Inside the Outside

Same story. Different Name. Better content.

When Natalie Carter moves to a new school, she's instantly noticed by the schools biggest bad boy, Harry Styles. He hooks up with girls, then there gone the next day, he rides a motorbike and barely shows up to class. Harry thinks Natalie's just another toy in his game. Natalie thinks he's her worst nightmare, but opposites attract right?


4. Chapter Four

The next day I felt absolutely terrible, my stomach felt as though there was a war raging within it. The constant churning inside my core had started the moment I ran out of the warehouse last night to this very moment and it was becoming unbearable. Fear was increasingly growing inside me, I was terrified by what the consequences of my actions might be. I regret doing what I did, I wasn’t thinking straight and I acted out of fear with the help of the small amount of alcohol I consumed to give me the courage to speak my mind. I’m afraid that Harry won’t be the only one out to get me now, but his delinquent friends as well. I hadn’t even been at school for a week and I’d already made myself enemies.

Releasing a groan of pain I tugged the duvet back over my head and curled up in a ball beneath the covers in hopes to subside some of the pain in my gut. I squeezed my eyes close after coming to the decision of staying in bed until mum came up and forced me to go to school or took pity on the twisting pain I was feeling in my stomach. I just couldn’t bring myself to get out of bed and go to school, having to confront Harry after the stunt I pulled last night was just too much for me to bare. I didn’t get the chance to watch his reaction after tipping my beer bottle over his head, I didn’t want to stay around to see but I’m pretty sure he didn’t like it. I spent most of the night awake, fantasizing over the multiple ways he could punish me for what I did. I plan on avoiding him as best as possible so my dreams dot become reality.

I lay in bed for another half hour replaying the disastrous events of yesterday over and over again in my head until the sound of footsteps were heard against the hall floor. Mum’s footfalls were so quiet that they were almost unnoticeable and if I hadn’t heard the door creak open I probably wouldn’t have realized she was even in my room. The end of the bed dipped marginally as Mum occupied one of the corners of my mattress. Her small hand reached across the bed, her slim fingers hooking into the top of the duvet cover in which I had pulled securely over my head. Mum gently pulled the covers back, causing a sudden rush of cool air to wash over my body and sending a set of shivers to tingle down my spine.

“I’m not feeling very well.” I groaned, clutching at my stomach.

Mum looked down at me, her soothing blue eyes studying my face carefully to see if she could pick up on any signs of illness. Her eyebrows furrowed into a frown as she rose the back of her hand to my head. Mum’s skin was cool against the burning flush of my pale complexion.

“You look quiet pale and you feel quite hot.” She stated. “I call school and tell them you won’t be in today.”

“Thanks, Mum.” I spoke in barely a whisper.

“You get some rest and I’ll call you from work to see how you are a bit later on.”

I nodded my head in agreement. Mum leaned over, lightly pressing a kiss to my forehead before tucking me I and leaving the room to call school and get ready for work. I still wasn’t pleased with my mother, the last five minutes was the most we’d take since last Friday. I had considered brushing her motherly affection off, but I thought better of it, she was being kind to me whilst I felt ill so I wasn’t going to argue with her.

I lay back on my pillows sighing loudly as my eyes fell upon the iPhone sitting on my bedside table. It had been going off like crazy last night so I turned it off. I was a 99% sure that Harry was the one making all the calls and sending all the messages to my phone, but I was too afraid to check it last night. I don’t want to read any of his messages, but I do want to see if I’ve got any messages from anyone else such as my friends in Doncaster.

Hesitantly I reached for my phone using my thumb to push the on button. Anxiety overwhelmed me as the apple icon light up across my screen. It seemed to take ten times longer to turn on than usual, but I’m pretty sure it only felt so long due to the twisting nervousness in my gut. After what felt like forever the apple disappeared and I quickly swiped to unlock before tapping the message icon. I had several messages from Harry, but I didn’t waste time contemplating whether to read them or not because I knew my curiosity would win over and I’d read them so I promptly deleted the one way conversation I had with him on my phone. I had plenty of missed calls from him, but much to my relief no voicemails. I sighed loudly, feeling somewhat relieved by the fact I had removed the messages.

I relaxed back into the mattress as my eyes skimmed over the other couple of messages I had.


From: Niall J

Hey, hope you’re okay. Call me if need anything J


A small smile cracked on my lips as I read Niall’s message, he was such a sweet guy. He’s the only one I’ve met here that isn’t either an alcoholic or a complete sleaze ball and on top of that he’s probably the loveliest guy I’ve ever met. It’s really nice of him to see if I’m alright, because he actually cares.


To: Niall J

I’m alright, just a bit freaked out. Thanks for the ride last night by the way and for checking on me, it means a lot J X


I got a reply from him almost immediately.


From: Niall J

Anytime and no problem :D X


I smiled a little more. I really like Niall.

My finger glided across the screen, going back to check the other messages I’d received. I tapped on the message from Amy, my eyes gliding over the words the moment it popped up across the screen of my phone.


From: Amy

Hey, are you alright? Harry’s looking for you and he seems pretty pissed off. I’m not sure whether he’s angry because I told him to fuck off and leave you alone or because you’re rebelling against him and he doesn’t like it xox


My throat suddenly felt dry, if Harry was pissed off and looking for me I’m pretty sure it’s the latter of Amy’s two ideas. My hands trembled as I held my iPhone between them, the screen becoming a blur as tears welled in my eyes. Why did I have to tip the bloody beer over his head and insult him in front of his friends? Why couldn’t I have just sat there and suffered through that uncomfortable conversation with the crude group?

Then again if I hadn’t done what I’d done the results of that afternoon could have been worse and there was a high possibility I could have been part of a gangbang. If I keep thinking about that I might feel a little better and not regret what I did so much. The idea of being raped by a group of filthy males sickened me even more than the idea of being raped by Harry. I think I’d prefer one than four, but I would still rather be dead than raped.


To: Amy

Not really, I tipped a bottle of beer of Harry’s head yesterday and insulted him and his friends! Xox


A couple of minutes passed before she replied and I left that down to the fact classes had started now. She was probably being sneaky and texting under the table.


From: Amy

Oh good lord! Are you insane!? Xox


To: Amy

Probably. Xox


From: Amy

Shit, you’re nuts! No one insults Harry, the last guy that did received a broken nose and a nasty concussion. Be careful, girl! Xox


My heart practically stopped in my chest, the phone slipping from my fingers down onto the silky fabric of my duvet cover with a small thud. That was something I did not want to know. I’d already been warned about Harry’s violent nature and his short temper, but I didn’t know about what happened to the last guy that insulted him nor did I want to know.

Hearing this new information made my fear grow into terror and a million thoughts rush throughout my mind. If the last person that insulted Harry got beaten up, would Harry to the same to me. Was he low enough to assault an innocent female that had wanted nothing to do with him since day one? I didn’t know the answer to that question, but I sure as hell prayed that if he had even the tiniest bit of good in him that he would be decent enough not to abuse girls.

I pressed my hands to my fore head, trying to relieve the heavy throbbing in my head. Tears slipped down my cheeks as I tightly squeezed my eyes close with the only wish of waking up and discovering this was all just an awful nightmare. Only when I opened my eyes again I wasn’t lying in my bed back home in Doncaster safe and sound like I had hoped. Instead I was lying in a pool of tears that I could only pray I’d drown in before Harry could find me in Cheshire, a town better known to me as hell.

I woke with a start, jolting upright as my ringtone blared loudly beside my ear. Rubbing my eyes before I quickly snatched the device that had woken me from my dreamless sleep. I don’t know how long I’d been asleep, but I did know I didn’t want to be awake where my mind could run wild. I cleared my throat before swiping my finger across the screen to answer the phone call from mum.

“Hello.” My voice sounded hoarse and slightly strained as I spoke.

