Inside the Outside

Same story. Different Name. Better content.

When Natalie Carter moves to a new school, she's instantly noticed by the schools biggest bad boy, Harry Styles. He hooks up with girls, then there gone the next day, he rides a motorbike and barely shows up to class. Harry thinks Natalie's just another toy in his game. Natalie thinks he's her worst nightmare, but opposites attract right?


1. Chapter One

"Hon, it’s time to get up." My mother’s voice softly drifted into my ears, gently rousing me from my peaceful slumber.

My eyes slowly blinked open, her porcelain face filling my vision as I drowsily peered up at her through long dark lashes. Her long blonde hair tumbled over her shoulders and her blue eyes stared at me exquisitely, trying to figure out whether her daughter was awake or just sleeping with her eyes open. My arms shifted out from beneath the warmth of the duvet my body was enveloped in, fingers coming up to rub the sleep from my green eyes. My mother and I looked nothing alike. I took more after my father, inheriting his stormy green eyes, dark brown hair and his long lanky body. My mother was a small little thing with wide hips and bleach blonde hair that I was rather pleased I hadn’t ended up with.

"Do I have to?" I grumbled rolling over unhappily onto my front and burying my face in the mountain of fluffy white pillows.

After moving from Doncaster to Cheshire a couple of days ago, I had been putting off starting at my new school. It was Friday now and I knew my mother was growing weary of my dismissal to the idea, no matter how much I would plead with her this morning, I knew she would force me to go, despite my protests.

"Nat, you have to go today, you’ve already missed enough school just moving here, with the past four days on top of that." She responded, her fingers lightly combing through the tangle of waves flayed out across my pillows.

I hated how her boss had made her move to Cheshire, because living on a farm in Doncaster was too low class for my fashion designer mother to be living on. The prick told my Mum she was fired if didn’t move closer to work, he was an asshole worried about bad his label getting bad publicity because one of is co-designers lived on a farm. The guy had no care for anyone but himself, so here I was being dragged from my comfortable life, leaving my friends and childhood memories behind because some prude most probably gay man was worried about his rep that barely existed.

I was dreading having to start all over again at this new school. I honestly can’t even remember how to make friends. I hadn’t really needed too since id been with my childhood friends my whole life. The last time I made a friend was when I dumped my juice over my now best friends head when I was in kindergarten. Somehow I don’t think that strategy is going to work out very well for me.

What makes things even harder is the fact that I’m starting halfway through my final year of school. Not only are they already going to have their little friend groups, but most of them will have known each other for the past five years if not longer and I’m going to walk in and be the new chick that everyone looks at weird. I can just see this day turning into my worst nightmare.

“Can I just go home?” my voice was slightly muffled by the pillows my face was buried within as I groaned.

Mum’s hand delicately rubbed up and down my tank top clad back in an attempt to comfort me. It was so frustrating that I had to leave my whole life behind. I’d grown up there and my life was pretty decent even though my father was no longer around, he’d died a few years back and it had taken me a very long time to get over the depression I had suffered from after losing my kind hearted, loving father.

"I know your upset, Natalie. But maybe if you give it a chance it might not be so bad."

Well it’s not like I’ve really go any other option, I can’t stay hidden inside my room forever.

"Okay." I sighed.

Mum moved from the spot on at the end of my bed where she was perched on, standing up as I rolled onto my back. I pushed the covers back, forcing myself to sit up as I wearily rubbed my eyes again.

“I’ll be downstairs. Call me when you’re ready.” With that she exited my room, leaving me to my thoughts.

Pushing the nerves welling up inside me to the furthest possible corner of my mind I hoisted myself to my feet. The plush carpet was soft against m soles as I padded across the room to my wardrobe. My fingers fumbled through the various fabrics, colours of the items of clothing as I rifled through my coat hangers in search of something decent to wear. I ended up deciding on a pair of blue high-waisted shorts and white crop top that hung loosely off my shoulders. A new pair of underwear was collected from my draws and added to the collection of items held within my arms as I made my way across the bedroom towards the bathroom. I slid the bathroom door shut behind me, hanging my clothes on a hook before proceeding in stripping off my pajamas and turning the water to hot.

