Hidden (16+)


1. Chapter 1: Aurora Chase

Leaves crunch far from me. Heavy footsteps come toward me. I open my eyes sitting up, Shit, I got up in a swift movement grabbing my belonging and climbed the tree

'How did they find me?!' I whispered clearly frustrated. This place was protected by a pack of werewolves, how did they trespass?

The footsteps became faster, the smell of humans came near, I focused on the fire I made. The wind over powered the fire and the flames disappeared, I heard muffled voices not so far away. Using my super hearing, I cleared the voices

"She must be here somewhere!" A female voice,

"calm down we'll find her and become immortal!" A male voice.

"Your crazy" another female voice said

"Oh shut up! Lily don't you want to be immortal" another male voice

There must be atleast 4 humans coming my way. That's going to be easy. I blended into the darkness. The four humans stopped under me. They looked around pointing their flashlights everywhere, I smirked and threw a rock full force to the female with dark purple hair. Everyone gasped as she fell to the floor with a thump, I jump from the tree to another without a single sound. They looked at the girl filled with blood, my throat went dry, my nails grow going through the wood. I shake my head pushing back the thirst, I kept jumping trees until I was out of the light of their flashlights

'That was close, but how did they get in? That girl must've seduced one of the stupid mutts, they were easy to convince anyways' I thought walking away from the smell of blood.

I didn't quiet tell you who I am. My name is Aurora, Aurora Chase. The girl with the beautiful long orange almost red hair with white tips, almost red lips, grey/white eyes, 5ft 6', long legs, medium breast, muscular but feminine muscles, a tattoo running down my back that heats up when I'm in danger, and another tattoo running up my right ankle to my high thigh that gives me the power to seduce and indicates beauty. I'm not the typical girl, what I mean is that I'm not normal, nothing around me is, well I guess you can already tell by now. I'm a goddess hybrid with vampire/werewolf; My mom was a goddess and my dad was a important Vampire and an Alpha. I was trained by the goddesses. Only my werewolf side shows mostly, I never really used my vampire side. That side is dark and evil. I get my powers from the goddesses, my god powers are stronger than my vampire/wolf powers. Since I inherited more of my mothers side. All my life I've been in hiding, hiding from my family; friends; enemies; the vampires; werewolf's; witches; everybody. For reasons I don't want to talk about, I know someone is going to find me eventually but until that moment, I'll live in hiding. I'm the most skilled fighter there is and always will be because of what I am. I am currently hiding in a small town in California, the small town where the Winter Snow Pack lives. Once I get noticed I'll leave and continue my journey but until then I'm stuck here


So what do you guys think? I'm new so please give me some slack :) anyways




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