“Hi honey, how are you doing?”

“Fine.” I lied.

I felt awful, I wanted nothing more than to be taken back to Doncaster where I would be out of harms way. But I knew I was trapped here, she wasn’t going to go back whether she believed me about Harry or not. Mum loved her stupid job better than me and I’m pretty sure she despises me because I don’t let her dress me up and coat my face in too much make up. She wants me to be more like a doll in other words, a Barbie she can play with and force to go out with Ken or Action Man or whoever because I’m just some mindless doll. But I’m not, I have a brain and I don’t like wearing stupid dresses mum designs or bossed around. I’m my own person and if she wants a Barbie to dress up she might as well go adopt one of her models and send me to live with my grandparents back home.

“I’m glad you’re feeling better, I’ll see you later tonight.” She spoke cheerily.

I hung up before saying goodbye, angry that my own mother hadn’t picked up on the fact that I was lying and actually felt dreadful. If it had of been my dad on the end of the line he would have realized the moment I said hello. My mother barely cared about me, she treated me like I was a doll with no opinion of her own. That’s why we have never been close and that’s why she wants me to go out with Harry, because he’s attractive and doesn’t care about what’s within, she only cares for looks because she is shallow. She wanted a daughter who thought she was a fairy princess and loved being dolled up but instead she got a wild daughter who prefers to wear shorts and jeans and messing about with immature boys that act like five year olds rather than eighteen year olds.

I am my father’s daughter.

My fingers fumbled across my screen as I typed in the phone number of my best friend Jai. I know that he’ll believe me when I tell him about Harry. He’s been my best friend since birth and he knows what my Mum’s like and how controlling she can be. I need to blow of some of the steam bottled up inside me and if anyone will listen to me and believe what I’m saying it’s him.

I pressed the phone to my ear listening to the dial tone as my phone calculated the numbers I put in, directing the call to his phone.

“Hey, Nat.” Jai picked up on the third ring.

I sighed loudly upon hearing the familiarity of is voice. I was relieved to hear such a well-known sound, it brought comfort to me hearing him speak. Jai’s voice was something I knew well and hearing such a familiar sound whilst I was in an unfamiliar environment relieved me in some way.

“Natalie? You there?” He questioned after a moment.

“Sorry, it’s just nice to hear a familiar voice” I apologized, sadness sounding clearly in my tone of voice as I spoke.

My body sank back down into the pillows, the softness of the feathers within them cushioning my body like a fluffy white cloud as my eyes fluttered closed. Maybe if I closed my eyes I could imagine being back home, lying in the soft grass with Jai as the sun shone down on us and we spoke about the most random things. Hearing his calming voice could make me believe.

“How are you doing?” He asked. “You sound pretty down.”

Unlike my self-centered mother Jai could pick up on the fact that I wasn’t happy just by hearing the tone of my voice. I missed having people like him around me who could sense my unhappiness and were there to comfort me. After my Dad’s death Jai and my other close friend Mitchell were there for me the whole time and comforted me whilst my mum locked herself in her room for several months. Dad’s death hit all three of us pretty hard because he was like a second father to them. It hit me the hardest though and since Mum locked herself away I felt like I had nothing left and I was suicidal for a while. If it weren’t for them I might not be alive today.

“Yeah.” I sighed loudly. “I hate it here.”

“What’s going on?” He asked.

Pushing the covers back off the bed I stumbled to my feet, crossing the room to my bedroom door. I need a glass of water if I was going to tell the bloody story.

“I made some enemies yesterday.” I began.

Jai was quiet as he waited for me to explain what had happened whilst I was gone.

“There’s this guy I met the other day.” I spoke. “The whole schools is afraid of him, me included.”

I paused as I reached up to one of the cabinets, pulling one open and selecting a large glass. I padded across the wooden floor towards the sink, filling the glass with cool, clear water.

“He’s a complete creep.” I shuddered just thinking about Harry and his stalker like ways. “On Friday he followed me home from school and the next day I woke to find him in the kitchen chatting with my delusional mother.”

“What the fuck?!” Jai exclaimed. “Did she just let him in?!”

Jai knew what Mum was like, she wasn’t the brightest person which was quite obvious. So when an attractive guy comes to the door and says he knows her daughter she lets him in.

“Yes and then she forced me to go out with him and it was awful.” I replied. “He selects a girl who he wants to sleep with and chases them until he gets what he fucking wants!”

The anger and fear built up inside me exploded out of me as I yelled into the receiver, my loud outburst probably deafening poor Jai. But I just couldn’t prevent the scream that weighed heavy on my chest once I had yelled the weight lightened slightly and I could breathe again. The glass was brought to my lips before I took a large gulp of water in which soothed my dry, ragged sounding throat.

“Sorry, I didn’t mean to yell.” I apologized. “I’m just terrified.”

“It’s alright, Nat.” He brushed my apology of immediately forgiving me. “You said you made enemies yesterday, tell me about that.”

My lip quivered as I remembered yesterday and how I’m pretty sure my name is going to be on the top of the list Harry and his dirty friends had for people to murder. I may sound a bit dramatic, but actually by the looks on their faces and the way the acted I’m pretty sure they would murder me if they felt like it.

“I tipped a bottle of beer over his head.” I choked out, trying to keep the tears brimming in my eyes from falling down my cheeks. “And I insulted his just as creepy friends when they started talking about Harry fucking me.”

I could prevent the salty drops from spilling out of my eyes and rolling down my cheeks. I wanted to go home where I knew my friends would protect me and keep me safe. Here I was vulnerable, I was alone in a place I didn’t know and where I had no one to save me from Harry or any other dangers lurking outside my front door.

“Did you tell your Mum?” Jai asked frantically.

His once calm, soothing voice became worried and panic stricken after realizing I was in trouble. I took another gulp of water, sobbing quietly as I brushed tears from my wet cheeks.

“Y-yes, but she thinks Harry’s charming and I’m the bad guy.” I cried. “She won’t believe me.”

“God!” Jai exclaimed loudly.

I could almost him clenching his phone tightly between his fingers, the anger building up within him close to shattering the device whilst he paced angrily back and forth. I felt bad for telling him because he’s going to be constantly worrying about me and stressing over the fact that he can’t help me when were in two different towns.

“J-Jai.” I whimpered.

“Yeah.” He spoke more softly.

“H-he forced me on his motorbike.”

My eyes squeezed closed, trying to forget the awful experience. I didn’t want to remember it, I only wanted forget. I hated those awful machines with a burning passion.

“Fucking prick!” Jai snapped

“Whoa, Whoa. Chill bro.” Another familiar voice could be heard through the phone.

A fumbling sound came through the speaker as the phone was exchanged between the two males on the other end of the line. They squabbled for a moment before the phone was brought up to one of their ears.

“Natalie?” Mitchell’s voice replaced Jai’s.

“Mitch.” A small smile cracked on my lips.

Mitchell was the kind of guy who could make you smile by doing absolutely nothing. He was such a fun, carefree guy that was constantly joking about and messing around. He made me feel better by just saying one word, my mind playing all the insane things we’ve done together over again.

“Jai was about to crush his iPhone, so I figure you’re not very happy.”

Like Jai, Mitchell was very perceptive as well, maybe even a little more so than Jai.

“I feel like shit.”

“Don’t explain, I’ll ask Jai when he cools off.”

I breathed out a sigh of relief. Mitchell knew I didn’t want to explain my situation again after I’d already told Jai only moments ago.

“So what are you guy doing right now?” I asked changing the subject.

“Well we’re in P.E right now.” Mitchell replied. “Coach Wilson is making us do laps of the school, I lapped Jai because he was talking to you and now he’s probably going to catch up since I’m walking.”

