Inside the Outside

Same story. Different Name. Better content.

When Natalie Carter moves to a new school, she's instantly noticed by the schools biggest bad boy, Harry Styles. He hooks up with girls, then there gone the next day, he rides a motorbike and barely shows up to class. Harry thinks Natalie's just another toy in his game. Natalie thinks he's her worst nightmare, but opposites attract right?


7. Chapter Seven

I sat on my bed with a fluffy white towel wrapped round my body. It was about seven o’clock and I’d just had a shower and now I was thinking as I did quite often. I was contemplating whether I should wear a dress for Harry as he had asked or not. I was having mixed emotions towards the curly haired guy, I didn’t know whether I hated him of if I liked him. On one hand he had saved me from being raped by Adam, but on the other hand he was possessive, violent, controlling, frightening and dangerous. I had kissed him the other day and I’m still not a hundred percent sure why. Maybe I did like him, he had protected me and been nicer the past couple of days, but I was still intimidated by him and him saving me didn’t excuse him from the fear he made me feel.

I sat there for some time before I finally came to a decision. Standing from my bed I padded across the room towards my closet, opening the door before I began to search. My fingers brushed various items of clothing in a range of different fabrics and different textures. I was never one to really wear dresses and I only owned a few in which had been brought for special occasions or given to me. Since I lived on a farm in Doncaster there was no point in wearing dresses since I would only ruin them and they made it difficult to do things such as riding horses, quad bikes and climbing fences. I never really went out as such there so there wasn’t really any need for dresses there, but now I’m in Cheshire and things have changed.

Eventually I found what I was searching for and quickly pulled the dress from the coat hanger it hung from. I had gotten the dress for my birthday last year, it was a little black dress in which concealed my arms and hugged my figure nicely. The dress fell about mid-thigh and I seriously hope Harry doesn’t get touchy otherwise I’m seriously going to regret wearing the damn thing. I took a few minutes to straighten my usually wavy hair and apply a little mascara and lip gloss. Just because I’m wearing a dress doesn’t mean I’m going all out on the make-up front, I still don’t like how it feels on my face and I’m not exactly comfortable wearing a dress, I feel safer in jeans.

I stole a quick glance at the clock as I stroked my eyelashes with the black mascara wand, intensifying their already dark shade. It was ten to eight meaning Harry would be hear in a matter of minutes. After screwing the top of my mascara back on as I set it down on my dressing table before slipping on a pair of black wedged boots and lacing them up.

I turned towards the full length mirror hanging from my wall to take in my appearance. My eyes widened a little as I stared at the girl in the mirror. I could hardly recognize myself, it was like staring at another person only the girl in the mirror was actually me, my reflection. I actually looked nice, I rarely got dressed up but maybe I should do it more often because I actually look nice. A knock sounded at the front door, the loud rapping against the wooden barrier snapping me out of my train of thought. A wave of anxiety washed over me, chilling my bones as realization hit me hard in the head.

Harry was here.

I nibbled my lip nervously as I slowly descended the stairs towards the front door in which created a barrier that separated Harry and I. I couldn’t help but feel slightly anxious, I was still fearful of the intimating male standing on my doorstep, but this time I think I was more afraid of this ‘date’ or whatever you want to call it. Up until I moved to Cheshire boys would occasionally ask me out, but the so called ‘date’ usually turned into mucking around as friends or punching the guy in the face because he was a total prick, that only happened once though. Harry was the first guy that I’ve ever properly gone out with, no wait, technically he isn’t because I didn’t really agree upon it. He just uses force to get me to go with him.

I slowly made my way down the stairs, careful not to trip in my heeled shoes and also giving myself a moment to prepare myself for the oncoming evening. I had absolutely no idea how this evening was going to go, but there’s no backing out now.

My fingers fumbled slightly with the door handle as I moved to pull it open, fingers curling tightly round the metal as I gave it a twist. The wooden barrier that stood between us swung open revealing a slightly stunned looking curly haired male. A faint blush crept up my cheeks as Harry’s emerald green eyes unsubtly raked up and down my body, absorbing my appearance, taking in every inch. Standing before Harry as he checked me out proved to be rather uncomfortable, I wasn’t used to this kind of thing and it made me feel plain awkward.

“Hey.” I smiled shyly.

Harry’s eyes darted up to my face the moment he heard me speak, his lustful gaze evading the rest of my body which gave me a sense of relief. His usual smirk was plastered across his face, pink lips full and plump as he grinned. Gazing at his lips brought back the memories of kissing him the other day and I found myself craving the feel of their softness as he gently brushed them against mine. I quickly pushed that thought to the back of my mind. I was still unsure about Harry, I wasn’t sure whether I liked him because he had saved me from Adam or if I just liked him for some odd reason, I don’t even know if I like him at all. He still frightens me, that’s for sure and I really don’t like the way he’s so forceful and controlling.

“You look… breath-taking.” He breathed out.

I felt my face heat up further, the deep scarlet flush spreading across my cheeks, my embarrassment clearly show. My shoes suddenly became very interesting as I couldn’t hold Harry’s gaze any longer, knowing all too well I would probably only turn a shade brighter possibly tomato.  I had almost expected him to make some inappropriate comment or coy joke, but he actually complimented me and it wasn’t in his normal asshole tone of voice he uses 99% of the time.


“Are you ready to go?” Harry smiled.

Turning towards the door I pulled it closed, rattling the key a little as I locked up. I was fully aware of Harry heated gaze on me as my back was turned towards him. His burning stare had goose bumps prickling on my neck and shivers running down my spine.

When I turned to face him again his eyes quickly flicked up from where my bum had been only moments before. My eyes narrowed down into a glare, my decision to wear a dress was coming back to bite me in the ass quite literally. A cheeky grin spread across his face and an eyelid dropped in a wink as he realized he’d been caught. I wish he would make it less obvious when he was checking me out and maybe look a little embarrassed instead appearing as though he was quite proud of himself.

“Let’s go.” I mumbled grumpily.

A large palm was extended towards me and begrudgingly I took hold of it allowing Harry to entwine our fingers. I bit my lip nervously as he turned on his heel, heading back down the path towards the sleek black vehicle parked in the drive. The car door was opened for me once we reached the car and with a final glance back at my house I lowered myself into the passenger seat, stepping from the safety of the shore into open water.

