Hidden (16+)


2. Chapter 2: Alpha?

Hidden: CHAPTER 2:

Previously in Hidden

'That was close, but how did they get in? That girl must've seduced one of the stupid mutts, they were easy to convince anyways' I thought walking away from the smell of blood.

The smell of blood vanished but to only be replaced with the disgusting smell of a vampire, I turn around slowly acting scared. The vampire smirked and walked closer to me

"Don't be scared beautiful I'm just thirsty" he said walking towards me. I shudder at his disgustingness, with vampire speed he's behind me tilting my head to the side. I grab him by the neck and swing him over me, his eyes go wide but then gets replaced with bloodlust. He get ups and slams me into a tree, I growl and touch his chest. My hand starts to glow, soon later he starts to glow slowly burning inside. He struggles to get away but my force on him is too strong, he lets out a scream and turns to ashes. I kick his ashes and with my vampire speed run off incase someone heard him, as I'm speeding off I hear paws rushing behind me. I hiss feeling my bones stretching, some shrinking, and others disappearing, my paws hit the floor and with lighting speed I dash through the dark woods. I feel someone hot on my tail,I run for a good mile but as I try to go faster the dog tackles me the ground. I growl setting my eyes on the attacker, this wolf has dark brown fur with brown eyes. I growl ready to attack, the wolf turns human and leans against a tree. I turn to my human form and hiss

"What do you want?" I cross my arms

"Well your on my territory" a handsome boy with a deep voice answered

I huffed "well I'll leave if you want I don't want trouble with a bunch of mutts" I turned around starting to walk away

He chuckled "you have no respect for people what are you? A rouge? A runaway?" His voice full of amusement

I gasp turning to look at him "you should be bowing down to me you stupid mutt, you might be an alpha, beta or whatever you are but you are to bow down to a goddess" I spat, his eyes glow with happiness. I groan and start pulling the roots of my hair, I always do that when I'm frustrated.

"Aren't you a pretty girl" he smiled, I look at him shocked. 'What the hell' I thought 'this boy is just amazing, handsome but so different' my thoughts kept going, my eyes travel his body. he's muscular with messy brown hair, pink plum lips, blue eyes, and very tall

"Like what you see" he smirked, I huff

"Yeah you wish" I bite my lip to hold back a giggle. His eyes go to my lips, I lick my lips playfully

"First you attack me now your seducing me?" He laughed, my mouth falls open

"Excuse me but you attacked me and your the one flirting here soo" I put my hand on my right hip leaning to my right. He nodded his head smiling

I smile "what's so funny it's true!"

He throws his head back laughing, I pout. He grabbed his sides laughing harder, he calmed down gasping for air. He was completely red

"Well what's your name beautiful" he said sitting down, I looked down at my feet 'should I lie? Will he know who I am? Of course he will! He's an alpha. Oh well I think. What do I d-' my thoughts were disturbed by being pulled down to the ground, I gasped falling on his lap. He groaned, my eyes wide.

"I'm so sorry! I-" I get cut off again

"What's your name?" He asked again, I wiggled in his lap. He closed his eyes, mouth partly open. His heartbeat quickened a growl left his lips, I stopped noticing why he growled. My cheeks turned crimson red, he looked at me shyly. I covered my face blushing, it suddenly got hot around us. His deep breaths filled my ears, sending a shiver down my spine. I look at him, his eyes darker than usual.

"What's your name" his voice low, I bite my lip

"Aurora, Aurora Chase" I said looking at his lips. He smiled "such a beautiful name you have" his heartbeat went back to normal, I smiled.

'Thank god he doesn't know who I am' I sighed smiling

'Oh course he didn't you idiot! You use to live around the world!' My wolf spat

'Oh shut it stupid mutt' I spat back

'He likes you' she responded

'I doubt it' I mentally sigh

"What's your name?" I ask looking up at the stars, he smiled before answering

"Im Jake, Alpha of the Winter Snow Pack" he said proudly

I gasped "alpha?!"


I know the chapters are short but they will get longer when I start writing more.




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