I always found nice hot showers very soothing and rather relaxing. They seem to wash all your pain, fear and problems away for those few short minutes whilst you stand under the steamy water forgetting the rest of the world and letting every little stressful thought swirl down the drain. A shower was what I needed right now, I needed to ease the pressure that was weighing down on my chest. I slid in under the hot water, letting it wash over my skin, drowning out every little distressing thought in my mind.

I don’t know how long I just stood there, but it wasn’t until my mother came banging on the door that I realized it was time to get out. Quickly, I hopped out of the shower and dried myself off. My clothes were rapidly tugged on as I rushed around the room trying to find my left shoe which had somehow managed to climb up onto my bed. I was extremely confused as to how it had gotten there, even more so by how I hadn’t noticed I was sleeping with my one of my black vans last night. I didn’t ponder too long on my shoe and the strange place I had discovered it, I just quickly slipped it on before hurrying over to my mirror. I applied a small amount of makeup, I didn't wear much, only mascara and a little lip gloss. I found wearing makeup uncomfortable, it made me feel itchy and hot, almost as though someone had coated my face in hot fudge sauce. I was lucky that my pimples were gone, those days were finally over.

Mum had been the one who told me to call her when I was ready to go, but the roles had reversed and now she was the one telling me to hurry up. A brush was quickly combed through my long her, roughly yanking at the tangled locks as I pulled it through. My hair tumbled over my shoulders in its natural dark waves, coming to rest over my just over my breasts. My hair was my prize possession, it had taken forever to grow it out and I refused to let the hairdresser trim my hair any more than a centimeter.

“Natalie Carter get your butt down here now!” Mum yelled from the bottom of the staircase, trying to hurry me along.

“I’m coming! I’m coming!” I called back as I took to the stairs two at a time, nearly tripping down the last couple in my rush.

Mum was halfway down the driveway when I stumbled out the front door, my fluster vastly contrasted her graceful glide across the tarmac. I hurried towards the red Ferrari that I loved and also despised. It was the coolest car ever and I jumped at every opportunity to drive it. But it had its cons, I hated driving to public places in it, always felt like a stuck up snob whose well off mummy gave her everything. I was nothing like that. I was simple, I didn’t ask my mum for much. Mum had tried to send me to a private school, but I refused. I didn’t want to be surrounded by posh rich kids that owned sports cars and wore designer labels such as my mothers. I wouldn’t fit in there, I had grown up on a farm with my mum and dad, mum wasn’t so keen on the ‘smelly animals’ as she called them, but my dad and I were always out feeding the sheep or riding horses. I would probably lose my mind if I ended up at some spotless school, I preferred to play in the mud.

I let out a sigh as I fell into the passenger seat, slumping down against the black leather. Once clicked in mum pulled out of the driveway and we hit the road, our destination my new school. As we drove, I mentally tried to psych myself into believing everything would go great. Mum noticed my unusual silence, reading my mind.

"Don't worry, I'm sure you'll easily make friends, you’re beautiful and have an amazing personality." She patted my leg reassuringly.

I gave her a weak smile, her words gave me a small amount of comfort, but they didn’t prevent the nervous churning in my stomach. Only a couple of weeks ago had I been walking to school with my two best friends Mitchell and Jai, but now I was in a town completely unknown to me where I knew no one and no one knew me. To make matters worse, a sudden thought struck me and the uncomfortable feeling in my gut intensified.

“Mum.” I quietly spoke, feeling a flush of embarrassment cross my face. “I forgot my bag.”

She let out a small chuckle as she kept her eyes on the road. I didn’t understand why she found my lack of organization amusing, in fact, I was slightly offended.

“I knew you’d probably forget it, so I put it in the back.”

The horrible feeling in my stomach eased a little as I let myself relax. I’d never been very well organized, I was constantly losing my belongings and leaving things at friend’s places. Hell! I’d probably forget my own head if I wasn’t screwed on to my neck.

A few minutes passed before we pulled up in front of the school, my eyes widened a little as I realized that this was actually happening and it wasn’t just some nightmare I was going to wake up from in a minute or two.

"We're here." Mum announced, even though I t was rather obvious. “Do you want me to come in?”

“No.” I abruptly answered in horror.

I don’t know whether she deliberately tries to embarrass me or she just doesn’t realize that walking your seventeen year old daughter to school was not cool. If she did that I’d probably die of embarrassment or worse, I’d never be able to live it down.