The door was closed behind me with a dull thud before I watched his tall figure jog around the front of the car to the driver's seat. His hasty movements made it clear he was still worried I’d make a break for it again. Harry smoothly slid in behind the wheel, his long arms stretching out towards the wheel, fingers wrapping around the back rubber. A shudder ran down my spine as I witnessed him press the lock button on his car keys, trapping us both within the car before he inserted the metal into the ignition. Nerves ate away at my stomach as I realized he still didn’t trust me. I slumped down in my seat, Harry’s possessive was were what scared me, maybe if he wasn’t so overpowering and controlling might like him a little better.

My fingertips dug into the black leather seating beneath me as the car rumbled into life, the engine roaring beneath us. The pounding in my heart intensified as my fears grew. Harry sent me a winning smirk as he released the clutch and we pulled out onto the road.

There was a thick silence between us as we drove along the dark streets, the street lamps faintly illuminated the road. Harry’s headlights were on full blare as we followed the road to the destination I was still unsure of. Blood pounded in my ears, my breathing heavy as we pulled up in front of another godforsaken nightclub. I was totally over nightclubs already and technically I wasn’t even supposed be old enough to enter one yet. My first experience had not been pleasant and honestly I never want to see another one, Harry’s stupid if he thinks I’d ever want to see another club again!

Taking a deep breath I reached for the door handle, I didn’t want to be here, but I couldn’t back out now, Harry would force me to come whether I liked it or not so I might as well do it in a dignified manner. My dignity seems to be the only thing I have when Harry’s around, I don’t get a choice in anything because he never asks me what I’d like to do. I would love to go home right now and hide out in my room for the rest of my life. Maybe I could become a hermit that would be nice.

Unfortunately a life of solitude isn’t really an option right now and knowing me I’d probably get bored in less than half an hour. I can’t sit still for even a second, I’m always fidgeting or getting distracted by something or someone but right now I’d like to be curled up in my bed sleeping. I wish I hadn’t agreed to go out with Harry, if I had of known we would be going to another bloody club I never would have obliged.

I swear if there is some creepy dude like Adam at this club I’m going to leave the country.

“Why another club?” I groaned

The vibrant green of Harry’s eyes locked with mine as he turned his head towards me, fixing me with an intense stare. I couldn’t help but admire the colour of his twinkling irises, they were beautiful yet terribly intimidating at the same time. They seemed to change with his mood, from green to blue to black, his green ones being the least frightening and his black the most.

“Why not?” Harry replied.

“Several reasons.” I rolled my eyes. The way he answered my question with a question really pisses me off and he should already know why wouldn’t want to be at another club. “The first being I’m only seventeen, second, I don’t want a repeat of last time and third I hate dancing.”

Crossing my arms over my chest, I sent him a glare to show him I was clearly pissed off by how inconsiderate he was. The way he doesn’t give a damn about how I might feel is the most annoying thing about him. Harry couldn’t care less about how I might feel about coming to another club after an awful run in with Adam only a couple of nights ago. No, Natalie doesn’t get asked how she feels, it’s either come with me or I’ll toss you over my shoulder and make you. Harry is so possessive and he thinks he can control me with a simple snap of the fingers.

Harry sent me a smirk as he unlocked the car, stepping out onto the street whilst I was left sitting in the passenger seat with fury, he was too rude to even answer my question. He has some nerve, I’ll grant him that. I don’t think I’ve ever met a guy quite as rude as Harry Styles.

A huff of annoyance escaped my lips as I grasped the door handle, yanking it open before stumbling out onto the pavement. With a hard frown set into my forehead I allowed Harry to wrap his arm round my waist, puling me into his side. A cool breeze tickled at my thighs, the dress I was currently adorned in made me feel so exposed and I really didn’t find the sensation of having various men eyeing me up like I’m a juicy piece of meat. This is why I never liked wearing dresses, they make you feel vulnerable and here in Cheshire it was twice as bad.

Harry’s fingers lightly curled around the skin tight material of my dress, his touch radiating through the black material, igniting heat throughout my body. My eyes landed on the bouncer defending the entrance, chills running through my body as I took in the swirling black ink on his left bicep and the harsh stare burnt into his expression. The man designated to keep underage people out had been chosen well because he was scaring the shit out of me.

As Harry guided me up towards the club entrance, a growing feeling of uneasiness began to form in the pit of my stomach. I really didn’t want to have to confront the bouncer, I didn’t even want to be here but Harry commands were what I had to abide to unless I wanted to cause a scene and end up losing my dignity as well. I leant in to Harry once me were about twenty metres away, my lips parting as I leant up to whisper in his ear.

“The fact I’m still seventeen still hasn’t changed.”   

Harry, turned his head towards me, a slight smirk curling up a little at the left corner of his mouth as he looked down at me. My head shot back automatically, the proximity of our faces much to close for my liking as his lips were but a centimetre from mine.

“I know, babe.” He grinned. “But you look about twenty one in that dress."

Harry’s eyelid dropped in a cheeky wink as his hand slipped down my back a little, his fingertips lightly grazing my backside. I gasped quietly upon feeling the large expanse of his hand cupping by right cheek, playfully squeezing my bum. I jolted forward in surprise, a small shriek escaping my lips as I pulled out of his grasp.

A deep chuckle rumbled from within Harry’s chest, breaking out into the night. His laugh showed he was clearly amused by my surprised reaction but me on the other hand, I was less than impressed with his movements. Harry was rude, perverted and self-reassured, a typical asshole. What the hell is wrong with me? I should never have given him the chance to take me out. He was just acting nice earlier to butter me up and now he was back to his normal self. His only intentions are sex and I don’t know why I was stupid enough to think different even if it was only for a moment.

Harry is a sex consumed asshole and he always will be.

Crossing my arms over my chest I sent Harry a cold look just to show him how unimpressed I was with his actions. But Harry being Harry simply smirked his usual irritating smirk which gives me the desire to punch him square in the face and wipe that cheeky grin from his plump lips. Rolling my eyes I followed Harry up towards the club entrance, determine not to let Harry get under my skin any more than he was because I knew that was exactly what he wanted. A reaction.

Warm fingers tickled at my palm as Harry subtly slipped his hand into mine, our entwined digits locking at the knuckles. I didn’t particularly want to have Harry touching me in any way but at least having him hold my hand is better than having him grope me. My feet scuffled against the concrete as I struggled to keep up with his long strides, resisting his pull a little as I didn’t particularly want to go into the dreaded club.

“Come on.” Harry grunted, his patience with me clearly becoming thin.

“What do you think I’m doing?” I snapped back, irritated.

“Deliberately dragging your goddamn feet.”

“Have you ever tried walking in heels?!”

Harry muttered something under his breath that I couldn’t quite make out. Though I was almost certain it was because he knew I had won the argument but truthfully I was dragging my feet, just to piss him off. Harry’s pace slowed a little and I couldn’t help but smile proudly at my achievement.

