Santa's Little Helper (short story)

This is for the Advent Calender Christmas competition.
Joy is a little girl. With a big goal. She plans to stay up all night to see Santa. THE Santa Claus. Jolly Ol' St. Nick, Kris Kringle. And even a reindeer or two...


1. One

Lights were scattered all up the trees. The golden yellows seemed to be chasing the midnight purples. The silver tinsel was dancing with the popcorn-cranberries. And the bright spring green spruce brought it all together.

"Mommy, is Santa coming tonight?" Joy asked. She was a simple little girl of seven. Her hair was golden blonde, her eyes a crystal blue.

"Well, dear, yes. Santa is going to come tonight. How about you choose one of my presents to open before you go to bed." Said Hazel. Hazel was Joy's mother, and single at that.

"Okay..." Joy yawned, grabbing a small little gift, one tucked away and hidden. Instead of gold-wrapped boxes, perfectly square shaped, this one was wrapped in newspaper, small and lumpy. "But you open mine first."

"Oh, shouldn't I wait until Christmas?"

"No. I have another one for you. This one is for today." Joy insisted, shoving it forward to her mother. Hazel reluctantly opened the package, being careful not to rip whatever was inside. And a small locket was there, one from Joy's younger days.

"My. When did you come across this?" Hazel feebly said in a whisper.

"Daddy gave it to me when I was little. But it's to big for me. And my teacher, Mrs. Goodridge, she put a picture of me inside it."

"This is more than I could have hoped for."

Joy then reached for a present, not to big, not to small, and carefully tore away the shimmering wrapping.

"Mommy! I love it! It's a dolly!" The doll had curly brown hair, and a pink smile. She had brown eyes, and a big red and green dress. A Christmas doll.

Joy yawned even louder, and climbed up the stairs. But this was only phase one of her brilliantly devised plan.

"I hope I don't get on the naughty list." She was going to stay up all night. She needed o see Santa. Or her name wasn't Joy Fletchy.

Joy quickly pulled back the covers. Her mother was fats asleep, and she heard something in the house. Maybe a jolly something. Or someone.

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