Is Santa Claus Real?

I wrote this to be part of the first Movellas Christmas Story competition in 2013.
It was based on a picture of Santa standing near a tree and placing presents under the tree.
My story is about a little boy and him staying up to see Santa and actually finding him.
It is only a short story.


3. But is Santa Claus Real?

I watched as, one by one, he took presents out of his huge black sack and placed them around the Christmas tree which me and my little sister, Bethany, had decorated two weeks ago.There were big boxes and small round parcels, soft parcels and flexible parcels, misshapen parcels and a few envelopes.

I watched in amazement as all these gifts were brought out and neatly arranged in perfect symmetry beneath the tree. I wondered which presents would be for me, which for Bethany and which for Mummy and Daddy.

It was going to be such a fun day tomorrow. I couldn't wait.

Just as I thought I should go back to bed, to the warmth of my duvet and blanket, a voice called out my name.


I froze to the spot, my body was unable to move.

"Matt, I have something for you."

A head appeared around the side of the living room door, one with a white beard and sparkling blue eyes. I gasped as I realised this was Santa Claus and that he was talking to me.

"What ... What is it?" I stammered.

"Just a little gift to remind you of our meeting tonight. Something to tell you that, even when you are old and frail, I am real. That I do exist."

And with that he placed a small parcel in my hand and walked back into the living room before disappearing up the chimney.

I looked down at the present. It was wrapped in gold paper and had a silver ribbon.

I'll open it in the morning, I thought, as I silently crept back to my room and stashed the present into my wardrobe.

I fell asleep instantly. I think I dreamt of meeting Santa Claus but I can't be sure.


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