It took us a couple of seconds to reach the club entrance, my feet carrying me up the three stairs to the opening where the intimidating bouncer stood. Taking my lower lip between my teeth, I bit down nervously. Now that we were closer to the bouncer I was able to get a better look at him. He was even more intimidating close up, his arms were folded across his wide chest, the huge biceps in his arms bulging out of the tight fitting black t-shirt he wore. He stood a little taller than Harry so I estimated he was at least six foot. His broad shoulders, solid build and the obvious muscle shown in his arms and also through his tight fitting shirt proved to be vital factors he used for intimidation. His dark eyes bore into me and I felt as though he was staring into my soul, maybe he was.

I shifted a little closer to Harry, my body pressing into his side as I tried to hide from the bouncer’s watchful eyes. Harry was all too pleased by my movements, his strong arm once again wrapping round my body. I was relieved when his hand settled on my hip, the pad of his thumb gently rubbing circles in my sides through the material of the dress. The bouncer’s eyes continued to examine me, if I didn’t know better he was trying to figure out how old I was and I seriously hope he doesn’t work it out.

“Phil.” Harry gave the guy a nod.


Does Harry know everyone in this dreadful town!? I bet he knows every bloody bouncer of every bloody club and every bloody well club owner as well. He’s probably slept with half the female population and already has plans for me. Fuck I’m stupid. Harry smiled wryly as if he knew the exact thoughts flooding through my mind like a freaking tidal wave.

Harry held me tightly as he pulled me through the doorway into the club beyond. I was immediately hit in the face with the blasting of heavy music as we stepped into the humid atmosphere. Bright lights flashed on and off around the dance floor where a large crowd of sweaty bodies rubbed against one another. I squinted at the lights, taking a moment to let my eyes adjust before peering up at Harry. I almost jumped out of my skin with the proximity of his face, my eyes bulging slightly as he smirked down at me.

My breath hitched in the back of my throat as he leant down, both his arms coiling round my waist as he pulled me into his chest. I could feel my heart beat quicken in my chest as his warm breath fanned out of my cheek, sending shivers down my spine as his lips lightly brushed against my ear. I don’t understand the way I feel about him, I hate him but I feel attracted to him at the same time. Harry is physically attractive, I will give him that but I can’t quite decide upon what he is on the inside. Most of the time he’s an asshole but he has the occasional sweet moment and I think that’s what draws me in, he’s just as much of a challenge to figure out as I must be to catch.

“Are you alright?” He asked loudly, almost shouting into my ear to be heard over the eardrum blowing music.

I nodded my head, giving him a small smile to confirm I was fine. He returned my gesture, moving his face to place a small kiss to my cheek. I felt my cheeks flush a pale pink, slightly caught off guard by his sweet motion. I actually don’t understand how Harry’s brain works but then again, I don’t really understand my own so I guess we’re both confused.

Harry released one arm from around my waist, gently pulling me into his side again before we headed towards the clammy, dirty dancing bodies. My fingers tightly curled around the thin fabric of Harry’s shirt taking a handful of the material as I clutched onto him for dear life. After my first experience in a club I had come to realise that almost all these people were all intoxicated and there was a high possibility of me being swiped up by some drunken man if I didn’t stick close to Harry. I don’t particularly want a repeat of last time, I’d prefer it if we just left but that option is currently unavailable to me.

Harry and I weaved in and out of the close mingling bodies dancing to the thumping music as we made our way in the direction of the bar. I should have known we’d end up drinking, I mean its Harry. He has a whole cupboard full of alcoholic beverages he probably drinks in his free time. Apart from a few sips of beer here and there and wine on a couple of occasions I’d never had a proper drink and when I had tasted alcohol on my lips it had been under parent supervision as embarrassing as it is to admit. I have a feeling my clean record is about to go down the drain after tonight for several reasons the first being I want to forget about my mother and her bitchiness, Adam and his creepiness and I just want to forget, forget the imagines that haunt my dream even if it’s only for one night.

Harry helped me up onto one of the bar stools before positioning himself on the seat next to me. He leant his weight on his forearm as he rested it atop of the wooden slab, a seductive smile crossing his face as he gazed at me. I could feel my cheeks heat with a pink flush, the look he was giving me made me get the summersault effect in my stomach as I nervously looked down at my fingers.

“You look gorgeous tonight.” Harry purred, leaning in slightly as one of his large hands were placed on top of my knee.

His touch had sparks exploding through my body, sending shivers down my spine and causing my heart rate to dramatically increase. Harry has the strangest effect on me and I’m still trying to work it out. My face burnt red, more heat flooding through my already pink cheeks after hearing his compliment. My lower lip quivered slightly as his palm slid up my thigh, slightly pushing his fingers under my dress, testing his limits out before he slid his palm back down my thigh again after I began to squirm uncomfortably.

Two fingers were pressed beneath my chin, forcing me to look u where I met the twinkling, green gaze of Harry’s vibrant eyes which shone with some form of brilliance. A wry grin spread across his lips as he took pleasure in viewing my bright pink cheeks. His touch lingered on my skin as he leant towards me, warm breath wafting over my lips as he moved in to kiss me. My eyelids fluttered closed as his lips lightly brushed against mine but before things could go any further we were interrupted by the sound of someone loudly clearing their throat.

I abruptly moved my head back, cheeks flooding with a further heat as I embarrassedly averted my gaze from Harry, turning my head toward the person who had cleared their throat. I rolled my eyes as my gaze fell upon the platinum blonde bartender. Her hair was most obviously dyed and her face was caked in what looked like an inch of make-up. I could tell by the way she was pushing out her chest and battering her fake eyelashes that she was trying to grasp Harry’s attention.

“What can I get you, honey?” She shamelessly tried to flirt with him.

She leant forward across the bar, resting her forearms on the surface so her cleavage was put on display. Harry however appeared uninterested in the women, his eyes still set on me as his fingers grazed over my thigh. I was quietly surprised by the way he didn’t so much as chance at the flirtatious woman, he was only interested in me and I wasn’t sure whether that was a good thing or a bad thing.

“She’ll have a Martini and I’ll have three vodka shots.” Harry grunted at the woman.

I almost laughed at her expression when she discovered he had no interest in her. It was priceless, her mouth fell open and she sent me a death glare, clearly displaying her envy. I don’t think she likes being ignored.

