The Last present

Just a short story for the movellas advent calendar competition. I hope you like it!
Its Christmas eve, and one little girl just has to stay up to say hello to Santa.


1. chapter 1

She sat, staring at the Christmas tree. It was beautiful, covered in baubles and tinsel. All colours sparkled, twinkling in the half light from the multi-coloured lights that were strung up all over the room. Her mother entered the room, looking around for her child.

“Mummy, mummy, whens Santa coming?” She asked, looking up at her mother with pleading eyes.

“I'm sorry honey, but he won’t be coming until you are asleep.”

“But mummy, you promised!” She whined.

“I know, but he just phoned to say he would be late.”


“Come on darling, its time to go to bed.”

“But its only seven mummy! I wanna stay up late and see Santa!” She cried.

“Sorry darling, but if you don’t go to sleep, Santa won’t be able to deliver all the presents.”

“But mummy, I want my presents, but I wanna see Santa!”

“Come on, I'm sure if you are asleep when he comes, he might leave a note.”

“Will he? Mummy, please say he will.”

“He will, I promise.”

“Ok mummy, Ill go to bed now. But you have to wake me straight away, I wanna see the note as soon as I wake up.”

“Don’t worry honey, I’ll wake you as soon as I wake up. I promise.”

“Ok mummy,  I’ll go to bed. Night night mummy.”

“Night night honey, sleep well.”

She went to her room and slipped under the covers, not bothering to change. She was determined to stay up all night. She shuffled around, trying to keep her tired eyes open. A moment later she was asleep.

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