across his cheek. Harry’s head was forced to the side before our lips could make even the slightest contact. My palm stung after impacting with his face, the pain I felt made me grin proudly because I knew if I felt pain his cheek would be feeling it ten times worse.


His head twisted back towards me, I couldn’t help but feel afraid of what he might do to me after a stunt like that, what if he hurt me. My eyes widened in surprise and horror as his eyes met with mine, amusement dancing in the cold green. What frightened me was the smirk written across his features, he seemed unaffected by my actions and he looked like he actually enjoyed it.


“You’re feisty.” Harry purred. “I love it.”


My smug grin fell, he didn’t appear to notice the harsh red mark I’d left on his cheek and it terrified me by knowing that in fact he was openly amused by my rough actions towards him. When I slapped him the first time we met he appeared pissed off, why was he so amused by it today?


“What are you doing out of class?!” an angry male voice sounded.


Harry and I both turned towards the owner of the voice. I short plump man stood scowling at us from the doorframe of a nearby classroom, the heads of pupils peering out from where they sat at their desks behind him. Harry uncoiled his fingers from around my wrist, freeing me of his tight grip to make it appear as though he wasn’t harassing me. I immediately crouched down. Hurriedly gathering my stuff together before Harry could get his hands on anything.


“Natalie!” A female voice yelled. “I’ve been looking ev-“


I looked up to see Amy glancing between Harry, the teacher and I with the most confused expression on her face. She’d lost me for about ten minutes and somehow I’d ended up stuck with Harry and a teacher yelling at us on top of that.


“Get to class the three of you before I send you al to the principal’s office!” The teacher warned.”


“Fuck off.” Harry glowered at the plump man.


The teachers eyes boggled in shock, I doubt a student has ever talked to him like that and I felt a little sorry for him. Harry was cruel and uncompromising, he got what he wanted and did whatever the hell he liked and it was clear he didn’t care for rules or manners, he was just plain rude.


“I’ll be seeing you after school, Natalie.” Harry winked before casually strolling off.








I couldn’t focus during class, my mind was on other things such as Harry and the awful way he forced himself upon me and pushed me around. He’d gotten me all fidgety and anxious and I was finding it extremely difficult to focus in my last few classes. I already knew he planned on meeting up with me after school, much to my horror and all I was able to think about was possible ways of avoiding confrontation. My eyes had become locked on the ticking hand of the white clock hanging on the classroom wall, silently willing the red hand to come to a stop and for time to stand still before the moment I was dreading imminently arrived.


The loud ringing of the final bell of the day made my throat go dry and my heart rate dramatically increase, I had no plan except run and it’s a god thing that running s something I excel at. Unfortunately though today was ho an muggy and  I was already exhausted from the run I had participated in earlier today and having to run again in whether conditions like this was not on my to do list.


Cautiously I peeked out the door where multiple students were quickly exiting the building, glad to escape school for the next few hours before having to return again the next day. I stuck close to the crowd, eyes scanning over their heads, hoping that I wouldn’t spot a mop of curly hair and eyes like swirling green orbs that sliced through me like a knife. Although I couldn’t see him at this present moment in time I could feel his overwhelming presence that forced th hairs to prickle on the back of my neck and fearful shivers to run down my spine.


He was here.


He was watching.


I gulped nervously before quickening my pace, hoping that wherever he was that I would be able to blend into the crowed and get home before he got to me. Why had I told mum I didn’t want her to pick me up from school? Getting away from Harry would be so much easier if I had just agreed with her, but my stubborn nature always seemed to work against me in the worst moments. My movements became a little more panicked as my neck prickled further, elbows jutting out as I shoved my way past other student. I received more glares than I could count on my fingers, but I honestly couldn’t care less. All I wanted to do was get away to the safe confines of my house where I knew he couldn’t get into unless my mother or I allowed him.


“Where are you going?” A raspy voice playfully growled.


I froze, his large hand catching hold of my elbow preventing me from moving any further. Fear rose in my stomach as I was helplessly tugged out of the mob of students, watching until the corner of one of the buildings obstructed my view forcing them to disappear from sight.