"I mean I’ll be fine.” I corrected myself after seeing a flash of hurt cross her face.

I hadn’t meant to say no so rudely, she was only trying to help.

"Okay, good luck." She smiled.

“Bye mum.”

I got out of the car and grabbing my bag from the back, slinging it over my shoulder before I turned to face the looming school before me. I gulped nervously as I heard mums car start up again, the roar of the engine slowly fading into nonexistence. The school grounds were already swarming with people, all of them were staring at me as my feet began to carry me in the direction of the office. I kept my head down, to avoid making an unnecessary eye contact with anyone. Their gazes burned into my skin and I was sure that if I looked I would see smoldering holes in my pale flesh. The uncomfortable feeling disappeared once I set foot in the office which much to my relief was empty apart from the elderly office lady seated behind the front desk. I walked slowly towards her, placing my fingers on the edge of the desk as I peered across it to the grey haired woman.

"Hi, I'm Natalie Carter I just transferred here." I introduced myself quietly to the women.

The office lady looked up from whatever work she had been consumed in, warm smile crossing her wrinkled features. I watched as she rifled through a few bits of paper, in search for something in particular while I patiently waited for her to finish

"Oh yes, Natalie. I have your timetable here.”

She handed me the piece of paper she had been in search for and I gently took it from her, peering at names and room numbers for each of my classes. I frowned a little down at the paper, unsure where any of the places would be. The office lady seemed to notice the slight look of despair written on my face as I looked at my new timetable.

“Classes one to twenty-three are in block A”. She pointed to the left. “And classes twenty-four to thirty-nine re in block B.” She motioned to the right.

"Thank-you." I gratefully thanked her for her help.

She smiled before returning to the work she had been engrossed in before I had interrupted her. The bell rang as I turned around, I purposefully moved slowly back towards where I had entered in hopes to avoid any more judgmental stares. When I stepped back outside into the sunlight I was pleased to see that most of the students were gone, only a few last minute stragglers remained hurrying to their classes. I looked down at the piece of paper held between my fingers, searching for the first class I had today. In the same moment I looked up again jet black motorcycle sped past me almost running me down. I let out a yelp of surprise, jumping slightly I shock of nearly becoming road kill o y first day at this goddamn school. That guy should not be allowed to drive that thing, his license should be revoked before he kills some poor girl walking to class. My heart was still thudding as I watched the rider slickly swing into a car park his motorcycle coming to a halt between the two white lines.

I knew I should probably be getting to class, but I couldn’t help but watch as the male hopped off the bike and pulled the black helmet off his head. A tangle of curly brown hair was revealed as the helmet was set down on the seat. I watched the boy as his large hands shifted to his head, ruffling his hair before swishing it though the side. He was wearing a white top that showed the contour of his toned back muscles through and a pair of black jeans that looked too tight to be comfortable. A small gasp escaped my lips as he swiftly turned towards me, his piercing emerald eyes gleaming with a form of amusement. He held my gaze for a moment, a smirk tugging at the corner of his full pink lips. My gaze was quickly averted as his eyelid dropped in a wink. I was having heart convulsions as I made a quick escape into the closest building I could find.

I had no idea where I was going as I hurried down the hall. I think it was safe to say I was lost. As I rounded a corner, a strong force smashed into me, knocking me off my feet. I fell to the ground with a thud, momentarily thinking the green eyed boy had driven his motorcycle inside. But I soon realized that it was not that boy, but actually a tall dark haired girl.

“Oh my god! I am so sorry! Are you alright?!?” The girl frantically asked, her warm brown eyes peering down at me worriedly.

Slowly I sat up, nodding my head as I rubbed my elbows. Apart from being slightly disorientated and a little bruised I think I’ll live. I pushed myself up from where I had fallen on the hard floor, dusting myself off as I stood back on my own two feet.

“I’m fine.”

“I’m sorry about that, I’m not very good at looking where I’m going.” She apologized for the second time.

It wasn’t the first time this had happened to me, but usually it was the other way round and I was the one running round corners and causing havoc. I’m danger prone, either causing it or accidently hurting myself.

“That’s alright, I wasn’t looking where I was going.” I gave her a smile.

It was true, I’d been looking down at my timetable trying to figure out if I was in the right block. I’m still really not sure where I am.