P.E class was the best class ever. Coach Wilson was the coolest teacher ever, he basically just let us mess around and have fun all the time, but we seemed to learn stuff from him as well, which was a bonus. He was a young guy only in his mid-twenties which was probably why he was so chill about everything and a lot of girls only took P.E to drool over him because he was rather attractive.

“I miss you guys.” I sighed loudly as a fresh flow of tears fell down my cheeks, dribbling down my chin.

“We miss you too, Nat.” he reciprocated. “Even Coach does.”

I let out a laugh. Mitchell new exactly how to make me smile and I was glad to have such a good friend as him.

“I’m actually serious.” He spoke again. “He said he lost the only good female athlete he had.”

That was probably true. I was the only girl who actually participated in everything whilst the other girls were too busy worrying about how their hair looked and the possibility of breaking one of their stupid manicured nails. They’d always be making up excuses about why they couldn’t do this or why they couldn’t do that. They preferred to watch Coach Wilson and the boys whilst I was the only girl eager to join in.

“P.E’s no fun anymore.” Mitch sighed. “You’re no longer here for us to chase and tackle down.”

“I’d come back in a heartbeat if I could.”

I jumped in fright, accidentally dropping my glass of water in the sink as a sharp knocking sounded on the front door. I clutched my hand against my chest, trying to steady the rapid beating of my heart. Mum said she would be home soon so I figured it must be her.

“What was that?” Mitch asked after hearing the loud clatter of my glass falling in the sink.

“I think Mum’s home.” I replied.

Quietly I padded across the kitchen, out through the doorframe and into the hall. It took me a couple of seconds to travel down the hallway to the solid wooden door standing between myself and the great outdoors. My fingers curled around the cool silver metal of the door handle, my mind elsewhere as I rattled it slightly as I twisted. It wasn’t until I had pulled the door open a couple of inches when thought of something; if mum has a key, why would she need to knock.

I took a horrified step back as he door was roughly shunted open revealing an intimidating male with blazing green eyes. I nearly dropped my phone from shock as my heart beat painfully hard against my ribcage. How could I have been so stupid? I’d spent the whole day freaking out about him and had opened the door to him without a second thought. I should have known he’d come looking for me and what better place to find me.

Harry’s penetrating gaze burnt into me like a blazing fire burnt through paper. His expression was less than pleased, an angry scowl written across his features as he loomed intimidatingly in the door frame. I knew I was in some seriously deep shit.

"I-I have to go." I spoke into the phone.

"Okay, Love you Nat.” Mitchell replied hesitantly.

"Love you too, Mitch." I managed to choke out before hanging up.

Harry took a step towards me, his pink lips pulled into a hard line and his eyebrows knitted together in an angry frown as he stared me down with and expression that read beyond pissed. I took a frightened step back, stumbling slightly. My arm shot out, fingers grasping hold of the open door to steady myself before I could tumble back and putting myself in an even more difficult situation.

Harry took my moment of off-balance as the perfect opportunity to force me up against the wall. A whimper escaped my lips as the impact of my back hitting the wall jarred up my spine. I squeezed my eyes close in fear, Harry’s warm breath wafting over my cheek as I turned my face away from him. I didn’t want to look at him, It was clear he was far from impressed with me. I was afraid he would hurt me if I made eye contact with those dark, power hungry eyes. I regretted what I did yesterday with every bone in my body.

“Who were you talking to?” He growled.

Harry’s fingertips pressed into my biceps, forcing me further up against the wall as his hips dug into mine. My eye snapped open under the antagonizing pain of his sharp hip bones as a strangled cry of pain fell from my mouth. I tried to choke back further cries escaping my lips as I focused on my breathing, trying to slow my heavy breaths. I don’t know how he can suffer through the torturous pain he was inflicting on me, my hips must be hurting him just as much as his are hurting me.

His sinister gaze burnt into mine as I found the courage to meet his eyes after pulling myself together. If I had stood up to him yesterday and he was here to get me back for it than I might as well do it again. I ripped my arms from his grip, pressing my palms to his chest before roughly shoving at his chest with all my might. He barely moved back a centimeter, my strength was nothing compared to his, but the small space I had increased between us brought me somewhat of a relief, his narrow hips no longer digging into me anywhere near as painfully.

“Get off.” I snapped.

Harry released a cruel laugh obviously amused by my lack of arm strength. His fingertips pressed into my sides this time, gripping them firmly so I couldn’t move or make any attempt to escape. I was trapped beneath his, strong, hard, unmovable body as he held me captive in his harsh grip.

“Who were you talking to?” Harry spoke through gritted teeth.

“My friend.” I replied sounding stronger than I felt. “Why do you care?”

Harry leant in, his eyes harsh and unforgiving as the surprisingly soft texture of his plump pink lips trailed up my neck. His touch sent shivers down my spine and made the hairs on the back of my neck prickle. I gulped down my fear as his lips came to hover over my ear, goose bumps tingling up my neck from where his lips previously touched. Harry’s overwhelming intimidation made me quiver and I grew anxious with the anticipation of his next words.

“Because,” he paused only making me grow more nervous. “You’re mine.”

My chest heaved as I stared into his dark, impassive eyes searching for any form of kindness in the abyss of black, however I found none. Harry is harsh, cold and unforgiving, he did not feel, he only wanted and obtained by force. I was not his and I never will be. I will not give in to him like other countless females have done because they lack self-respect. I am dignified and will not be swayed into tending to Harry’s crude desires.

Harry pulled back, his weight removed from my body, freeing me from his trap. I watched as he stepped away from me, turning towards the front door before promptly stopping. Harry spun around as I remained in the same position against the wall, my body ridged with fear. I just wanted him to get out of my house and leave me alone for good.

“I’ll pick you up at eight.” He stated without even bothering to ask if I was free or not because he knew I would refuse.

My heart weighed heavy in my chest and I felt sick to the stomach. When I had insulted him and his friend yesterday I had hoped he might finally leave me alone. But no, he just came coming back without a care in the world, determine to get into my pants. I knew this would happen as much as I hoped it wouldn’t, but it was worth the risk and he hasn’t murdered me. I no longer regret what I said, I just hope my words hit him in the heart or whatever he has in that solid chest of his. I hope it hurt.

“Wear something hot.” He winked

With that he turned on his heel, walking casually out of the wide open front door. Anger bubbled within me, he thinks he owns me and can make me do whatever he so pleases and I hate it and I hate him. Before I knew what I was doing my knuckles were turning white as I stood gripping the doorframe as I stared after the curly haired asshole as he meandered over to his motorcycle parked on the curb.

“I told you to stay the fuck away from me!” I yelled from the door frame.

Harry turned around, helmet in hand a devilish smirk pulling at the corner of his lips as he turned back to face me.

“I play by my own rules.” He laughed tauntingly. “You should know that by now, Natalie.”

I let out a scream of desperation, slamming the door closed to rid myself of his awful smirk that smiled mockingly at me. I hate him and I don’t know why Harry is so interested in me, I am not beautiful nor do I throw myself at the opposite sex because I have no dignity. Why would a player like Harry be interested in a girl who refuses to cater to his every need and has absolutely no interest in guys like him? A girl who insulted and stood up to him in front of his friends because she despises him so. I don’t understand why he even bothers, because I sure as hell am not giving him what he wants.




I stood in front of the mirror, glaring at the girl that stood before me. Her hair was pulled back in a high ponytail, pink lips in a hard line and ocean green eyes swirling like a stormy sea. Mum was busying herself in my wardrobe, choosing an outfit I probably wouldn’t like. She had unfortunately returned home only moments after I had slammed the door earlier when Harry had showed up. Much to my horror he had decided to give her the run down on this evenings plans. The minute she mentioned them to me to me I shut the conversation down by my refusal to go out with Harry. I spent the rest of the day hidden in my room with my head buried in a book.