A couple minutes passed before she returned, setting our drinks down on the counter. I gave her a smug smile, silently laughing as she quickly gave me the finger. She was pathetic, she had no respect for herself. The way she flaunted her chest made it obvious just how desperate she was for Harry’s attention. I feel sorry for people like her, she’s never going to find a good guy if she acts the way she was.

I watched as Harry took hold of one of the vodka shots, bringing the rim to his lips before he tipped his head back, taking the clear liquid past his lips, draining the glass in a mere second. I amazed me by how quickly he drained the three shot glasses, I hadn’t even touched mine yet and he was ordering another drink. I peered at the drink Harry had ordered for me, unsure if I should break my clean record and taste the alcohol on my lips.

I was about to decline and push the cocktail in Harry’s direction but I abruptly changed my mind as I felt his fingers push under the hem of my dress. I grabbed the glass, bringing it to my lips before taking a large gulp. The bitter tasting alcohol ran down my throat, relaxing my tensed body as it did so. I felt Harry’s hand squeeze my thigh in approval, his glowing green eyes swimming with excitement as he ordered me another drink before I’d even finished the first. I didn’t care though, I was doing this to rebel against my mother because I didn’t give a damn anymore. Tonight alcohol was going to be my saviour.

In less than an hour I had consumed at least three drinks, my ability to count has become increasingly worse after ever glass I drain. I felt a little dizzy after drinking the amount of alcohol I have and the proximity of Harry’s warm body wasn’t helping things. He had moved so close that his shoulder was now lightly brushing against mine. Shivers ran down my spine as I felt the large expanse of his palm run down my back, settling just above my backside. I could smell the alcohol on his breath as he leaned towards me, plump, pink lips puckering as his dilated pupils ran down skimmed down my body. A small whimper tumbled from my mouth as his curls tickled at my cheek as he dipped his head into the crook of my neck.

My senses became overwhelmed by his alluring scent and delicate touches as his teeth nipped at my exposed skin. I gasped quietly as he pushed his body up against my own causing a wave of heat to flood through me. I wasn’t really certain if it was me taking pleasure in his warm mouth or just the alcohol talking but it didn’t matter because either way at this moment I liked it.

I felt my fingers wrap around the material of his shirt as his teeth ceased their nibbling and his warm lips sponged open mouthed kisses across my heated skin instead. I whimpered at the feeling of his wet tongue glaze up my neck before he hotly puffed out across the damp skin, teasing. I was lost in the fiery sensation Harry’s movements evoked within me, I had never felt like this before. His nose lightly nudged my air, breath tickling my skin as he lightly nipped at my earlobe.

“I want you to dance for me.” He spoke in a raspy voice

His head drew back from the crook of my neck as his hot gaze met with mine. His eyes were dark with lust, pupils so dilated that only a thin green ring circled around his pupils. His eyes flicked towards the dance floor suggestively. I followed his gaze, watching the numerous bodies grind and move together to the sound of the heavy music as it boomed throughout the club.

The light push of his hand securely resting on my lower back was the encouragement my tipsy mind needed to propel me forward. Alcohol coursed through my veins as I took a few steps further away from Harry, bringing myself nearer to the dance floor. In the back of my mind I could hear my sane-self screaming at my body to stop, that I was crazy and I couldn’t dance to save my life but the alcohol I had consumed earlier drowned her out as I turned to face Harry. If I was sober I knew I would never be doing this, but my little drink spree said different and it wanted me to dance for Harry.

My eyes found Harry, his body relaxed and expectant as he leaned back on the bar stool, resting his elbows on the surface behind. He held a glass of beer in his right hand as his gaze locked onto my body. I knew I was drunk as my hips began to sway to the rhythm of the music, the alcohol pulsing through my veins controlled me as I moved my body for Harry.

My usually awkward body had now become something of a central attention as numerous male gazes fell upon me as I danced. I had never received this type of attention before, I was known as a bit danger prone to most guys and the narrow hipped chick to most girls. Usually males only looked at me as a friend because that’s what I was to them in Doncaster. Here was different through. Here I felt sexy. I didn’t really care for the other men watching me, I was only focussed on the curly haired male sitting at the bar.

Harry’s eyes darkened considerably with a deep desire as they raked up and down my body imprinting the image of my body moving in this sort of way in his mind. He licked his lips seductively before bringing the drink to his plump lips. He stared at me over the rim, his eyes continued to run over my body as he took the brown liquid past his lips, letting it burn down the back of his throat until he had drained the whole thing. The now empty glass in his hand was slammed down onto the bar counter as his feet touched the floor.

I continued to move to the music as he pushed himself to his feet, his lean figure extending to his full height before he began to move towards me. My lip was taken between my teeth as I watched him take slow deliberate strides towards me, his lips forming a seductive grin as he neared.

His warm touch was placed on my hips as he pulled me towards him. I stopped dancing momentarily, moving my arms up to coil round his neck, pulling his closer to me. His lips ghosted over mine, assuming he had finally caught me after all the running I had to get away from him since the very first day we met. I wasn’t done yet, I was having to much playing this game of cat and mouse.

Before he had the chance to fully connect our mouths, I swiftly turned on my heel, pulling away from his touch as I let out a giggle. Without looking back, I slipped into the crowd knowing all too well that he would follow me because he loved this game just as much as I did, he loved the chase.

My body weaved in and out of dancing bodies smirking to myself as I skilfully managed to evade him despite my light headedness. I stopped briefly to glance back. My eyes searching the crowd for Harry just to be sure he was still following. Sure enough my eyes fell upon a twin pair of lustful eyes and a mop of curls atop of his head. Our gazes locked briefly as I bit down on my lips, raising my hand as I used a finger to motion him towards me. His eyes grew even darker at my teasing gestures and I watched with amusement for a moment as he began roughly shoving people out of the way, elbowing people in the ribs and accidently knocking an extremely intoxicated male to the floor. His eyes remained locked on mine as he continued the chase, desperation becoming increasingly evident with every passing moment.

It was only when Harry was but a few people away that I realised I was going to be caught if I didn’t move fast and I didn’t want the game to end just yet, teasing him was much to enjoyable. Hurriedly I spun around, continuing to slip through the crowd as Harry eagerly followed me.

Pushing past a group of girls, I found myself trapped in a dim corner. I glanced to the left before the right searching for any form of escape. My eyes landed on the girls’ bathroom wondering if he’d go as far as following me in there I began to move towards it. Unfortunate I didn’t get to find out because a pair of hands had caught hold of my hips, drawing me back into the warmth of his chest.

“Where are you off to?” Harry huskily whispered in my ear.

“I was just going to the bathroom.” I whispered as I looked up at him, innocently battering my eyelashes.

