Is Santa Claus Real?

I wrote this to be part of the first Movellas Christmas Story competition in 2013.
It was based on a picture of Santa standing near a tree and placing presents under the tree.
My story is about a little boy and him staying up to see Santa and actually finding him.
It is only a short story.


2. The Surprise

I blinked once, twice, three times. It couldn’t be real. My parents had always told me that Santa Claus wasn’t real; he was a figment of young children’s imagination, placed there by deceiving parents. But the sight before my eyes suggested otherwise.   I stared at the huge red figure in front of me. His great big black boots covered in soot, the red trousers tucked into them and fastened with a black belt that had a gold buckle. The gold buckle sparkled in the candle light and glimmered brightly. His jacket matched his trousers and bulged over his seemingly gigantic stomach. On top of all this was a white beard that looked soft and silky and was framing a small rosy red mouth which was grinning happily. His eyes were blue and shone out of his face like diamonds in a coal mine. He looked quite a jolly old fellow really.   As though he had sensed my presence, he turned his head towards the door where I had hidden behind and I darted out of sight as quick as a mouse. I couldn't risk this magnificent figure noticing me. When he saw nothing was there he turned back to what he was doing and I peeped round the corner of the door.   Then it hit me. This was him. This was the Father Christmas . The Santa Claus. And he was in my living room!
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