About twenty minutes ago she came up and forced me to take a shower. I had tried to pull off the ‘I’m too sick to go’ card, but she waved it down caring more about my love life rather than my wellbeing. For the past five minutes she’s been rifling through my wardrobe in search for ‘nice’ clothes in which I don’t intend on wearing whether she likes it or not.

“Ahh, here we go.” Mum smiled.

I tore my gaze from my reflection just as she pulled out the god awful pink, floral patterned dress she had given me for Christmas last year. I have never worn it and I plan on keeping it that way. I scrunched my nose up in disgust, there was no way I was wearing that out, not even if it would ward off Harry. You wouldn’t even catch me dead in that hideous dress.

“I’m not wearing a dress.” I spoke. “Especially not that one.”

Mum put her hands on her hips, giving me a hard look as I glared at her. She’s really starting to get on my nerves, having to listen to her go on and on about how Harry is a lovely guy and he deserves to be given a chance makes my eardrums bleed and is getting just plain tiring. Honestly, hearing her prattle on about him being nice is bullshit and I’m getting close to giving up on this stupid war with her.

“Would it kill you to look nice for once?” Mum asked. “Maybe even let loose a little, you’re so uptight.”

Ouch. My own mother just implied I don’t dress well, that hurts a little. I opened my mouth to respond with some snarky comment but before I could utter a word Mum’s phone went off. I watched as she fumbled around in her pockets, searching for the device causing the loud ringing until she eventually found it. Shaking her head she mumbled something about work before declining the call. She turned back towards me the ugly dress still clasped between her fingers as she held it out towards me.

I crossed my arms over my chest, shaking my head in refusal. If I had to go out with some prick who thought he could control me then I would not be wearing that ghastly item of clothing or any dress in that matter. If I was being forced to go anywhere with Harry it would be in a pair of jeans in which concealed my legs and prevent wandering hands. Mum’s phone started going off again and I took this as the perfect opportunity to get rid of her.

“I think you should answer that.” I suggested sharply. “Whoever it is seems pretty desperate to get hold of you.”

I watched as she let out a huff, stomping her foot in annoyance as she headed out of my bedroom, answering the call. I smirked to myself in satisfaction, hurrying over to close the door in which she had just exited. Whoever it was calling her was officially a lifesaver and had gotten rid of my irritating mother for the few vital minutes I needed to get dressed.

With the speed of light I hurried around the room, tugging a pair of high waist blue skinny jeans and a lacy white half top in which concealed my arms in a pattern of lacy floral swirls. I was still offended by mum practically screaming I didn’t dress nicely, I thought I dressed pretty decently, but she just some bitchy designer who hates everything about me so I really don’t give a fuck. I may not wear dresses often, but at least I don’t dress like a slut.

Mum came back into the room just as I was lacing up my combat boots, her eyes widening in disapproval as she absorbed my appearance. I’m pretty sure my mother hates me full stop, goodbye, the end. After tying my boots I stood up, wiping my palms on the back of my jeans as I stared her down.

“What on earth am I going to do with you?” She asked rhetorically. “I honestly don’t understand why you don’t want to go out with Harry and dress up nicely like most girls do.”

If she is implying that I’m lesbian I will not hesitate in punching her in the face. My friends may mostly consist of boys, I may not dress like some girly girl and I might prefer sport to shoes, but I am straight. I like guys, just not the creepy one that has mum charmed into thinking he’s wonderful. I’d like to find myself a boyfriend on my own accords, a nice one that doesn’t think he can control me and force me into doing whatever he wants.

“I like boys.” I snapped, just to clear that up.

“Then why won’t you go out with Harry?”

Is she actually serious? I don’t know how mum and dad met, but if she thinks that you fall in love with someone the moment you meet them she is horribly mistaken.

“I just don’t like him.” I sighed in annoyance. “You can’t force me to like him.”

“But you’re not even giving him a chance, you push everyone out.”

Mum shook her head a large sigh falling from her lips as she ran a dainty hand through her blonde hair. I was on the verge of yelling at her that it was her fault I pushed everyone out because she abandoned me when I needed her most. I went through hell and back and only just managed to survive because of my supportive friends. She’s the only one I push out because I can’t trust her to be there for me anymore and it’s not like she even cares about what I have to say. She is selfish.

“I’d rather be alone my whole life than put my trust in someone who won’t be there when I really need them, crushing my heart underfoot just like you did.” I seethed.

Mum looked a little taken aback by my harsh but true words. I knew what I had said had gone straight to her heart, stabbing her in the chest like a knife. Her eyes fell to the floor, avoiding the angry glare I was giving her.

“I’ll leave you alone in a moment, but I just need to tell you that was my boss on the phone before.” She spoke quietly, her voice laced with sadness. “I’m going to London tonight for fashion week and then I’m going to Paris for a while for a few fashion shows and I’m not sure when I’ll be back.”

Well fuck you. She brings me from Doncaster to this horrible town where I know practically no one whilst she goes prancing around with her models and stupid clothes leaving me all alone for god knows how long. What makes things even worse is that she never asks how I feel it’s always we’re doing this or we’re doing that and I get no fucking say.

“Whatever.” I spoke flatly.




Mum had left some time ago, leaving me all alone. I was too angry at her even to say goodbye, it’s not like she cares anyway she could have come to me. I had decided that since she wasn’t around anymore to force me to go out with Harry that I would do everything possible to prevent t from happening. I had spent the last ten minutes running round the house and locking all the doors to prevent him from getting in.

Eight o’clock drew near and I had flipped all the lights off to give the idea of no one being home. M house was official on lockdown. Despite the fact that I was safe within the sturdy walls of my house I couldn’t stop the fearful churning in my stomach. I had a feeling that this wasn’t going to work and Harry was going to miraculously force his way in one way or another.

As minutes ticked past I moved from the foot of my bed to take position by my bedroom window, peeking out from round the curtain. My eyes were transfixed on the road outside, just waiting for the moment Harry’s sleek black car would pull up on the street.

My eyes widened in fear when the car actually did pull up outside my house, Harry’s muscular figure climbing out of the driver’s seat. I took step away from the window pressing my back up against the wall beside it as I tried to control my rapid breathing. No amount of preparation could ready me for the bombshell that was Harry.

When Harry’s knuckles rapped against the heavy wood of the front door I had to cover my mouth to suppress a terrified scream. This whole situation felt like one of those awful horror movies when the girl is trapped inside whilst the murder tries to get in to kill her. Comparing myself to horror movie was not the best idea, the very thought made my knees tremble. With my legs no longer able to hold my weight I slid down the wall, curling my knees up to my chest.

My heart was in my throat as Harry’s knocking sounded again, this time though it was louder. His fist hit the door harder, becoming more impatient every moment that passed as he waited for me to come to the door. My heart was in my throat, a slow trickle of tears falling down my cheeks as I tried to remain calm. If I could keep my composure long enough he would eventually grow tired of waiting and leave.

The shrill sound of my phone ringing almost made me leap out of my skin. Hurriedly I fumbled in my pocket pulling the source of the loud obnoxious noise. Without thinking I answered the phone, only to prevent the noise from increasing my anxiousness any further.

"Hello?" My voice came out in barely a whisper.

"Where the fuck are you?"

My heart faltered for a moment, fear consuming me as Harry’s voice yelled angrily into the speaker. His tone of voice made it obvious that he was anything but happy about having to wait outside my house because no one was opening the door. Hearing him only made me more aware of how frightened I was by him. I opened my mouth to speak, but no words came out, a lump of fear constricting my throat.

“Natalie.” Harry growled.

I quickly gulped down my anxiety.

“Uh…um…I’m at my friend’s house.” I lied dreadfully, he was never going to believe the bullshit I was trying to feed him.

"Don't lie to me."