A low moan fell from his lips as he dipped his head down into the crook of my neck. My eyes fluttered closed as he pressed his plump lips to my sweet spot, lightly sucking on the smooth skin. Our bodies swayed with the beat of the music as he used his lips, tongue and teeth to attend to my neck. I surprised myself as small moans escaped me, his movements causing tingles of pleasure to explode throughout my body. I let out a gasp as my hip were abruptly pulled back and my backside was pressed firmly against his crotch. My body tensed as I felt a hard bulge pressing into

"Do you feel that?" Harry moaned quietly into my ear. "That's how bad I want you."

My head lolled back on his shoulder as he ground his hips into me, the hardness in his pants becoming more evident with the erotic roll of his hips. My eyes fell closed the contact, heat spreading through my lower stomach as he repeated the action.

Small whimpers escaped my lips as my body was succumb by the foreign feelings Harry’s motion evoked. His chest vibrated against my back as a low moan tumbled from his plump lips, his breath caressing my skin. He hummed in appreciation as my body moved hesitantly against his.

“Harry.” I whimpered.

“Tell me what you want me to do.”

His lips pressed down on the base of my neck causing an eruption of butterflies in my stomach. Delicately he pressed his lips along my collar bone and onto my shoulder where soft kisses were repeatedly pressed to my skin. I was at a loss for words as he pressed me more firmly toe his front, heightening the sensation I felt in the pit of my stomach. Desperately I reached up, my hand catching hold of the back of his neck as I pressed my fingertips into his skin.

“Tell me.” He growled.

“Touch me, please.” The words fell from my lips in a whimper.

His hands shifted from where the rested upon my hips, his hot touch gliding up my sides as he felt my body through the material of my dress. I gasped in surprise as the large expanse of his palms cupped my chest, lightly squeezing. I had never expected to end up in the position with Harry. I never thought I would ever want him to touch me the way he was but the frightening thing is, I actually do.

Harry groaned quietly as my fingertips dug deeper into his skin due to the heavy waves of pleasure flooding through my body. No one had ever touched me like this before and it surprised me by how much I actually liked the feeling his warm hands touching over the landscape of my body. He was surprisingly gentle, I had almost anticipated his touches to be rough and demanding but they weren’t and maybe that’s why I was beginning to like Harry because he wasn’t what I had expected, there was more to him than meets the eye and I was curious.

His hands skimmed down my front again as his lean body curled around me, concealing my body from anyone’s view but his own. My breath caught in my throat as rough fingertips wandered up the inside of my thighs. The hem of my dress was pushed up slightly as his touch slid higher up my leg. I gasped loudly as his fingers brushed over my underwear, touching over my most sensitive area. He hummed quietly as his fingers traced patterns over the lace, his fingertips feeling the wetness of my arousal through the thin material.

I was taken by surprise as the pressure of his touch increased causing my thighs instinctively clamped together. Harry’s chuckle sent vibrations through my body, heightening the feeling of his fingers touching me through my panties. I gasped in surprise as he attempted to push the material to the side, suddenly remembering we were in a club. Quickly I grabbed hold of his wrist, yanking it from beneath my dress before things could osculate any further.

“Not here, Harry.”



Harry’s ability to drive home had been illegal I’m almost certain but by some miracle we had made it home without crashing. I gripped Harry’s hand tightly as we stumbled up his drive to the front door. The cool night air caused me to shiver as I bounce from foot to foot nervously whilst he searched his pockets for the house keys. By now I was feeling almost normal, the effects of alcohol wearing off with every passing minute. Nervousness bubbled in the pit of my stomach as I watched him twist the key in the lock before the door was hastily pushed open. Before I had a chance to protest he’d caught hold of my elbow, yanking me inside before kicking the door shut behind us.

My feet hurriedly moved after Harry as I tried to keep up with his fast pace. I knew I would probably end up being dragged up the stairs if I fell too far behind because he didn’t appear to be stopping anytime soon. The heeled shoes in which adorned my feet proved to be a slight disadvantage as walking in them was hard enough, running was near impossible.

Relief washed over me once we were safety inside the confinements of Harry’s bedroom. His warm touch fell away, leaving me to stand alone as he turned back to shut the door. I couldn’t help but feel anxious about the possible events than could occur in the next few minutes. I didn’t feel quite as bold as I had in the club now that the alcohol was starting to fizzle out and my usual overthinking self-began to return. I liked tipsy Natalie, she made me feel carefree again.

Goosebumps spread across my skin as warm fingers traced over my shoulder and the urge to skull another alcoholic beverage became something I yearned for. One of Harry’s hands fell upon my right hip, the other moved to my hair where he gently drew my tangle of waves back from my shoulder, exposing more of my uncovered skin. Small whimpers tumbled from my trembling lips as he moved his head down into the crook of my neck where he gently pressed his soft lips to my warm skin.

I seemed to be able sense my nervousness, his thumb soothingly rubbing circles into my hipbone in an attempt to comfort me. Wet kisses were delicately placed up my neck, acting with the utmost care as he reached the spot where my jaw and neck met. His lips moved to hover over my ear, warm breath fanning out over the left side of my face as he opened his mouth to speak.

“I’m going to be gentle.” He whispered reassuringly.

His forehead pressed against my shoulder and for a couple of minutes there was silence between us, the only sound audible was his steady breathing that of which I tried to match. I was shocked by how easily he could take my fear and nervousness away, he could take it away just as fast as he could make me feel it. His embrace was gentle as he waited patiently for my body to stop trembling and my uneven breathing to even out before he continued.

I was almost disappointed when the warmth of his body evaded me and I was left by myself again. I turned to see him carelessly kicking his converse without a damn about where they ended up. I leant down to remove my own shoes but before I had a chance to Harry had dropped to his knees before me, his shimmering, emerald eyes gazing up at me as large palms caressed the backside of my thigh. My eyes fluttered closed as I focussed completely on his gentle touch as it slid down my leg. Small kisses were pressed to my knee as I became aware of his fingers fumbling with the laces of my black wedges.

“So soft.” Harry quietly mumbled against my skin.

My eyes opened again as he lifted my leg, my hands quickly caught hold of his broad shoulders before I could lose my balance and fall to the floor which would make me look like the biggest idiot on the face of the earth. His large hands gently the removed the shoe from my foot before he set my leg back down and repeated the process with the other leg.

He stood up once both our feet had become bare, the soft carpet tickling at my toes as Harry took hold of my hand, guiding me towards his bed. I stumbled slightly, hesitantly scrambling atop of the bedspread as he had anticipated. My legs curled up beneath me as I sat awkwardly on the mattress, waiting for him to do something or tell me what to do. I wasn’t experienced in this sort of thing at all, I hadn’t even had a boyfriend before the thought made me feel pathetic.