Harry’s grip was firm as he pulled me out of sight, forcing me up against the trunk of a tree. I gasped as my back came in contact with the rough, scratchy bark as it dug into my back. I squirmed in Harry’s hold, turning my head away as he leant in close hot puffs of his heavy breath burning against my cheek. My hands instinctively came up to his chest, roughly connecting with his abdomen as I tried weakly tried to push him away.


However my attempts proved to be useless as he didn’t budge even the slightest and all I got in return was an amused laugh rumbling mockingly from deep within his toned chest. I hated the way he made me feel so weak against him, I wasn’t weak, he was just so overpowering and controlling that I felt intimidated by him.


“You can’t get rid of me that easily.” Harry grinned.


His long fingers curled around my wrist as he tugged me closer to his body. I desperately fought the urge to scream or cry out for help, but I doubted that anyone would hear me or if they did they would be too afraid to stand up against Harry. I forced my fear down into the deepest, darkest corner of my mind, putting on a brave face as I strengthened my stance, grabbing a fistful of his shirt. I tugged at the material until our faces were so close that our noses were almost touching. Keep it together, Natalie.


“I’m not in the mood to put up with your pathetic games. So if you wouldn’t mind, I’d like to go home without having a prick like you giving me grief” I snarled.


Harry smirked.


“But where’s the fun in that?”


A gasp escaped my mouth as he forced his lips against mine, taking the proximity of our faces as the perfect moment to steal a kiss. I was helpless, unable to escape as his mouth continued to move against mine, attempting to get a response from me. I stood there frozen to the spot in shock and absolute horror as his soft lips pressed to my motionless ones.


“Natalie.” Harry encouraged.


It was only when his teeth tugged at my lower lip that I reacted. My fist swung up, roughly making an impact against his cheek, forcing his face to the left, tearing his lips from mine much to my relief.


“Get off.” I snapped.


Harry merely chuckled, catching hold of my wrists as he pinned them up above my head against the rough tree trunk. My breath hitched in my throat upon viewing the swirling darkness in his green eyes as he stared at me with an eager amusement. I wanted to wash my mouth, riding my lips of his forceful kiss with a mouthful of soap.


“I knew you’d be a challenge.” He purred, his fingers fiddling with the ends of my hair for a moment before pushing my dark waves over my shoulder.


My body shrank back against the tree, chest heaving as he cocked his head to the side, examining the still evident love bite he had marked my skin with. The purple mark had faded since the last time we saw each other, but it was still clearly evident he had marked me as his possession, something of which I had no desire of being. My body became rigid as his head dipped into the crook of my neck, nudging my own to the side to give himself more access to the smooth, uncovered skin he had possessively claimed. A sharp intake of breath was sucked between my lips as I felt his plump lips make contact with the point of my neck he had marked as his own.


My eyes squeezed closed, attempting to block out the feeling of disgust he was sending through my body as his mouth wrapped round my skin, and harshly sucked. I wanted to punch him again, but this time his grip was too strong for me to break free off and I was forced to remain trapped in his tight grip and suffering through his awful torture. A choked whimper fell from my lips as his teeth became involved.


"So innocent" he whispered against my neck, his hot breath sent shudders down my spine. As he began to suck, I grabbed his black jean covered thighs, digging my nails into his legs. He let out a chuckle, his chest vibrated against my back. My eyes squeezed shut as his teeth became involved, lightly grazing over the purple mark, intensifying its darkness.


“Harry.” I pleaded.


His teeth nibbled at the sore skin for another minute before his wet tongue licked over the mark and a little further up my neck causing me to squirm uncomfortably in his grip. I couldn’t prevent the small whimpers escaping as he lightly blew over my wet skin, sending shivers down my spine. Harry drew back, his moist tongue glided over his plump lips slowly then it slipped back into the warmth of his mouth. A coy grin cut across his features as he smugly stared down at me. I knew he was up to something and whatever he was thinking, I wasn’t going to like it.


“How bout we go for a little ride?”


My eyes widened fearfully at the very thought of riding the slick black motorbike I had seen him ride in on today. The idea made my stomach churn fearfully and my heart rate rapidly increase. I couldn’t get on a motorbike, not after my last experience with one.


“N-no.” I managed to choke out.