Harry's cruel laughter rang torturously in my ears, the sound sending shivers down my spine as I wiled myself to hold it together. I bit my lip trying to think up an excuse or something to say that would make him believe my lie. I took too long though and Harry spoke again before I could come up with something else.

“Why don’t you come down stairs from your bedroom where you’re hiding and open the door for me, Love?” His tone of voice made me shudder, it was cruel and clearly purposed to provoke fear from within me.

Being trapped inside whilst he prowled just beyond my front door was becoming suffocating. I couldn’t stay in here any longer or I would probably black out. The only other option I had was to boldly go downstairs and act as though I didn’t have a care in the world before slipping out the back door. If I could get that far I could run across the back yard into the trees beyond the outskirts and slip into the forest, a place in which I was rather at home with. And if I could make it to there I could climb a tree and hide out there for the night.

“Fine, you caught me.” I spoke bravely into the phone, channeling my fear into non-existence.

I took a deep breath before getting to my feet, grasping my phone tightly between my fingers. With stealth I made my way across the room to my bedroom door in which I slipped through, brushing my tears away as I stepped out into the dark hallway. It took all my will to proceed into the abyss of darkness, my bravery astounding me as I fumbled around for the banister of the stairs so I wouldn’t tumble to my death.

“You know things would be so much easier if you just played along.” Harry spoke again.

“I think I made it clear yesterday that I don’t want to play along so I suggest you leave because I’m not opening the door.”

“I’ll wait all night if I have to.” His words chilled my bones.

“Make yourself comfortable on the doorstep then.” I hung up.

I had reached the bottom of the staircase by now, the last thing I had to do was walk a few steps down the hall into the lounge and then in a loop round to the kitchen where I would then have a dead run across the backyard. Peering round the corner I squinted down the hallway towards the front door where I could just see Harry’s black silhouette through the glass panel on the left side of the door. I leant back, pressing my back against the wall. Squeezing my eyes shut I silently prepared for the most terrifying part of my mission, being in his line of sight for a few moments whilst I crossed the hall.

My eyes blinked open again as I pushed myself off the wall. Taking another deep breath I stepped down the final step down and onto the wooden floorboards. I winced as they creaked underfoot, the sound curdled my blood as it broke the deadly silence. I didn’t dare seal a glance at Harry, I was praying he couldn’t see me, but I didn’t want to look to find out.

I kept my back pressed firmly against the wall as I slunk down the hall with light feet. My breathing was heavy despite the attempts I made to keep calm and control my pounding heart. My eyes were set on the doorframe in which marked the entrance to the lounge and in one quick leap I crossed the hall and slipped into it.

My shoulders relaxed a little knowing there wasn’t much further to go before I could find sanctuary within the trees. Still moving quietly I slipped into the kitchen heading straight to the back door. My fingers gripped the door handle as I jangled it hurriedly becoming slightly more desperate to escape. With one final swift tug I yanked it open, a scream falling from my lips as my phone clattered to the ground. Harry loomed above me wearing his usual sly smirk as he gazed down at me mockingly.

 "You’re smart, but not quite smart enough." Harry grinned smugly. "Next time, don’t make sudden movements, I would have never seen you if you didn’t leap across the hall."

I couldn't move, my body was frozen to the spot as my mouth hung open in shock. I couldn’t help but feel disappointed, his comment deliberate just to make me know I was merely millimeters off making a successful escape. But it was soon overwhelmed by fear as Harrys features changed from amused to sullen. I watched as he stooped to collect my fallen iPhone, returning it to me before taking my forearm in his large hand.

"Let's go."

Harry tugged me outside, slamming the door closed behind us. Begrudgingly I was dragged along behind him, I had no other choice than to follow. I was lead round the side of the house, back round to the front lawn where Harry pulled me down the path and onto the pavement towards his intimidating, black car.

My eyes darted from left to right, trying to spot any form of escape route. Eventually that fell upon a house with several lights on, Lara’s house. It was only a few numbers down and if I made a break for it I could probably get there before Harry caught me, I just had to time it right.

A plan slowly formulated in my head as Harry opened the car door for me. He was slightly shocked when I obliged, my body falling into the seat before he closed the door. My fingers moved to the door handle as I watched him jog around to the other side of the car. Wait. His hand wrapped around the handle, yanking it open. Wait. He ducked to slip inside. Now!

The moment he sat down I shoved the door open, bolting out of my seat before he had the chance to stop me. My feet thumped along the pavement as I made my escape, eyes focused on the house down the road. I was glad that I had been gifted with the ability to run fast when I wanted to because it proved to be a valuable advantage in these kind of situations. A small smile crept up my face as the house drew closer. Fuck you Harry, I just out smarted you.

My smile faltered when I heard a second pair of feet charging after me, my short lived excitement quickly degrading. I stole a glimpse back, almost immediately wishing I hadn’t. Harry's strong arms grabbed me round the waist, bringing me to a sudden halt. I slammed into his muscular chest becoming trapped within his strong arms as they circled around me.

"Like I said before, smart but not smart enough." he whispered teasingly in my ear.

He carried me back down the street to where the car had been left with both its front doors hanging wide open. I didn’t bother protesting, it was a waste of energy because I knew I couldn’t beat him so there was no point in trying.

“Are you going to keep being difficult or have you given up yet?” Harry asked as we reached the intimidating black vehicle.

I rolled my eyes, shoving his chest in an attempt to get him to put me down. I was over trying to escape him, it just wasn’t worth it anymore. Harry set me down on my feet, pressing me back up against the car trapping me in between. His actions proved that he still didn’t trust me to not make another escape attempt even though it was pretty obvious I wasn’t going anywhere even if I tried.

Harry’s fingers brushed across my cheek, tucking a piece of hair that had come loose from my ponytail behind my ear. His touch lingered on my face, his fingertips sending shivers down my spine as I shied away. A wave of fear washed through me as his gaze caught mine, the swirling green of his eyes dark with a deep desire as he leant in to kiss me.

“Kiss me again and I’ll hit you right where it hurts.”

A smirk curled on his lips as he paused, our lips merely millimeters apart. I didn’t want to kiss Harry again, he’d done it once before and I did not find it at all pleasant. I was in no mood to take a stroll back down memory lane nor would I ever be. He was crude, controlling and forceful and I didn’t want him to come anywhere near me, but it’s just my luck that he does the exact opposite.

Harry leant in, using his head to nudge mine slightly over to the side as he pinned me against the car. I felt my heart begin to thud harder against my chest and my pulse quicken as an overwhelming fear consumed me. Soft curls brushed my cheek whilst he deliberately puffed his breath out over my ear, the sensation sending sharp bursts of disgust down my spine. I squeezed my eyes shut tight, trying to block out Harry’s presence. But I soon discovered that more difficult than expected as he was clouding my every sense.

“You are feisty for someone so innocent.” He purred.

My eyes snapped open upon hearing the passenger door being tugged open and Harry’s grip disappearing from my right wrist. The large palm in which still remained clasped round my wrist slipped down into my hand as he attempted to hold it. I was quick to snatch my hand back, just because I’d given up trying to escape him doesn’t mean I’m going to give him what he wants, let alone make things easy for him.

“Don’t touch me.” I snapped, shoving him in the chest before getting in the car and slamming the door roughly behind me.

I felt uneasy as Harry hopped in the car, the locking mechanism sounding once the door was closed behind me. I know he doesn’t trust me, but does he really think I’m going to jump out of a moving car, especially when he likes to drive over the speed limit. I really don’t think I’d kill myself just to get away from him, which would only be giving him the satisfaction of knowing he was so intimidating that it drove me crazy.

“You do know this is kidnapping right?” I asked, shooting him a glare as he focused his attention on the road.

“Not if I plan on returning you.” Harry smirks.

“Do you treat all the other girls you’ve been with like this?”