The bed dipped slightly as Harry rested his weight upon it. I could feel my heart rate begin to pick up in speed as his lustful gaze met mine. I bit my lip nervously as shuffled towards me. Kneeling in front of me, he lightly took hold of my hips encouraging me closer. I obliged, my fingers catching hold of his thin shirt as Harry lightly nudged his nose against mine as if he were testing his boundaries. When I didn’t make any move to push him away he leant in a little more, taking my lower lip between his teeth as I fisted the front of his shirt.

My nose nuzzled against Harry’s as my lips was lightly tugged at before being released. He leant in again this time pressing his full lips properly against mine. My eyes fluttered close with the touch of his mouth, my fingers slipping from his shirt before moving them to tangle within his unruly curls. The taste of alcohol lingered on his lips as I was sure it did the same with mine. He brought me closer, holding our chest together as I lightly tugged at his roots. I was slightly surprised when Harry released a small moan, clearly taking pleasure in the way I as pulling at his chocolate colour locks.

The sound had tingly heat bursting in the pit of my stomach as the feeling I’d experienced earlier in the club returned. My lower lip was tentatively stroked by his wet tongue, asking permission for entrance in which I didn’t hesitate in granting him. The beating of my heart was so loud I was almost certain Harry could hear it pumping frantically away in my chest whilst our tongues swirled around one another and the kiss became more heated.

Disappointment flooded through me when Harry broke the kiss, his touch completely evading me for a moment as I opened my eyes wondering where he had gone. A surprised yelp escaped me as I was alerted to his presence behind as he lifted me up onto his lap. I soon relaxed again, my body becoming content with the feeling of his arms wrapped round my waist as he held my back to his toned chest. Harry hummed happily in my ear which I took as an indication that the feeling was mutual.

A loud gasp of surprise abruptly fell from my lips as Harry’s large palms cupped the curve of my breasts. My head rolled back onto his shoulder as an uncontrollable string of moans fell from my lips as he squeezed my chest. Sparks burst through my body as warmth crept up my cheeks, the familiar blush making an appearance. The affect he had on me was indescribable, the pleasurable feeling he provoked within me felt like nothing I had ever experienced before.

His touch didn’t remain there for long as I soon felt his hands slip down my sides, finding their way to my thighs. Harry’s warm fingertips skimmed up the inside of my thigh, slipping beneath my dress returning to where we’d left off at the club. The feeling of his touch rubbing over the sensitive spot between my legs caused small whimpers to tremble from between my lips. My chest rose and fell rapidly as uneven breaths were inhaled and exhaled, the pleasure washing through me leaving me breathless. My hips moved with increasing pressure of his touch, my backside rubbing against his crotch. I couldn’t think straight, his fingers jumbling my thoughts as he took me somewhere I’d never been before.

His mouth hovered over my ear, whispering dirty things in his deep raspy voice. I was shocked by the number things he wanted to do to me.

"Harry." His name unintentionally left my lips.

He groaned in response, the movement of my backside against his crotch obviously evoking a feeling of pleasure for him as well. I cried out in shock as his fingers pushed into my underwear, my body slumping against him, my trembling legs unable to hold me up anymore.

His thumb gently moved over my clit, rubbing small circles into me as pleasure surged through my body. He kept me pressed against his chest as his fingers gently moved over my clit. No one had ever touched me like this before.

“Hmm.” He huskily hummed in my ear. “So wet.”

A shudder ran down my spine, his evocative words doing exactly what it was intended as I quietly whimpered. My eyes fell closed with the feeling of Harry’s sensational touch as his mouth hotly sponged wet kisses down my neck. His touch felt so good.

Confusion washed over me as his touch fell away. I glanced up at him in confusion before feeling his hands on my hips, pushing me up so I was kneeling again. My dress was wiggled up my thighs and round my waist before he nudge his knees between my legs, sitting me down again. My back was still firmly pressed to his chest but my legs were now spread either side of his thighs as he held me against him.

I peered up at him as he two fingers were taken between his lips. He sucked on them for a moment before the reappeared again, his eyes skimming over my body as I watched him carefully. My body became tense with the feeling of his rough fingertips trailing up my thigh, shaky breaths tumbled from my lips as he hooked my panties to the side.

This time it was his middle finger that teased my entrance, Harry was being careful as he gently eased his finger in but the uncomfortable moans tumbled from my lips all the same. I gasped frantically for breath as my hands grasped hold of the dark bedspread on either side of me and my head fell against his shoulder again. He ceased his movement, giving me some time to adjust to the new feeling as I twisted the duvet cover roughly fisting it as I struggled for vital breath.

“Relax.” He gently soothed as my walls continued to clench around his intrusion.

His arm tightened round my waist as he tried to prevent my squirming but he wasn’t having much luck. It took a couple more minutes for me to calm down, my body still ridged. I gasped loudly as Harry’s finger sank further into my tight warmth. Heavy pants fell from my mouth almost as if I were a dog on a hot day as he swirled his finger around within me.

Moans tumbled involuntarily as he slowly drew his finger out again before pushing it back in repeating the process of swirling it around within me. The uncomfortable feeling slowly faded away each time he repeated the action of pushing in and out of me, pleasure bursting through me in its place. The slow pace we was moving at let me feel every ridge and joint of his long finger as he caressed me from within.

I felt a heavy thumping sound against my back that I soon realised was Harry’s heart. His chest rose and fell quickly, his breathing just as uneven and raspy as my own as he continued to carry out the movements in which had pleasure bursting throughout me like a whole bunch of pyrotechnics.

“Does that feel good?" He moaned.

Even if I wanted to answer him, I couldn’t, the pleasure flooding through me was like a tidal wave. The feeling was overpowering and I highly doubted I could even form an incoherent sentence. His touch had me trembling and at a loss of words, it was like nothing I had ever felt before. I couldn’t even answer him if I tried.

“Mmm.” He purred. “It does doesn’t it.”

The smirk in his voice was unmistakeably heard in his deep voice as he moaned with pleasure himself.

My panties slipped back over my aching core as Harry eventually withdrew his finger leaving me breathless. I lazily gazed up at him, watching as the green of his eyes disappeared as his eyelashes fluttered closed. His middle finger was taken into his mouth and I listened as he quietly moaned, licking my arousal clean off.