“You’re the new girl everyone’s talking about.” She suddenly realized. “I’m Lara.”

Lara stuck her hand out, smiling brightly at me as she waited for me to shake her outstretched hand. I shook her hand, introducing myself before releasing it again. Maybe mum was right in saying I’d make friends easily, although I had just been run down by this girl, she seemed friendly enough.

“Do you need help finding your classes or anything? You look a little lost.” Lara questioned.

I almost wrapped my arms round her and hugged her, she had no idea how confusing it was wandering down these empty halls trying to find a classroom that doesn’t appear to exist. I nodded my head, relieved that someone was kind enough to help a brain dead brunette who was literally walking in circles. Lara gently took the slightly crumpled timetable from my hands, her eyes skimming across the table as she searched for the class I was currently supposed to be in. A smile appeared on her lips as she looked back up at me.

“We’ve both got the same math class.” She announced.

“Thanks for your help, I really appreciate it.” I thanked her.

Lara had a warm smile that could turn your bad day around and make it a good one. Now that I had met someone that had been kind to me, I was feeling better about having to start from scratch again.

“No problem, you should hang out with my friends and I, you seem really nice.”






"LARA BOND WHY ARE YOU LATE?" An angry looking teacher yelled the moment Lara pushed the door open to what I figured must be our math class.

 The teacher looked about fifty with greying hair and deep wrinkles. Her cold hard blue eyes seemed to bore into your skin, devouring your soul. She made me jump when she first yelled at Lara, I’d nearly had a heart attack. The teacher was obviously a complete bitch.

“I was showing a new student around" Lara motioned to me.

She was pretty lax around this teacher, it made me wonder if this kind of thing happened so often that she had just gotten used to being yelled at by this soul devouring teacher. I cautiously followed Lara into the classroom, giving the teacher a little wave as I stepped into view.


I watched as her harsh features softened slightly, a fake smile curling on her lips. I’d had teachers do this before, they pretend to be all nice and smiley to you on the first day of class, but then they turn into your worst nightmare the next day. I wasn’t fooled by her fake kindness, I could see in her cold eyes that she hated m already.

"Oh you must be Natalie Carter, I’m Mrs. Johnson.

Her angry yelling a Lara had transformed into a fake, sickly sweet voice that made me want to be sick. I’d barely been in this classroom for two minutes and I was already mortified by this horrible teacher I was going to have to suffer with.

"Yeah" I nodded my head nervously.

"Would you like to tell the class about yourself" she asked.

No. No, I would not. I didn’t want to stand up in front of the pupils in this class and tell them about myself. I could already feel them judging me, sizing me up. I felt like a piece of meat lying helplessly on the found while a pack of lions stared at me, waiting to pounce.

"Uh, my names Natalie and I moved here from Doncaster a few weeks ago." I told the class without giving them any information that they could use against me.

"Isn't that lovely, you can take a seat next to Lara" She smiled at me evilly.

I quickly walked down to the back of the class where Lara had made a sneaky escape to. I was just as eager to get away from that creepy teacher as she was and hurried to get to my seat. I slumped down against the hard chair.

This was going to be a long day.

The class was practically silent the whole lesson, it was very clear that Mrs. Johnson wasn’t a loved teacher. I was so relieved when the bell rang signaling it was interval and to our class that we could finally open our mouths and speak again. Every being in the room immediately gaped it towards the door, desperate to get away.

"Come on I'll introduce you to some of my friends" Lara eagerly grabbed my hand and tugged me out the door.

I was dragged behind her back outside to the field I had been walking across when I saw the guy on the motorcycle. I couldn’t help but wonder who he was. Lara continued to tug me along behind her as we headed towards a group of three girls lounging around on the grass. When one of the girls noticed Lara, she instantly got up from where she was lying and gave a small wave.

"LARA!" The girl shrieked running over and hugging her

"Hey Lily" Lara replied "This is Natalie, she's new".

"Nice to meet you" Lily smiled kindly at me.

Lily was very pretty, she had curly blonde hair that fell just past her shoulders and twinkling chocolate eyes. I could tell by the way she acted and smiled warmly that she was very friendly and rather excitable.

"You too" I grinned. "Amy, Jodie, this is Natalie" Lily yelled to the other two girls.      

