The Honeybee

Will Christmas ever be the same for her
*I didn't give the main character a name because that makes it easier to put yourself in her shoes so you can really understand how she feels throughout the story.


3. What now?

The funeral was set for two days after Boxing Day. Me, mum and Alice spent Christmas Day huddled in moms bed. Not talking. Occasionally one of us would start crying. It was a gasping sort of cry, one I hadn't heard until that point. It wasn't even sadness, it was desperation. The turkey was left sat in the fridge along with the usual cheap champagne. And the presents, they stayed under the tree, remaining untouched until after New Years. On Boxing day, our relatives came and went. I couldn't tell you what they said because I can't remember. I was stuck in a daze. We all were. On the day of the funeral, I woke up from a nightmare at 2am and didn't get back to sleep. I just lay in bed staring at the ceiling, not even thinking. I was just empty. At 8:30, I climbed out of bed and brushed my hair. Pulled on my black dress and cardigan with matching black tights. I walked to my desk and glared at my necklace. It was a small silver honeybee on a silver chain. My dad had a matching honeybee charm that he always kept in his pocket. He had it with him during the crash but..they didn't find it. Alice also had a necklace, but hers was a butterfly charm. They had found dads matching butterfly charm in his jacket. Now she wears both charms on one chain. I needed mine, but it was nowhere in the crash site. I needed it to feel close to him, just for a little while. I left my necklace on the desk. I went downstairs, greeted by the site of my mom standing at the window with an unreadable expression on her face and Alice sitting at the table, gazing into her uneaten, soggy cornflakes like they held the secret to the meaning of life. Neither of them said anything as I went into the closet and pulled out dads favourite pair of shoes. My dads patent black classic Doc Martins. They had been his prize possession. They were 3 sizes too big for me but I stuffed a few pairs of socks into the gaps so my feet wouldn't fall out of them. When the long black car arrived at the house to take us too the church, my mom and Alice both simply looked at my shoes, nodded, and each took one of my hands. We walked towards the car.

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