I almost died of fright as his eyes abruptly snapped open, dark with lust. His finger fell from his mouth as he grabbed me by the hips, flipping me over so my back was pressed flat to the mattress. My hair flayed out around my head as Harry move to hover over me, his breath tickling at my face as he leant in close.

“You taste fucking amazing!” Harry swore. “I wanna have a proper taste.”

I gasped in surprise, his words surprising me as I absorbed them. My body froze as the words finally registered in my mind. Before I had a chance to decide whether or not I felt comfortable with him doing that, Harry pressed his lips to mine in a forceful kiss. It was hot and steamy, his lips teeth and tongue all working together to divert my attention from what he was really doing. My fingers yanked roughly at his hair, evoking a deep moan from the back of his throat as his fingers hooked into the side of my underwear. He gently pulled them down my ankles before unceremoniously dropping them to the floor.

Immediately pushed Harry away, bringing my knees to my chest in an attempt to cover myself. My cheeks tingled with heat, my usual rosy blush coming up to say hello.

“No need to be shy.” Harry teased.

My heart raced a million miles per second as the large expanse of his hands fell upon my knees. There was some resistance from me as Harry gently pried my thighs open, licking his lips as he scanned over my wet centre. I watched as a smirk pulled at the corners of his lips as he continued to indulge in a lustful glance between my legs.

"I'm going to make you feel so good." he moaned.

I gulped nervously as his fingers wrapped round my ankles, pulling me forward until my legs dangled over the end of the bed. Harry’s hands remained on my knees as he crouched down at the foot of the bed, his face level with my aching core. My cheeks were on fire as I felt his curls tickle at the inside of my thighs as his lips left a trail of wet kisses up my the soft skin making me moan in pleasure.

I felt embarrassed by the whole situation as no one had ever seen me so vulnerable. I was completely exposed to him and unsure of the whole thing due to the fact I’d never had anyone touch me sexually in my life. A gasp escaped my lips as his teeth grazed my skin, lightly nipping on it as his hot breath fanned out over me. He peered up at me seductively, his wide grin saying it all as he dropped me a wink.

A moment later, I felt his warm tongue slowly lick up my centre, causing me to let out a shriek whilst abruptly clamping my thighs around his head. Harry had to use his hands to restrain them, keeping them apart so he could continue to taste. I soft moans and whimpers fell uncontrollably from my lips which seemingly pleased Harry, as he hummed against me. My body jolted with the vibration my legs trying to clamp around his head again but failed as he kept the wide open.

I wove my fingers of one hand through Harry's curls, while the other fisted the bedspread. He moaned against me as I continued to tug at his hair. The vibration of his mouth only adding to the pleasure. A small shriek escaped me as his warm tongue quickly darted inside me, his sudden movement taking me by surprise. He seemed satisfied with my reaction as he repeated the pleasuring movement.

Harry's nose brushed against my clit forcing a loud gasp from me as pleasure shot through my body. A rumbling laugh was heard and felt against me before he flicked the end of his tongue against it. Pleasure exploded through my body, clouding my senses as my back arched up from the mattress.

“Harry.” I whimpered.

He didn’t waste a moment as his tongue and mouth worked together as I gasped with the feeling of pleasure. The full plumpness of his lips wrapped around my most sensitive spot before he began to suck. My hips bucked with the new feeling as my heart pounded against my ribs and chest rapidly rose and fell. My breathing was heavy as it trembled from my parted lips. I couldn’t stop myself from crying out as I felt one of his hands remove itself from my thigh, moving between my legs where one of his fingers teased my pulsating entrance. He eased it in just as carefully as he had done before. My head rolled to the side under the feeling of intense pleasure, unable to do anything but feel his finger pump in and out of me whilst his tongue brushed back and forth over my clit.

I looked down as Harry’s touch disappeared. He smirked widely as he crawled up from between my legs, licking my excitement from his plump pink lips. I tried to control my breathing as Harry shifted up my body, before resting his elbows on either side of my head, using them to support his weight as he hovered over me. His lustful gaze flicked from my eyes down to my parted lips as I gasped for oxygen. Desperately his mouth found mine, kissing me hotly as his tongue delved into my mouth uninvited. I gasped into his mouth as I felt a hand skim down my stomach nestling between my legs again. A few strokes were brushed over my centre again before a finger was pushed back in and our mouths separated.

Harry watched with great enjoyment as I sharply gasped for air, struggling to breathe under the pressure of the moment. A surprised whimper was forced from between my lips as he pushed deeper, pumping his finger in and out of me at an increasingly faster speed.

“Do I make you feel good?” He purred as his mouth nuzzled into the crook of my neck, his mouth finding my sweet spot.

My hips came up to meet the thrust of his long finger as it pressed into its deepest point. I could feel heat rise in my stomach as he continued his pleasuring movements which had me gasping for breath and moaning his name. I tried to clamp my egs closed but that was impossible as his body rested between them preventimg me from clampig them closed. My eyes squeezed closed as breathless sounds trembled from my mouth. Harry moved closer as he noticed I was nearly there. I desperately looked up at him, my arms coiling round his neck as my hips continued to rock up with his touch.

“Harry.” I whimpered.

"Come for me." He whispered "I'll take care of you, I'll protect you".

A sharp breath fell from my lips as he entwined his hand with mine as I continued on my mission to inhale air. His head lowered a little further, nose gently brushing against mine as he caught my breath in his mouth. Small kisses trailed down my jaw as waves of pleasure bust through my body completely overwhelming me as his finger continued to pump into me.

“I’ll keep you safe, Nat.” He whispered once he reached.

I scrunched my eyes closed, catching hold of his neck as he kissed the spot just below my ear. My fingertips pressed into his skin as my back arched up off the mattress and into Harry’s body.

"Holy shit."

I had never experienced such an intense feeling. The touch of Harry’s body tipping me over the edge before I came undone beneath him. My mouth parted, releasing broken gasps as the tingling subsided and my body collapsed back down against the bed, exhausted. Harry held me close, his body shielding mine in a protective embrace as he became wrapped around me.

I felt Harry's Knuckles grazed down my thighs as he tugged my dress back into place, holding me by the hips as he rolled us over so we both lay sprawled out on our sides. Slowly my breathing began to even out as I listened to the steady beat of Harry's heart. His fingers delicately brushed my hair out of my face, palm cupping my cheek as he leant forward pressing a small, sweet kiss to my forehead.

It was in that moment that I realised I liked Harry, despite him being the way he is. There was something more to him.