Harrys grin widened, the look on his face indicating that he found me rather amusing. My stomach churned as he stopped at a red light, putting the car into neutral before turning his head toward me.

“No.” Harry answered. “Most girls are willing to go out with me, but you, you’re much more fun.”

Well that’s a comforting thought, I think not. I can’t believe any girl would even want to willingly date Harry, he’s hollow, harsh, forceful, possessive, violent, should I continue? He’s an asshole and anyone who says different are either stupid or sluts that only care about looks rather than personality. Harry’s looks and personality are quite the opposite and I don’t know any sane person who would want to be anywhere near a guy like Harry.

“Where are you taking me?” I asked more seriously.

He didn’t need to reply, because but a second later we pulled up in front of a club. My stomach dropped as I stared at the building emitting flashing lights and blaring music. I don’t know why would Harry even bother to bring me here, I’m underage and the bouncer’s not going to let a seventeen year old girl in.

If I was too young that meant I couldn’t get into the club and I wouldn’t have to stay with Harry. The thought almost made me feel relieved, almost. I had an awful gut feeling that I was going to end up in that club whether I was eighteen or not. I’m not turning eighteen in the next few minutes so it looks like it’s going to be not.

I watched as Harry climbed out of the car and walked around to open my door whilst I didn’t move a muscle, not even to undo my seatbelt. I really didn’t want to go into that club, let alone with Harry, all I wanted was to go home and go to sleep where I know at least I can wake up from the nightmares he appears in. But this is reality and I’m here, living a nightmare, unable to wake up.

 "Come on." Harry commanded after tugging my door roughly open.


“You’re the most stubborn woman I have ever met.” He snarled. “First you don’t want to get in the car now you don’t want to get out.”

“Anything you want me to do, I want to do the opposite.” I snarled.

Harry shoved the door right open, giving him enough room to aggressively lean in over me, yanking my seatbelt off. A small yelp of surprise escaped my lips, his forceful actions had taken me slightly by surprise. However when he attempted to pull me from my seat I was much more expectant and better prepared. I dug my heels into the corners where the underside of the dashboard and the foot space met while my fingers curled tightly around the seat as I held on for dear life.

Harry grabbed one of my wrists, tugging my finger roughly away from where they were gripping the fabric of the seat. Once my hand was torn away from the seat, his free arm curled round my waist, practically dragging me from my seat  out into the cool night air. I squirmed in his arms a he closed the door, firmly holding onto me to prevent escape.

“Too fucking bad.” He growls, grabbing me a roughly by the wrist and dragging me unwillingly into the club.

I almost expected the bouncer to stop us as we walked towards the door, I wasn’t exactly dressed for clubbing and I’m pretty sure my simple outfit didn’t make me look like I was eighteen or over. However, Harry gave the guy a nod and we walked through with no problem at all. The simple gesture gave me all the knowledge I needed to realize he was either buddies with the bouncer or he knew the club owner, either of the two options were plausible.

My eyes darted around the large area within the doors as Harry pulled me close, tugging me through the crowd of dancing bodies, his grip tight as he didn’t want to lose me. The loud music blasting through the speakers was almost deafening and I was slightly relieved when Harry pulled me into a quieter private room.

Looking around this knew area made me feel rather nervous as the room was filled with multiple males lounging around on sofa chairs that ran horizontal to the back wall, alcoholic beverages in hand. I’d met a few of some of Harry’s so called friends and I highly doubted they were going to be any more pleasant than the first lot. A couple of tables were stationed around the room and my eyes caught sight of flash of red hair as I scanned the persons crowding around them. It turned out I wasn’t the only female here, there was another girl and she look just as uncomfortable as I felt which made me wonder if she had been brought here against her own will just as I had.

The large expanse of Harry’s hand pressed into my lower back, guiding me towards the table where the pretty redheaded girl sat. Numerous eyes fell upon me as we moved across the room, their gazes sickened me, their beady eyes raking up and down my body as if mentally undressing me. I shuddered as I noticed Adam the creepy dude I had unfortunately met sitting at our destined table, his eyelid dropping in a wink. I moved closer to Harry as Adam examined me. I less afraid of Harry than I was any other male in this room, although it was rather strange, I actually felt safe with Harry.

“Haz.” The dark hired ale sitting beside the girl greeted Harry.

“Ben.” A nod of acknowledgement was given in return.

Harry gave the two males sitting on one side of the redhead girl a threatening look and I watched as the two of them quickly gave up their chairs, hurrying away before Harry got the chance to hurt them. I was forced to sit, thankful that he’d seated me beside the girl rather than Adam who was still staring at me perversely. Harry took a seat beside me, his body now a barrier between Adam and I which I was glad of as the guy quite seriously terrified me with his creepy looks and flirtatious efforts.

“Nice to see you again, Natalie.” Adam gave me a sickening smile that sent a wave of terror throughout my entirety, evoking the speed my heart beat and the heaviness of my short breath. “You have quite the mouth, didn’t expect anything quite like what you said yesterday from a frigid little bitch like you.”

My body stiffened upon hearing his insult and I watched fearfully as Harry got to his feet, shoving the chair out behind him. The collar of Adam’s shirt was grasped tightly between long fingers, Harry’s teeth gritted as he got right in Adam’s face.

“I suggest you keep your mouth shut, Adam or I swear to god, I’ll fucking end you.” Harry threatens.

“Harry.” The girl sitting beside me warns.

I watch as the two males lock eyes for a few more moments until Harry finally releases Adam from his angry grip. It surprises me that Harry doesn’t appear to be furious with what I said yesterday, yet Adam is, but maybe that’s just because he doesn’t care because he is a heartless monster with no emotions that cares about no one, not even himself. Harry sat down again, watching Adam carefully unsure of whether he would speak again with some other crude insults towards me.

“Hey, I’m Tori since Harry’s too rude to introduce us.” The redhead girl smiled from beside me. “And this is my boyfriend Ben.”

The boy beside her gave me a smile and a small wave, his bright blue eyes warm and friendly unlike the other males in this room. I had been wrong about Tori being brought here against her will but I guess you’d still be uncomfortable around all these creepy guys. I wonder why they’re even here, they seem too nice to be friends with Harry or anyone else her, they’re the only normal ones the rest are completely terrifying.

“I’m Natalie.” I introduce myself.

I couldn’t help but notice how pretty Tori was, her natural light reddish brown coloured hair framed her face in long curls that fell past her shoulders down halfway down her back. Her body was adorned with an ocean blue dress, little blue embroidered flowers swirled on the chiffon material covering her chest. The dress really suited her, it hugged her curves nicely, falling mid-thigh and the colour really brought out the deep blue in her pretty eyes.

“You have no idea how glad I am that you’re here, I always end up sitting here awkwardly trying to ignore the conversations guys bring up about whose dick’s bigger and how many girls they’ve slept with.” She rolled her eyes.

I couldn’t help but let out a laugh, it came as no surprise that these males would discuss topics such as the ones Tori mentioned. They were vulgar, crude and obviously in contest with one another. I was also glad for the presence of another female, I don’t think I would be able to survive listening to conversations such as those, I’d probably throw up. It had become very clear to me now that if I was going to survive life here in Cheshire I was going to need friends that were female, ninety percent of males here are man-whores.

“So are you like friends with Harry?” I asked curiously.

Tori and Ben didn’t really appear to be the kind of people who slept around considering they’re in a relationship after all. I don’t understand how they’d be mixed up with a guy like Harry and end up hanging around with a bunch of guys like these. I didn’t really make much sense.

“Yeah, I met him in the back alley behind this club, I was almost raped by some drunk guy, but he saved me.” She speaks in a low whisper. “He introduced me to Ben a while ago.”

I was quietly shocked by this new information, never in a million years would I have thought Harry would actually save someone from being raped, he was the guy I thought would be doing the raping. Maybe somewhere deep within him he has a tiny little heart, no bigger than a pinhead.