A look of annoyance crossed Harry’s features, his eyebrows furrowing in an angry frown. I blinked up at him, silently begging him to not force me onto his motorcycle, he could do anything but that, I don’t care anymore as long as I don’t have to get on that beastly machine.


"Come." Harry growled.


My wrist was clasped in his tightly in his hand as I reluctantly followed after him. I fearfully tried to tug my wrist free, but Harry wasn’t having it, his arm coiled round my waist, tugging me into his side where I was unable to break free. I tried to gulp down my anxiety as he guided me across the school grounds to where the shiny monstrosity was parked.


By now the grounds were practically deserted, there was almost no one here to witness the events that were about to take place. Harry was an inconsiderate asshole that only thought of his own selfish needs, he didn’t know that I had a phobia of motorbikes because of a bad experience in my past. He wouldn’t allow me to even speak up and even if he did, I doubt he would even care.


Every step I took drew me closer to the frightening machine looming before us. The bike intimidated me more so than Harry did, its large wheels seemed threatening to me as the sun winked off its shiny black surface. Fear rose in my stomach as I looked up to Harry, hoping that if he had one decent bone in his body that he wouldn’t force me to do this against my will. But alas, his heart was made of ice, his bones of stone and his blood pulsed thick poison. He stared down at me with dark, unforgiving eyes and a devious smirk that made my blood run cold.


“Get on.” He commanded.


“N-no.” I stammered.


“Get on.” He growled again through gritted teeth.


I blinked back tears as I turned my head towards the motorcycle. I gazed at it hard, trying to pluck up what little courage I could and get on the monster despite my deepest, darkest fears. But no matter how hard I tried, I couldn’t will myself to do it, the memories of that awful night still fresh in my mind.


“I-I can’t.”


Harry’s eyes grew angry, a mist of black swirling between glimmers of green emerald. I let out a shriek as his muscular arms knocked my legs out, lifting me up where he held me against his toned chest. My lips quivered as he carried me the few steps over to his bike, I was desperately fighting back the pooling tears that threatened to spill down my cheeks. My body became rigid as I was set down on the seat, the only emotion I could presently feel was utter fear. I tried to move, but my body was frozen like Harry’s icy heart, unable to lift a muscle as I sat fearfully on the bike.


I winced slightly as his black helmet was tugged over my head, concealing my face from the world. My chest ached from the hard, fast thudding my heart was doing against my rib cage, breath also becoming difficult to obtain. A single tear trickled down my cheek as I watched Harry climb on in front of me, grinning wildly. If this was his way of trying to impress me, it was doing much the opposite. Forcing me onto this motorcycle only made me fear the curly haired demon even more.


“Better hold on.” Harry smirked over his shoulder.


When I didn’t move to grasp onto him, Harry reached back, taking my arms and forcing them to encircle his waist. I somehow found the power to clasp a fistful of his shirt in my hands, gripping it as tightly as I could. Much to my great disgust, Harry unleashed a throaty groan, he seemingly finding pleasure in feeling my breasts pressed firmly against his back. As much as I would have liked to choke him, in his moment I was unable to do anything but hold on for dear life and pray that everything would be okay.


An involuntary gasp escaped my lips as the vehicle roared into life. My heart clenched as memories of the accident flashed through my mind in in a quick burst of images. I squeezed my eyes tightly close in an attempt to block out the ghastly reminder of that dreadful night. My arms tightened around Harry, fingers fisting the material of his shirt causing an amused laugh to gush from his lips.


A wave of nausea washed over me as I felt the bike rev into motion, my eyes snapping open fearfully. The world rushed past in a blur of colour as Harry sped down the road. This was awful, I wanted to get off, I could barely handle sitting on the bike, the fact he was speeding made it a thousand times worse. I wanted to murder whoever gave this guy his license, it was clear that Harry was not fit to be on the road, he was a reckless driver that had almost run me over first day we me.


My breath was heavy, my throat felt constricted and I soon found myself gasping for what little air I could get as the wind blasted past us. Pure terror was the only explanation as to what I was feeling. My fear only heightened when Harry increased our current sped, causing my stomach to drop. Harry was going way too fast for my liking and in no way was I impressed by his driving skills. There was only one way he could impress me and that way was if he stopped this bike and let me get off and walk home.