They both wore friendly smiles as they stood up to introduce themselves. The four girls all seemed like really nice people. As weird as it sounds I was glad that I had been knocked down by Lara. If she hadn’t, I’d probably still be wandering through the corridors completely lost and lonely.

"I'm Amy" a second blonde girl grinned at me.

I was slightly surprised when she gave me a hug,  her small arms wrapping around me as I awkwardly patted her back not quite sure how to react.

"You’re so pretty, I'm just going to go die in a hole". She whined.

I let out a laugh "Thanks, I could say the same about you".

"Aww your so kind.”

Amy was really sweet and had a bubbly personality, she made me feel so welcome and as though wed been friends forever. I hadn’t really had very many friends that were female, most of them were guys, so it was nice to make friends with girls for a change. The second girl was a brunette, her hair was cut into a bob that framed her jaw she had greenish grey eyes, but she was pretty all the same.

"I'm Jodie" she shook my hand.

"Natalie" I replied.




Interval was spent getting to know a bit about each other. All four of the girls were really lovely and they all seemed interested in what it was like in my home town. I was slightly disappointed when the bell rang, I was enjoying talking to my new friends and I didn’t want to go to my next class in fear the teacher would be another creepy one.

“What have you got now, Natalie?” Amy asked.

I peered down at my timetable again, finding period two on Friday. My heart did a little happy dance as I read the word drama. Drama was one of my favorite subjects, that and P.E. I hope the drama teacher is cool like my old one.

“Drama.” I answered.

“Oh that’s in the auditorium just over there, none of us take it though.” She pointed at the large building on the other side of the field.

"Thanks for being so nice to me" I thanked them all.

"No problems, you’re a really nice person, we should all hang out again" Lily grinned at me as we all split our separate ways.




I walked across the field alone, but this time I was alright because I actually knew where I was going. I quietly pulled the door open, stepping inside the auditorium. I was the only one in the room apart from another girl, she had brown hair and her back was towards me as she stared at the sage decorated with some kind of set for what I figured must be an upcoming play. The girl turned to me when she heard the door slam close behind me, a smile enlightened her face.

"Hi." she greeted. "I'm Ms. Grande".

I felt like a complete idiot, I had thought she was just another student, not my drama teacher. She must have been in her early twenties, she looked quite young.

"You must be Natalie, I've heard good things about you from your drama teacher at your old school he said it was a shame to see you go".

"Yeah, I'm Natalie, but I didn't know Mr. Malcolm said that" I laughed.

My old drama teacher was hilarious, he had told me I’d make an amazing clown after I misjudged the length of the stage during a play and fell off the side. He would constantly remind me of that day, he’s probably sad because he can’t use the oh so intelligent Natalie Carter as an example of how you need to be careful about how close the edge of the stage is.

The rest of the class slowly began to file in and Ms. Grande instructed them all to go get ready for dress rehearsals. I was sent to sit at the back of the auditorium to watch as it was too late for me to join the cast of Romeo and Juliet that was being performed tonight. I didn’t mind though, I was quite content in sitting and watching them rehearse. Well I was until I needed to go to the bathroom halfway through the lesson.

"Ms. Grande can I go to the bathroom?" I asked her politely.

"Sure, take your time." she replied as I headed out of the class.

I had spotted a bathroom in the block I had been in earlier for math, so I figured it was best just to go there rather than getting lost while I searched for a closer one. Something felt very wrong as I walked down the eerie corridor, it felt as if I was being watched, but there wasn't a soul in sight. I pushed open the door to the bathroom and immediately the creepy feeling left.

"Weird" I muttered to myself before walking into a cubical.

I washed my hands and headed back out of the bathroom. The strange feeling returned almost instantly. Cautiously I walked down the hall. I didn't like this, I felt like one of those people in a horror movie. As I continued down the hall the hairs on the back of my neck prickled up even more. Then... BAM!

A small shriek escaped my mouth as a pair of large hands grasped me around the waist, pushing me up against the wall. The body of my captor pressed up against me, pinning me against the wall, trapping me with his muscular body.

"Hello gorgeous.” Came a deep husky voice from above.

I looked up, my eyes widening a little when I saw it was the motorcycle guy from this morning. His emerald green eyes danced with a sort of mischief as his pink tongue slid out of his mouth, gliding over his plump pink lips. I shuddered as the overwhelming masculine weight pressed further against me. I squirmed under the pressure of his body, raising my hands to shove against his chest in hopes that he might back off.

