Santa's Little Helper (short story)

This is for the Advent Calender Christmas competition.
Joy is a little girl. With a big goal. She plans to stay up all night to see Santa. THE Santa Claus. Jolly Ol' St. Nick, Kris Kringle. And even a reindeer or two...


2. Two

Joy peaked over the side of the wall. There, was a man. He had a white curly beard, with watery blue eyes full of glee and happiness. He had rosy red cheeks, and long curly hair, matching his beard. His nose was like a cherry. Joy walked up to him.

"Santa..." She started, looking from his black tipped boots to his capped head. The brass buttons om his suit reflected the bright lights of the tree. Santa, pulling presents out of his bulging sack, looked down at the young girl, and ruffled her golden hair.

"Yes, my little Joy?" He asked, his voice loud and singsongy. Joy focused on the cookies, forgotten on the table.

"First, eat your cookies and milk." She said, shoving the plate towards him. Santa ate a few, then stuffed some in his pocket. When Joy looked at him with wide eyes, he smiled. 

"For the reindeer." He whispered. He drank the milk, then checked the time. "Oh dear." He quietly said, his face dropping. "I'm late. I'm fifty houses behind schedule. 

"Santa, could I help?" Joy asked, brave and sure.

"Why, I think you can." He answered. "I'll give you Rudolph, the night clear enough. You can get the ones I missed. Rudolph is old enough that you won't be out on your own. He'll guide you. Rudolph will then take you to my sleigh, and you can help me!" Santa said, at the chimney.  Joy climbed up his back, and before she could could say, 'Frosty the Snowman' she was on the roof.

Santa started unhooking  the clasp of Rudolph's collar. Joy shakily climbed onto his back, and they were off. She had a backpack, usonh the same magical properties as Santa's bag. She was to use it, and if used correctly, can finish a house in a minute.

"So, first time?" Rudolph said.

Joy shouted,  "Yes!" But they stopped conversation,  the wind louder than the conversation.

First house, and Joy was down the chimney, eating cookies and placing presents. A little boy, not much youmger than her, walked down the stairs.

"You're not Santa!" He said, rubbing his emerald eyes.

Joy's crystal blue eyes had a new twinkle to them. "No. I'm Santa's little helper. Call me Christmas Joy." She said, smiling, before she was up the chimney, and back on Rudolph's back.

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