"Yeah, he is an asshole, but he’s not quite as bad as he seems." She spoke as if reading my mind.

"He has anger issues too and he doesn’t know what leave me alone means." I let out a heavy sigh, glancing over at the curly haired male.

"He likes you." she whispered quietly in my ear.




To be honest, I actually wasn’t having too bad a time. Tori and I got on really well and we ended up exchanging numbers, she was really nice and Ben was cool too, not like the rest of the jerks round here, he wasn't all creepy and sleazy. Ben was a genuine friendly guy, loyal to his girlfriend.

"We better get going now." Ben announced standing from the table "It was nice meeting you."

My heart sank a little realizing they were leaving me with a bunch of sleazy guys who were too interested in me for my liking. It also sucked because now I had no one to talk too and I wasn’t about to strike up a conversation with a random man-slut, I don’t think that would end well. I’d probably say hi and they’d think it was a free offer for a fuck session. No, I think I’ll stay over here and keep my trap shut.

As the night went on guys started leaving the table to go dance, or in other words, to go try and rape some poor girl. They kept disappearing until it was only Harry and I left. I could feel his intense gaze on me as I busied myself with my phone, playing temple run. I was bored and really just wanted to go home and fall asleep, if Harry was trying to get me interested in him, boring me out of my mind wasn’t the way to do it.

"I'll go get us some drinks.” Harry announces. “I'll be right back."

I watch as Harry pushes his chair out, getting to his feet before exiting the room, leaving me alone to my own thoughts. Releasing a loud sigh I start another run on my phone, I think I might die of boredom. My finger swiped the screen left right, up and down as I attempt to evade the giant monkeylike creature chasing me. As I was so absorbed in my game I didn’t notice someone enter the room until they pushed there chair right up beside me.

“Hello Natalie.” The voice snarled maliciously.

My breath hitched in my throat as my phone fell from my hand, clattering against the table. Adam’s face was so close to mine that I could smell his breath. It stank of alcohol, the strong smell causing me to wrinkle my nose as I inhaled.  I wanted to run, run as far away as possible from this filthy man, but I as petrified with fear, my body rigid, unable to move.

"So your Harry's girl now?" He asked shuffling closer to me.

“No.” I was no one’s girl, especially not Harry's.

"Good, that makes it easier then, doesn’t it.” Adam hummed in my ear as he ran a hand up my thigh.

Suddenly I broke out of my motionless trace, his touch causing me to jump up, trying to get as far away from him as possible. I didn’t want to be touched by anyone, but I’d rather have Harry touching me because I know he’s not going to hurt me now, not after what Tori told me. Adam however, he was disgusting and I could see in his demon like eyes that his intentions were not good natured.

"Don't touch me" I spat.

I watched in fear as Adam stood from his seat, a malicious smirk spreading across his face as he moved towards me. Panic sprang in my chest when my brain registered to the act that he was getting closer and closer. I began backing away, trying to put as much distance between Adam and I as possible. I needed Harry to come back and I needed him to come back now or I was going to end up a dead man.

I kept backing up until my back my back hit the wall a sharp gasp was sucked in as I realized there was nowhere left to run. The smirk on Adam’s cruel face widened as I gulped fearfully, his body getting closer as I became frozen to the spot again for the second time in mere minutes. My heart was in my mouth, chest heaving up and down as I gasped for what little air I could, hoping if I got enough id be able to move my fear stricken body. I let out a whimper Adam grabbed my wrists pinning them roughly above my head, causing a searing pain to shoot down my arms.

I cried out in agony as Adam pressed his hips hard against mine, in the same way Harry did only more painfully. Fear and pain coursed through my veins as he pressed even further against me, his rough hands squeezing my wrists so tightly that I thought they might fall off. More whimpers trembled from my lips, falling into the air around us.

"I know why Harry’s so desperate for you.” Adam Laughed. “You’re so innocent, I bet you haven’t even seen a dick before. I’m going to change that.”

Alarm bells were ringing in my head, I needed out and I needed out now so I did the only thing that came to my mind.

"HARRY" I screamed as loud as I could.             

“Shut up" Adam growled.

His hips dug further into mine, cutting my scream short. Tears glistened in my eyes from the intensity of the pain and my lip was taken between my teeth as I squeezed my eyes closed in an attempt to block out the pain.

“I’m going to make you hurt.”

 "I can make you feel good, better then Harry can." He growled.

"Harry." I tried to scream again but my voice only came out as a quiet whimper.

Just when I thought I was done for, the pressure of Adams body was lifted from me and I was free to move. I opened my eyes, Harry's face appearing right in front of mine, a look of concern written all over his features.

"Are you alright?" he asked, the tips of his fingers gently brushing over my bare arm.

I couldn’t help but peer over Harry’s shoulder to see what had happened to Adam. His body was slumped against the foot of the table a broken chair lying beneath him. I shuddered at the thought of what might have happened if things went any further. God knows what Adam would have done to me if Harry hadn’t stopped him.

Before I could stop myself I threw my arms round Harry’s neck, burying my face in his shoulder. He saved me from being raped by Adam and he had saved Tori from being raped, it wouldn’t surprise me if both rape attempts were by Adam but maybe, just maybe Harry wasn’t as bad as he seems. My fingers fisted the back of his shirt as I clutched onto him tightly, I was so grateful to him for saving me from Adam.

“Hey, it’s alright, I’m not going to let him touch you again.” Harry softly whispered in my ear and I believed him.

A small gasp escaped my mouth as Harry leaned down, nudging my head slightly to the side as he pressed his lips to the crook of my neck. He was gentle this time, unlike the other times he had attacked my neck. They moved gently among my skin, his mouth doing the opposite of abusing my neck with any harsh sucking or the painful nibbling of his teeth, he left only wet kisses in the wake of his soothing lips.

I surprised myself when I made no attempt to push him away, letting him pepper my neck with opened mouth kisses. I was unsure why I was allowing him to do this, either because I was still in shock or I actually liked the feeling of his warm lips against my cool skin, though I would never admit it. My eyes fluttered closed as Harry held my hips, bringing me closer to his body. I breathed deeply trying to calm my racing heart though it was made difficult as Harry’s movements only seemed to increase its rapid beat even farther.

A creaking sound from over Harry’s shoulder and I was suddenly aware of Adam’s presence. My eyes snapped open to see Adam with a raised fist, obviously intended to strike the back of Harry’s head.

“Look out!” I screamed, shoving Harry to the right as I ducked down.

Adam’s knuckles connected with the back wall with a sickening crack. He swore under his breath before looking down at me where I crouched just by his feet. My lip quivered fearfully as he reached down, grasping the front of my shirt, smearing crimson blood from his split knuckles across the white lace. The front of my shirt tore open as Adam roughly yanked me to my feet.

“Get the fuck away from her!” Harry yelled, sending a heavy punch to Adam’s gut.

I darted towards Harry as Adam doubled over, releasing my shirt in which gave me just enough time to escape. Once close enough, Harry grabbed my wrist, pulling me behind his lean body. He stood tall, his body protectively shielding me from Adam as I peeked over his shoulder.

“Come on Haz.” Adam joked. “I was just having a little fun, it’s not like you don’t want to, mate.”

Adam gave me a twisted look, his lips tugging upwards in a sickening smirk. My arms wound round Harry’s waist as I buried my face in the back of his shirt to avoid having to look at Adam as he stared at me with such a petrifying look.

“Not with her.” Harry snarled. “She’s mine.”

I could tell he was angry as I peeked up at him. His jaw was clenched, fists straining at his sides as he restrained himself from taking a swing at Adam. I watched as he dug a hand in his jean pocket, fumbling for a moment before producing his car keys from within the depths. He pried my arms from round his waist, turning slightly to face me whilst still keeping an eye on Adam.