A lazy smile was sent in my direction as I felt the warm expanse of Harry’s hands on my hips, gently lifting me up as ne navigated his way further up the bed. My head fell against the softness of his pillows as he gently lowered me down before the weight of his body collapsed down beside me. I was still unable to wrap my head around what just happened and I was struggling to believe I had actually let him do it. Before tonight the most intimate I’d ever been with a guy was probably shaking hands. What had occurred tonight was a huge leap up from anything I’d ever done before yet I had willingly allowed Harry to touch me in such a way.

He had a strange effect on me that of which I had finally decided was the smallest feelings for him. He intrigued me and even though I knew he was dangerous and there was still the possibility he was playing me I didn’t care. Where was the fun in going out with some boring guy where the only worry was whether your outfits were going to clash. With Harry there was that constant danger and the excitement of what might happen next, the adrenaline that came from being around him was invigorating and I had felt like in a long time. I wanted to know more about him and if that meant getting hurt I the process than so be it but the excitement I feel around him is something that I have begun to crave. I know I have been warned to be careful around him and to stay well away but truthfully I have never been one to listen and always one who made her own rules.

A slight hint of mint lingered on Harry’s pillow, a scent I had come accustomed to pinning with Harry. I content smile spread across my face as I felt his fingertips delicately graze against my cheek, brushing a stray piece of hair back behind my ear. My smile was returned as the feeling of his arm protectively coiling around my waist became obvious. Gently I was coaxed into the warmth of his chest, my body pressing against his as a small kiss was pressed to my cheek.

It was then that an odd feeling came over me and I found my fingers curling around the hem of his t-shirt, lightly tugging it up. My heart pounded heavily against my ribs as I lightly bit down on my lower lip. I peeked up at Harry who was gazing at me, frown of confusion etched into his features. Harry appeared almost surprised by my actions.

Harry gently brushed my fingers away, replacing them with his own before slowly lifting the hem of his shirt upwards. My chest heaved up and down at a rapid pace as bit by bit the fabric was peeled from his chest revealing smooth, tanned skin. His chest rippled with muscle, defined creases marking his abdomen and showing off the number of intense hours spent working out at the gym. I couldn’t believe quite how close to perfection he was.

I watched as Harry tugged the shirt over his head before unceremoniously dropping it to the floor leaving his upper body completely bare. My heart fluttered as Harry’s large palm enveloped my smaller one, gently lifting it up to his chest. Uneven breaths tumbled from between my lips as Harry lightly guided my hand over the expanse of his toned chest. I was surprised by how soft it felt beneath my fingertips and the heat radiated off his skin was something else that took me by surprise.

I watched quietly as Harry’s eyelashes fluttered close, a low moan escaping his parted lips as he deliberately brushed my fingers of his left nipple. Bravely I pushed his fingers away from my hand, allowing some form of unknown courage to take over my body as I began to gently caress his beautiful skin on my own.  Allowed my fingers to wander, delicately tracing over every crease of his near perfect abdomen. The rapid rise and fall of his chest gave me the courage needed to

My fingertips ran over his predominant collarbone, he smiled at my soft touch. My fingers trailed down his centre crease, and along every other. He obviously worked out, a lot. "Did you enjoy that" he asked breaking the silence as I continued to trace his abdomen with my fingers. "Mmm" I sighed happily. "I certainly did" he grins. He brought one arm around my waist, and his other hand stroked my hair soothingly. My fingers continued their adventure, as they ran down Harry's V line. I traced small circles on his hips just above the band of his boxers.

We lay together in silence for a long while, just enjoying each other's company and touch.


A wave of disappointment washed over me as Natalie removed herself from my arms. I followed her movement with my eyes, watching as she walked across the room. I liked the way she walked, there was a slight swing to her hips. It was natural though, unlike the over exaggerated hip motions most of the usual sluts I slept with put on. I was intrigued in what she was doing, I watched as she bent down to pick something up from the floor. I smirked, it was her lacy underwear that I had removed earlier. I watched as he tried to pull them on without her dress riding up. She was so adorable.

I stood from the bed and walked over to my draws, riffling through them to find her something to wear. I found her one of my t-shirts. I walked over to her and handed her the shirt. "Thanks" she said blushing. I walked behind her, I think she thought I was leaving the room, because when my hands found the zipper on the back of her dress, she jumped in fright. I continued unzipping it and it cascaded to the floor in a pool of black. I turned her around in my arms. Her arms flew to her chest covering herself. "Let me see" I pleaded. She stood her ground for a minute, before letting her arms fall to her side revealing her captivating body. She was beautiful, she curved in all the right places and she had lovely long legs that were so smooth. What did surprise me about her body though, was her stomach. I had expected it to just be flat. I was wrong, I think she is the first girl I have ever met with abs so predominantly shown. "You're Beautiful" I whispered stroking her cheek. She had no idea what kind of hold she had on me right now. Quickly she pulled my shirt over her head. I watched as she climbed into bed, suddenly I felt strange, I turned around and walked out the door.

My hands grasped the sides of the kitchen sink. I never had girls stay the night, we would pleasure each other and then they'd be gone. But I felt different with Natalie. I actually found myself wanting to wake up to see her beautiful face. The desire to pleasure her overpowered my own needs. This had never happened to me before. She calmed me, she wasn't like any of the other girls I've brought home. She didn't want sex, she was innocent.

"Harry" her voice asked from the door. I turned around to look at her. She stood in the door frame, her hair tumbled down her shoulders as she looked at me.

"A-are you coming back to bed" she asked twirling a piece of her wavy hair around her finger nervously. When I didn't respond, she stepped towards me and her warm hand slid into my cold one. I looked down at or linked fingers, it felt strangely right. Natalie took a few steps backwards, encouraging me back upstairs. I let her lead me upstairs back to my bedroom.

My jeans were quickly unbuckled and shoved down my legs as she leant of the bed, pulling back the covers. The shirt I had given her to wear rode up revealing her lacy underwear. I couldn't help myself but to reach over and give her butt a squeeze. She shrieked in surprise, and batted my hand away, with a frown on her face. I let out a deep chuckle at her reaction as she hurriedly got under the covers. I followed her into the blankets, lying close to her. She shuffled to the edge of the bed away from me. I huffed, reaching out and snagging her by the waist pulling her back firmly against my chest. My fingers brushed up her legs, and a small gasp escaped her lips as my fingers brushed against her underwear. The images of her underneath me as I pleasured her earn through my mind. She pulled my wandering hands away from her crotch. My hands were placed on her stomach as she relaxed into me. She didn't object when I tangled our legs together, our bodies fit so perfectly together. Natalie's delicate hands entwined in mine, a smile crept over my face as she cuddled her body even further into mine. My thumbs ran over the back of her hands as she slowly fell asleep



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