"G-get off" I stuttered.

His intoxicating scent filled my nose, he smelt like danger, which was both exhilarating and terrifying. My heart was hammering wildly in my chest, I was almost afraid its rapid thudding would break my ribcage. The green eyed boy lightly squeezed at my hips forcing a small whimper from my trembling lips.

"No need to be afraid." he practically joked.

I was afraid. In fact I was terrified by the looming male that had nearly run me dead with his motorcycle. I had never been treated like this before.

"What's your name, beautiful?"

 "N-Natalie.” I stuttered.

He smirked down at me, his overpowering presence travelling don to my ear.

“I’m Harry.” He hotly whispered

Before he withdrew, the fullness of his plump, pink, lips pressed to the spot just below my ear. My eyes fluttered closed and I gripped the fabric of his white shirt more tightly. A gasp was forced from my mouth as he forced my hips to his. A deep chuckle reverberating through his muscled chest, clearly enjoying the reaction he was provoking rom me. I had never experienced anything like this before and apparently it was obvious.

“I like you.” Harry smirked. “You’re so… innocent.”

Is dark gaze fell from my face, using his slight height advantage to peer down at my chest, indulging in the view down my shirt. I rose my hand, the urge to slap him across the face took over as my palm moved towards his cheek, but he was quicker. My wrist was caught in his rough hand before I could inflict a red mark on his cheek. I whimpered as he pinned my hand above my head, a smirk creasing his features. I was struggling to breathe or even think, hi overpowering presence jumbling my mind as I quietly whimpered in his tight hold.

“Now, now.” He huskily spoke.

I flinched, my breathing erratic as he took his time to run his warm touch down my back. His long fingers wriggled into my back pocket and I soon realized he was searching for my phone. His hand lingered and it soon became clear that retrieving my phone wasn’t his only objective. My backside received a small squeeze before the item of interest was removed from my pocket. Harry’s lips quirked into a grin of achievement as he as I released another whimper.

I watched silently as my privacy was violated, his finger sliding my unarmed iPhone unlocked. I knew I was going to regret taking my passcode off the other day. His fingers tapped away on the screen for a moment, before I felt a vibration against my leg, coming from his own phone hidden within the black of his jeans. It took me a second to realize that he had texted himself.

Hot breath tingled against my neck as he slid my phone back into my pocket, his hand coming to rest on my lower back as he pressed me further into his body. I was taken by surprise as a low moan erupted from the back of his throat, harry finding pleasure in my breasts firmly molded against him hard chest.

“Stop.” I pleaded.

A deep chuckle vibrated through Harry’s chest as his head dipped down towards my ear once again.

“I don’t think so baby, we’re gonna have some fun.”

His words sent a shiver of fear down my spine. Harry frightened me, but this time my fear was on my side. My left hand came up, my palm harshly connecting with is cheek. His expression made it clear he hadn’t anticipated me to lash out, a second time, anger graced his tight features. His cheek was branded with a red mark from where my hand had harshly impacted against his skin. I gasped as his large palms came up, aggressively gripping my forearms.

“You’re going to be a challenge. I can tell.” He growled. ‘I like that.”

My chest tightened with fear as his head dipped down, nudging mine to the side before I felt his lips press to the soft skin of my neck. The ends of his curly hair tickled at my cheek. Harry reluctantly released one of my arms so he could hold the back of my head, preventing me from escaping. I pressed my free hand against his chest in protest, attempting to push him back as I felt him harshly suck.

‘Harry.” I begged.

My hand fisted desperately at the material of his shirt as the sharp pain intensified, his teeth grazing the skin. His breathy laugh fanned out over the area as I struggled against the male’s strong hold before he continued to draw blood to the surface. The sensation was somewhat eased by the softness of his lips. But Harry wouldn’t allow me that comfort for long, his teeth nipping hungrily at my neck. I couldn’t prevent the gap as his tongue licked over the newly sensitive skin before planting a few kisses. He blew over the sloppy wet spot, igniting a cold chill through my entirety.

Harry took a step back smirking as I yanked my arm out of his grip. My fingers drifted up to my neck, sucking in a sharp breath as my fingers made contact with the sore skin. I whimpered in fright as he drew closer again, his lustful gaze burning up and down the length of my body before he lowered his lips to my ear.