“Go wait in the car.” He ordered, pressing the keys into the palm of my hand.

“No.” I shook my head. “Please don’t fight him.”

I didn’t want this to happen, I didn’t want Harry and Adam to brawl over me and I wasn’t going to wait in the car whilst they fought. I hate fights, I don’t understand why boys can’t just walk away and be the better man. They’re worried that if they don’t fight their pride will be hurt. Boys and their stupid arrogance.

“Go!” He yelled.

I jumped in fright, this time obeying his commands and turning towards the exit back into the crowded club. Moving quickly I slipped out of the private room into the stuffy atmosphere of the club. Grasping Harry’s keys tightly between my fingers I delved into the crowd of sweaty bodies grinding on one another in time to the heavy beat of the deafening music. I was about halfway to the exit when a clammy palm wrapped around my bicep, preventing me from moving any further. I turned to face my captor, realizing it was one of the guys who was in the private room with us earlier.

“Where are you going?” The male questioned “I don’t think Haz will be very pleased if he finds out you ran off.”

The man guided me back the way had come, I was quietly glad he had found me because I didn’t want to sit in the car and wait for Harry to return bruised and bloody, I wanted to end the fight before the inevitable could occur.

I was too late though, the first thing I noticed when we entered the room was crimson red blood pouring from Adam’s nose, trickling down onto his lips and dripping off his chin, splattering the carpet with red. The two males circled one another, watching intently to see who would make the next move. Harry’s darkened eyes us ablaze with angry fire as he stared Adam down. His gaze however was averted as I reappeared in the room and Adam took Harry’s moment of distraction as the perfect opportunity to throw a punch.

I gasped as Adam’s clenched fist hit Harry square in the face, he stumbled back slightly with the force of the blow before quickly regaining his balance. I watched mortified as Harry ran at Adam, lowering his shoulder as he went in for a tackle. He collided with Adam at full speed, sending them both flying across the room. Adam’s back smashed into a table the impact breaking the cheap wood right through, sending splinters up into the air as the two males crashed to the floor between the broken bits of wood.

Harry and Adam wrestled on the floor, fists repeatedly trying to evoke pain as they both blocked and parried punches that could do quite serious damage. Harry let out a groan as Adam kneed him in the groin. I watched as Adam scrambled to his feet giving me a good view of his bloody face. He spat out a mouthful of blood, using his shirt to wipe it from his face. I couldn’t help but feel sorry for the cub owner who would have to get new tables, chairs and carpet. The two brawling males had practically destroyed this place.

In the time Adam took to wipe the blood from his face Harry had gotten to his feet. Before Adam could react Harry’s fist smashed into his face. Adam stumbled back, his body slumping against the wall. Harry didn’t hesitate in bringing his knee up into Adam’s gut causing him to cry out in agony. I watched as Harry brought his fist down again, the strength in his arm causing further damage to Adam’s face. My eyes widened as I witnessed Harry climb on top of his near unconscious opponent.

“Do something!” I pleaded with the male who had brought me back here as Harry’s fist repeatedly pounded into Jake.

The man looked at me with frightened eyes as he turned his attention away from the violent scrap. I couldn’t watch this any longer, if Harry wasn’t stopped he was going to kill Adam. I despised the man who only minutes ago had attempted to rape me, but I didn’t want to see him murdered by Harry’s hand.

“I’m sorry, I can’t.” The man looked at me apologetically. “They’ll beat me up too.”

I watched as the coward quickly turned around, hurrying out of the private room leaving me alone with the two violent males. I turned my attention back to Harry and Adam knowing I had to step in now or this would turn into a crime scene and I didn’t want to be a murder witness. My heart thudded rapidly in my chest as I ran across the room, grasping the back of Harry’s shirt as I attempted to pull him off. He wouldn’t budge.

“Stop it Harry!” I yelled, wrapping my fingers round the strained muscle a he lifted it again, ready to throw another punch. “You’re going to kill him!”

Harry looked at me momentarily his eyes dark with rage as he ripped his arm from my grip, his fist hammering into Adam’s face one again. I took a step back, eyes wide as I watched him beat the life out of Adam. I had now witnessed firsthand why people fear him so much.

I immediately started to panic as I looked at Adam’s blood slick face, Harry needed to be stopped now or I was actually going to end up in court as a murder witness. My mind raced but I couldn’t think of any way to stop Harry, he was too strong that’s why I needed that guy to help me but he was a coward and ran off.

“What’s going on?!” A familiar voice called.

My head snapped around towards the person who had just spoken and a sudden wave of relief washed over me when I saw Niall and a few guys that I figured must be his friends standing beside him.

“Oh God! Please stop him!” I cried out, pointing to Harry.

Niall and his friends moved quickly, darting over to Harry who was still throwing violent punches at Adam who I couldn’t believe was still conscious. It took all four of them to pull Harry off, one on each arm and two round his middle. He thrashed about, straining to break free and lay his fists into Adam again, but they held him back.

I followed them as they dragged Harry out of the club, crossing my arms over my chest to hide my bra that I had suddenly realized was peeking out of my torn shirt. A string of cuss words fell from Harry’s mouth as the four boys continued to pull him down an alley behind the club.

“I’m going to fucking kill him!” Harry yelled into the night air, his muscles contorting as he tried to break free of their tight grip.

“Calm down, man.” Niall’s friend with the dark perfectly quiffed hair spoke.

Harry was pushed down onto a couple of stairs protruding from the back of the club where he was forced to calm down. Niall’s three friends crowded around him preventing him from running off to hunt Adam down again. I breathed out a sigh of relief as my heart finally started to slow down and my rapid breathing evened out.

“You alright?” Niall asked.

“Yeah.” I nodded my head. “Thanks for your help.”

It frightens me to think of what might have happened if Niall hadn’t showed up. Harry probably would’ve gone and beaten him to a pulp and I’m glad I didn’t have to witness that. What Jodie had said was rue, Harry was violent and he was dangerous and that was as clear as crystal to me now.

“No problem.” He smiles. “I’ll take you home.”

“No!” Harry shoots up, shoving the three boys standing before him aside. “Natalie stays with me.”

Niall looks at me questioningly and I give him a small nod to say that it’s alright for him to go. I need to make sure Harry doesn’t go after Adam again because I know he will if I leave with Niall. The only way to prevent from doing that is to go with him. Besides I’m too shaken up to go home when I know mum’s not there. Horrifying thoughts of Adam will spring to mind and I don’t want to be alone. With Harry I actually feel surprisingly safe, despite watching him nearly kill a guy.

“Come on.” Harry growls, grasping my hand and pulling me away from Niall and his friends.

Over my shoulder I mouth a thank you too all of them before Harry tugs me round the corner back onto the street. I make a mental note to find Niall at school and thank him and his friends properly because Harry is too damn rude to wait a minute.

Harry took his keys from me once we reached the car, his fingers rough against my palms as they lightly brushed over my skin. He pushed the unlock button and I watched as the headlights lit up, signalling the doors were now open. Harry helped me into my seat as I kept my free hand clasped over the torn fabric, keeping my chest covered. Once Harry was inside he locked us in, still worried I’d make a run for it after the earlier events of this evening. I was too tired to run anymore, there was absolutely no point because I knew he would catch me.

“Do you want me to take you home?” Harry asked as he wiped is bloody knuckles on the front of his shirt, smearing crimson across the fabric.

“No.” I shook my head. “My mum’s not at me and I don’t want to be alone.”

Harry reaches across, taking my hand in his larger one. A soft kiss was pressed to the back of my hand before he lowered it to his lap, soothingly rubbing circles into my skin using his thumb.

“You can stay with me tonight.” He whispers as a frightened tear trickles down my cheek. “Hey, it’s alright, I’ll keep you safe.”

And I believed him.

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