After a further ten minutes of this torturous ride we finally came to a halt. Before the bike had even properly stopped moving, I vaulted of the seat, falling against the hard pavement. I could feel bile rising in the back of my throat and without a moment to lose I yanked the helmet hover my head, tossing it to the ground. My hands pressed against the curb as I threw my guts up down a drain pipe. Tears spilled down my cheeks as the acid burnt my throat on its way up.


I was surprised when I felt a hand gently draw my hair back over my shoulder, so I wouldn’t throw up all through it. Harry’s kind notions shocked me, I couldn’t quite believe that he was actually being thoughtful. The large expanse of his hand rubbed soothingly over my back as I spluttered violently, ridding my stomach of all its contents.


“Are you okay?” Harry asked as I wiped my mouth.


My fingers curled around the jutted edge of the curb, gripping it tightly as a loud sob racked through my entirety. My head was swimming, everything I could see was fuzzy even when I blinked a couple of times, trying to clear my vision. My chest heaved up and down as I struggled to regain my lost breath, all I wanted to do was go home and curl up in my bed. Harry tried to help me up, but I brushed him off, determine to get to my feet on my own. I didn’t want his charity. It was only when I had been standing on my feet for a moment that i noticed the violent shaking of my body and without warning my knees gave way. I stumbled back, expecting my body to impact painfully against the hash concrete, only I didn’t. Instead a pair of warm hands caught hold of my body, preventing me from hitting the ground.


“Natalie?” Harry’s tone held a hint of worry.


I blinked up at him through hazy eyes as tears commenced in trickling down my cheeks. He wore a hard frown on his face, eyebrows knitted together in deep creases. Harry continued to surprise me when his arms wrapped around my waist, pulling me onto his lap where I buried my face in his chest, surprising myself. He gently rubbed my back whilst I wet his shirt with salty tears. Maybe Harry wasn’t actually the heartless monster I made him out to be. I quickly shook the thought though, he might not be such a jerk now, but the other ninety-nine percent of the time I’ve been forced to be around him he’s been a complete asshole.


“I’m fine.” I quickly snapped, jolting out of his arms leaving him gawking at me in surprise.


Harry let out a huff as he got to his feet. I watched as his fingers tugged at the hem of his tearstained shirt, straightening it out before returning to his usual bad boy self. He collected the black helmet I had carelessly tossed aside setting it back down on his motorbike. I quickly brushed the last of my tears from my eyes, taking a deep breath as I tried to calm my nerves.


I took a moment to look at my surroundings, we appeared to be standing outside what looked like an abandoned warehouse. The exterior was covered in peeling grey paint and it looked like it had taken a pretty hard whack from bad weather conditions. I couldn’t help but wonder what Harry’s reason was for bringing me here.


"Let’s go." Harry forcefully grabbed my hand.


My hand was grasped firmly as he tugged me after him, I didn’t want to go anywhere with him, but I didn’t have any choice but to follow him. I still felt nauseous after being forced to ride his motorbike and I felt so weak that I couldn’t even put up a fight like I would most other times. I really hated Harry, I hated him with a passion.


I was dragged after him around the back of the abandoned warehouse, fear welling in my stomach as a thousand thoughts ran through my mind only intensifying the pounding in my head. Was he gonna rape me? Hurt me?! KILL ME!?! I just wanted to go home, I didn’t like this at all, he obviously had a reason for bringing me here and I doubted it was for good intentions, considering he was dragging me behind a shitty abandoned building where we would be out of sight.


I glanced back at the road as we rounded the corner, my chest tightening as it disappeared from view, the large building concealing harry and I from the rest of the world. I gulped nervously, my gaze locking on the back of Harrys head as he pulled me along behind him. I wanted him to stay in my line of sight so I knew where he was and f he tried anything I’d be able to see it coming and hopefully avoid it. My burning gaze was set so intently on his curls that I almost crashed into him when he came to abrupt stop. I peered around his lean figure, trying to see the reason for his sudden halt. My eyes widened as they fell upon a hole in the chipping, white painted wall. I blinked at the gaping hole, desperately wishing it was just my mind playing tricks on me and not an abandoned building with a hole in the back of it where it would be easy for Harry to shove me through and do whatever he pleases to me without being caught.