“You’re mine.” He spoke in a low whisper.

I squeezed my eyes tightly closed, praying that when I opened them I would wake up and this would all be a disgusting nightmare. But when they did open again, I was still standing in the corridor, only Harry had disappeared, leaving me alone in the deserted corridor.

I felt sick to the stomach, Harry’s frightening words replaying over and over again in my head.

‘You’re mine.”

My stomach was doing summersaults, I wanted to throw up. When I locked eyes with Harry this morning I must have set myself up as his next target. Slowly I walked back to class, the world was spinning before me.





The next classes dragged on slowly, I was unable to focus on anything but that green eyed boy that had marked me as his own. Relief washed over me as I heard the lunch bell rang. I don't even know what class I was in, but as soon as that bell went I was gone, I practically ran to the bathroom. I splashed water on my face, gripping the sides of the sink as I peered up at my reflection. A bright red mark covered the patch where my jaw and neck meet. I pulled my hair over it to cover the bruise. I grabbed a paper towel, dabbing it over my face before I left the bathroom.

I walked out onto the field with my head down, I really wanted to go home, real home.

"Hey Natl." I looked up to see Lily smiling at me.

"Hey." I replied plastering a fake smile on my face.

The four girls were already sprawled out on the grass just chilling out. I sat down joining them, but I was tense and uncomfortable unlike the four other giggling and laughing happily. I wished I could join them, I really did, but my chest felt heavy and I was struggling to breathe.

"Are you okay" Lara asked looking up at me from where her head was resting on her hands.

"Yeah, I'm fine" I lied.

Lara gave me a little nod before returning to her conversation with Jodie. My breath hitched in my throat as I caught sight of a pair of green eyes intently peering at me from where he leaned against his motorcycle. Our eyes locked like they had earlier this morning and I found myself quickly looking away. The four girls had noticed, all peering in the direction I had been staring in moments ago. When they looked back again they all exchanged nervous glances.

“Did he...” Lily trailed off, pointing to her neck instead off speaking.

I slowly nodded my head, drawing my hair back over my shoulder revealing the awful mark Harry had brandished my skin with.

"Oh shit" Jodie exclaimed.

"Holy fucking shit!" Lara felt the need to intensify the cuss word.

“You should have told us.” Lily whispered.

“Who is he?” I questioned.

I didn’t know exactly who Harry was, but judging by their horrified expressions, I figured he must have some kind of bad reputation.

“Only the biggest bad boy in school.” Amy exclaimed.

I watched as she promptly turned around, raising her right hand to give Harry the finger. I envied Amy’s boldness, she didn’t appear to be afraid of the terrifying male. Harry was quick to stick his middle finger back up at her before his gaze fell upon me. He seemed to have picked up on the fact that we were discussing him. I shuddered as his eyelid dropped in a wink before he grabbed his helmet, pulling it over his head of wild curls. The five of us watched as Harry climbed on his bike, letting it roar into life before he sped off.

“He’s got a long history of violence, he’s always getting into fights, but he also has a reputation for sleeping with half the schools female population.” Jodie explained.

I gulped down my anxiety trying to push it to the darkest corner of my mind. Terrified was the only word to describe way I was feeling. I’d never slept with a guy before and I didn’t want to lose my innocence and purity to a guy like him. I don’t know what scared me more, the fact he was violent or that I was his next target.

Harry was the predator and I was his prey.


"So how was your first day, Nat?" Mum asked as soon as I got in the car.

Despite how shitty I was feeling, I managed to plaster a fake smile on my lips. Today had been the worst day of my life, I had some dangerous player after me who wanted to fuck me. I wanted to go outside, dig a whole and bury myself in it.

"It was great". I lied.

"That's good I told you it wouldn't be too bad." She gave me a big smile.

She was wrong, she was so wrong. I had been right in thinking it would be disastrous, and she was wrong. It was even worse than I had expected it to be. I was thinking maybe being a loner for the remaining half year of school would be the worst that could happen, but in that case I had been incorrect, it could be a hell of a lot worse.

"Make any friends?” She continued to assault me with questions.

I was in no mood to answer them, I just wanted to go hide in my room and never come out. Or maybe I could go live in the forest or something, become a hermit.