“Why are we here.” I questioned nervously, trying to mask my obvious fear.


Harry didn’t reply, he simply grasped my wrist tighter, tugging me towards him. I shuddered as he pushed me towards the gap, making it clear that he wanted me to go inside the looming building. I wasn’t going in there, for all I knew he this could be where he took girls to do god knows what to them and hide their bodies in a dark corner. I took a step back, my body colliding with Harry’s chest. His hot breath puffed out over my neck as the large expanse of his hands fell upon my hips, pressing me further into his heated body. I trembled in his arms upon feeling his nose trace up from the crook of my neck, leaving Goosebumps across my exposed skin in their wake. I fought back the urge to release an ear-piercing scream, but I knew deep down that no one would hear me and it would only make the situation ten times worse.


“Harry.” I whimpered.


I gasped quietly as he pushed up the hem of my shirt slightly, revealing the warm skin of my stomach. Harry’s fingertips brushed over the newly exposed skin, gently caressing my hipbones with the pads of his thumbs. I was silently surprised by how his soft actions soothed me, relaxing my tense body back into his chest. My eyelids fluttered closed as his lips softly brushed over my earlobe, lips parting.


“I’m not going to hurt you.” He whispered.


I don’t know why, but I believed him.


Harry gently nudged me towards the opening in the wall, his fingertips still pressed against my bare skin as he encouraged me inside the warehouse. I wriggled my way through the hole, Harry’s light touch leaving me as I scrambled inside. Once out of the gap, I stumbled to my feet, yanking my shirt back down over my exposed skin. I frowned in annoyance, why the fuck did I listen to him?! What is wrong with me, he doesn’t have good intentions, he’s an asshole who only wants to get in my pants! His stupid charm is starting to get to me.


My fingers fisted at my shirt, scrunching up the material in annoyance. I couldn’t believe how stupid I was, my mind is a jumble and I’m not thinking straight after riding Harry’s stupid motorcycle. I let out a huff, stomping my foot against the dusty floor trying to blow off some steam. Get it together, Natalie or you’re going to end up in a shit load of trouble.


Suddenly I froze, the hairs on the back of my neck prickling upwards as I felt someone breathing down my neck. A shudder ran down my spine as a sweaty hand grasped my bicep, squeezing it tightly. My breath hitched in my throat when I suddenly realized that this was not Harry. I slowly turned around, gulping down my fear as my gaze met with the demon like eyes of my captor.


“Hello again.”


My eyes widened in horror as the disgusting male I had unfortunately met at that party the other day spoke to me. By now I was beyond confused and I couldn’t imagine how this day could get any worse. Adam’s dirty hand squeezed more tightly at my arm and I quickly ripped it from his grip uncomfortable with being touched by a disgusting pervert such as himself.


“I don’t believe I caught your name last time we met.” Adam maliciously grinned at me.


“And you never are.” I snarled.


“Natalie?” Harry’s voice called out.


I mentally face palmed myself as the corners of Adam’s lips curled up into a smirk, I should have known that Harry was going to do that because I have the shittiest luck ever. I glowered at Adam as he let out an amused laugh, he was an asshole just like most of the other guys I’ve come across here.


“Nice to meet you again, Natalie.” He winked, before strolling off.


Harry scrambled to my side, his arm coiling round my waist defensively as he watched Adam walk through a door, disappearing out of sight. He took a moment to check me over before deciding I was alright and that Adam hadn’t hurt me. He kept a firm grip on my waist as he led me towards the door where Adam had vanished behind. I was still unsure of what we were doing here, I didn’t get what was going on. I couldn’t help but wonder if this is what it feels like to be a pet dog.


Harry pushed the door open and I blinked a couple of times, allowing my eyes to adjust to the dimly lit room. Empty beer bottles were scattered across the floor, a portable speaker was set in the middle of the room, blaring music whilst several guys and a girl sat around it, sipping on alcohol. I swallowed hard as ever head in the room turned towards us, their eyes set upon me, eyeing me up like a lion would a piece of meat.


“Haz, I see ya brought a lady friend.” One of the males slurred.


His dirty blonde hair was strewn messily upon his head, the whites of his blue eyes bloodshot due to the large amount of alcohol he most probably has consumed. I moved closer to Harry, feeling rather uncomfortable under the gazes of who I assume must be Harry’s friends. My eyes fell upon Adam who was sitting with the same girl he had been with at the party, his arm draped casually over her shoulder. The girl as dressed just as awfully as she had been at the party, her shorts were so short they could have been counted as panties and she was wearing the tiniest crop top I have ever seen, it was so small her breasts were almost completely spilling out of them.


“Jake.’ Harry nodded towards the blonde haired guy who had just spoken to him.


“Aren’t you gonna introduce us to your pretty friend.” Another guy asked.


A shiver ran down my spine as the guy swept his dark hair to the side before dropping me a wink. I watched as he sucked his lip piercing into his mouth, the greyish colour of his eyes skimming down my body as he unsubtly checked me out. Harry shot the guy a death glare, shifting me around to the other side of his body so I was further away from the grey eyed male. The guy just laughed mockingly at Harry, obviously he found if amusing that Harry didn’t want me near him.


“Natalie. Her names Natalie.” Adam spoke smugly.


“I’m Ash.” The grey eyed guy winked again.


Now was officially the time I wanted to leave, but unfortunately Harry had other ideas. Cautiously he helped me sit down beside the guy who had greeted him, Jake. Out of all the guys in this room, he appeared to be the only one who wasn’t undressing me with his eyes, Jake seemed to be more interested in his beer than he was anything else. Harry lowered himself down beside me and I instantly shuffled closer to him, frightened by the Adam and Ash. My eyes fell upon the girl with Adam, her eyes were upon Harry and it wasn’t difficult to tell she wanted to get with him, but it was pretty clear he had no interest in her. When she saw me looking at her, she glared angrily at me, she didn’t like the way Harry and Adam were both more interested in me than her. It’s not like I want either of them looking at me, I hate both of them, they’re both obviously players and have no real interest in me apart from sex.


“What’s up with your face, Melody?” Ash teased, obviously realizing exactly what I did. “You do know you can’t kill Natalie with your eyes.”


“Fuck off.” She snarled.


Ash just smirked, taking a large mouthful of beer, he seemed to enjoy harassing Melody. I jumped a little when I felt someone lightly poke me in the side, I turned my head, coming face to face with Jake. I swear I’m going to lose it and run off if he decides to start checking me out as well, I don’t like all this attention.


"Want a drink?” Jake asked.


I was surprised when I nodded my head, I wasn’t one to give into peer pressure, but with all the uncomfortable stares and glares I’m being given, I guess I accepted it to try and forget about it all. Jake smiled at me before handing me an ice cold bottle of beer taken from the chilly bin beside him. I quietly thanked him before popping the lid off. I’d never drank before and I think they could tell by the cautious way I was examining it. Every pair of eyes in the room were watching me exquisitely as I raised the bottle to my mouth.


I took a small sip, coughing a little as the bitter liquid burnt the back of my throat as I swallowed. Despite the bitterness I found the cool liquid quite to my liking, raising the bottle to take a bigger gulp of the alcohol. I felt it sizzle through my veins, making my body feel all tingly.


"So Natalie, you’re new around here, right." Ash grinned.


I set the bottle down on the floor deciding better not drink too much or I might find myself blurting out my address. I don’t think I would find it very pleasant if any of these guys showed up on my doorstep, Harry already had and that was an absolutely dreadful experience one of which I never want to repeat.


 "Uh, yeah." I replied nervously.


"Harry showed you a good time yet?" He winked at me.


If I had still been drinking that beer I was almost certain I would have choked on it or spat it out all over the place. My cheeks flared with red with embarrassment, I wasn’t expecting that question to come up, even though I probably should have. I mean it’s pretty obvious these guys are all players, except maybe Jake, he might just be an alcoholic, but who knows, they probably talk about their sex life all the time.


“No and it’s not going to happen!” I quickly spat out.


I glared at Harry shuffling away a little bit from him, he could plot and plan all the possible ways he could get into my pants, but I would never allow him to. Harry smirked at me, as if his cocky self was sure he’d get me into bed with him.


“Feisty, no wonder Harry likes you". Ash grinned.


"Got yourself a difficult one." Jake spoke to Harry.


 Harry let out a laugh. "She’s a challenge".