"Yeah, four of them, they’re really nice" I replied truthfully.

Making friends with Lara, Lily, Amy and Jodie was the only good thing that had come from this terrible day.

"That's great. “She smiled happily. “Meet any boys?”

Yes, I met this one boy who pushed me up against a wall, stole my number and intends on fucking me.


"What a shame, you've never had a proper boyfriend" she sighed. "Maybe there's a boy somewhere at the school for you".

Ha-ha yeah, there is I've already met him, he wants to rape me.

"Maybe" I stared out the window.

My heart nearly stopped when I suddenly caught a glimpse of something in the rearview mirror. I turned around to look out the back window, my eyes widened in fear and my heart began hammering against my chest, how hadn't I noticed before. A black motorcycle was tailing us, and I didn’t van need to see the mess of curly hair hidden beneath the helmet t know who it was.


What am I supposed to do? I can't just tell mum to turn the car around when we were already almost on our street.

"Hey mum, I want to do some exercise I'll just walk home from here". My mouth started moving before my brain could figure whether this was rational or not.

Mum pulled the car over, and the motorcycle whizzed past.

"Sure thing love, don't get lost" she spoke as I hopped out of the car.

I watched the car drive off, my heart slowly sinking in my chest as I realized this was the dumbest thing I could have done. I would have been safe with mum, if I had of stayed in the bloody car I would be alright. Now I’m out wandering the streets in a town I don’t know whilst Harry is hunting me on his sleek black bike.

I started walking quickly in the direction of our street. Maybe I could make it home without coming face to face with Harry. I had obviously spoke, well thought too soon, the same motorbike drove past me going the other way.

‘Shit.” I swore under my breath.

My pace quickened and soon I had broke out into a run. It was useless though, Harry was doing one of those creepy things you see pedophiles doing in movies with their creepy white vans, only he was cruising along beside me on a motorcycle. I knew my efforts were useless, my pace slowed back down to a quick walk, conserving energy for the predictable confrontation. I watched as Harry drove up the street a bit further, coming to a halt beside the curb. He climbed off the black bike, carelessly tossing his helmet to the ground.

I swiftly turned on my heel, making a break for it in the opposite direction. With him on foot I might possibly have a chance of escaping and making it to the safety of my home. My feet pounded against the hard tarmac, my knees jarring every stride I took due to lack of supportive shoes. I could hear him chasing after me, stealing a glance back, I saw that he was hot in pursuit. The quickest way back onto my street was through a small ally way which I dumbly turned into. Second stupid thing I’ve done today. Suddenly I understood why people in horror movies did irrational thing. They think it’s a good idea, their basically acting on impulse at first then the awful realization sets in and they discover they’ve just signed their death warrant.

 I was grabbed round the waist and forcefully pinned against the alleyway wall. I couldn’t prevent the mortified scream, it echoed furiously through the alleyway before Harry clamped a large hand over my mouth, muffling my screams.

 I'm so about to be raped.

"Shhh.” He hushed, smirking as he did so.

I squeezed my eyes closed, unable to look into those petrifying green eyes. My heart pounded violently as my chest rose and fell rapidly unable to claim enough oxygen.

"You’re not the brightest girl are you?" His raspy voice laughed.

I felt two of his fingers come up under my chin, turning my face toward him. I forced my eyes open, looking directly at him as I bravely held his gaze. I didn’t want to come off as weak, I wasn’t going to let him push me around.

"You could get hurt out here, alone." He whispered in my ear, his hot breath ran down my neck, making me shudder. I

"The only one that can hurt me is you" I spat at him.

My knee came up, violently connecting with his groin. Harry’s face contorted in pain, just as surprised by my sudden bravery as I was. Harry dug his hips into mine, a small gasp of pain escaped my lips. This was his revenge.

"S-stop p-please." I begged.

He ignored my pleas, only digging in deeper. I grasped onto his shirt desperately fisting at it in hopes the pain would lessen.

"I'll pick you up at seven tomorrow." he growled "Wear something hot.”

With those last few word I was released from his tight grip. Without wasting a second, I quickly spun around and sprinted off in the direction of my house, eager to evade him. Even though I was unable to see him, I could still feel those piercing emerald eyes burning into me, watching my every move. I didn’t dare look back, I feared him too much to have to meet those eyes again.

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