I thought hard for some witty remark, but nothing sprang to mind so I slouched down, wishing I could just disappear. What is wrong with these people, they’re all absolutely disgusting. I had to move from my home in Doncaster to Cheshire against my will and unhappy about it and now these creeps are making my already awful time here disastrous. I clenched my fists as I felt my blood pump angrily through my veins. Acting on impulse, I grabbed my beer bottle from where it sat before me. My fingers grasped the neck tightly as I shoved Harry off me and clumsily stumbled to my feet. Everyone watched in surprise as I opened my mouth to speak.


“All of you need help, you’re fucked up in the head. People like you disgust me.” I angrily spat. “You think you can go around prying on whoever you please and toy with them till you get what you want.”


Everyone stared at me wide eyed, their mouths gaping open in surprise. I couldn’t help but feel a little smug, they make me feel weak, so now I’m gonna make them feel like shit.


“Guess again, because I’m not being a part of this sick game you play.”


I was about to make a run for it, but I had just one last thing to do. I tilted the beer bottle over Harry’s head, watching as the remnants of the dark liquid splattered into Harry’s curls. The beer trickled down his face and onto his white t-shirt where I knew it would stain. He stared at me dumbfounded, he hadn’t expected the girl he enjoyed intimidating so much to stand up to him, none of the people in this room had and that made me feel bloody proud of myself.


“Stay the fuck away from me, Harry!” I yelled before tossing the empty bottle to the floor, hearing it shatter as I made a run for it before Harry could catch me.


My feet pounded against the concrete as I sprinted away from the abandoned warehouse where I may have just put myself on the top of their ‘To Kill’ list. Although I had just given them a taste of their own medicine, I’m pretty sure they don’t give a fuck and that Harry is just going to try a hell of a lot harder to get me. It seemed like a good idea at the time, but I’m pretty sure I just made it ten times worse.


Once I was certain no one was following me, I slowed down into a walk, looking around to see if there was anything that looked vaguely familiar. I had no idea where I was or how to get home and to make matters worse it a beginning to get dark. I was a dead man if I didn’t get home before the sun sunk and the sky turned from blue to black. I kicked at a rock as I wandered aimlessly along the street, hoping by some miracle home would pop up.


“Hey, do you need a lift?” Someone yelled.


My head snapped in the direction of the voice, I blinked in surprise when I saw Niall sitting in his car, blonde head of hair peeking out the window as he slowly drove along beside me at my walking pace. I smiled in relief, glad to see him and not Harry or one of his asshole mates.


“If that’s alright, I think I’m lost.” I replied.


“I noticed.” He chuckled. “Hop in, love.”


I ran round the other side of the car, pulling the passenger door open and climbing in the seat beside him. Niall smiled warmly at me as I pulled the door shut and buckled my seatbelt. I couldn’t believe how kind Niall was, he was a genuinely nice guy unlike Harry who was a controlling dick who always got what he wanted and didn’t give a shit about anyone but himself.


“Where to my friend?” He asked.


Niall put the car in drive as I told him my address. I watched as his eyebrows knitted together in a slightly confused frown after he figured where exactly I lived.


“That’s on the other side of town, how’d you get out here.” He questioned in slight confusion.


“Harry practically kidnapped me.” I rolled my eyes thinking of how Harry had literally thrown me on his bike and forced me to come out here with him.


“And he left you out here on your own?” Niall shook his head in disappointment. “He’s turned into more of a dick than I thought.”


“Actually I ran off after insulting a bunch of his friends and tipping a bottle of beer of his head.” I explained.


Niall glanced over at me in surprise, I already knew everyone was frightened of him and I guess it’s a bit of a shock that the new kid stood up to him and his friends. I’m actually stunned by my own actions, I can’t quite wrap my head round the fact that I just did that. I’m probably gonna be murdered in my sleep.


“Shit, wish I could have seen that.” Niall grinned. “You’re pretty kickass.”


I shrugged my shoulders, I just did what I thought was right and told Harry that I wasn’t the type of girl that was going to allow him to push me around until I eventually caved and gave him what he wanted. I hope I never see Harry again, but I have a feeling that the little stunt I performed earlier is going to make him try twice as hard as he has been.


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