Growing Up Crazy: A Batman Fanfiction {Book V in the Kids of Gotham Series}

It ain't easy being the kid of a crazy person, and nobody can tell you why better than the kids of Gotham. {Batman X Catwoman, Joker X Harley, Poison Ivy X Two Face, Baby Doll X Killer Croc, OCs. Rated Y for mild language and violence, mainly in later chapters as the children get older. Some Superman (Lois X Clark/Superman, Lex Luthor X Mercy) incorporated}


3. Chapter Two - Jess

Twelve-year-old Jessica Quinzell Nicholson - preferred name, Jess Quinn Niche - slipped into the abandoned building, more silent than a mouse. She hoped her twin sister, Jessica Moira Quinzell - preferred name, Jessica Quinzell - wasn't there yet. She had stuff to do, stuff she needed to get done alone.

4'11", slightly plump, and weighing in at 110 pounds (just over the average weight), Jess was a fairly happy girl. Nobody really made fun of her; they were afraid of invoking the wrath of her crazy parents with less-than-stellar reputations. She had a group of friends - mostly her parents' partners' kids - that she had grown up with, and an identical twin sister. The only thing she'd ever done to alter her appearance was straighten her naturally curly hair, and she'd been doing it since she was eight.

Her group - Deux Isley Dent, Alice Kingsley-Tetch, Chesire Kingsley-Tetch, Lacey Dahl, Jessica, and herself - had long ago made a pact that if anyone messed with any member of the Kids of Gotham (as they called themselves), all of the group would get involved - and if it came to it, get their parents (Joker, Harley Quinn, Poison Ivy, Two-Face, Mad Hatter, Baby Doll, and Killer Croc, respectively) to intervene. Of course, if the parents were called in, there'd almost definitely be a few deaths and at least one expulsion, so they needed to avoid that at all costs.

When Fleur Isley Dent was three and starting day care, she'd be a part of the pact too, but little kids probably couldn't do that much damage to the unshakable toddler's dignity.

Jess slipped into the elevator. It shook a lot going up and the elevator music sounded somewhat scratchy and reminded her of an abandoned circus, but she'd grown immune to fear as a young child. She was rarely scared. Except perhaps of circus clowns, which was ironic, embarrasing, and a big secret.

The main room was finally reached. The walls and ceiling and part of the floor were filled with posters of everything the twins liked, and beds facing each other - Jess's green and purple and Jessica's red and black. There were stuffed toys and beanbags scattered throughout the room, and Jess's iPad sat on one. There was only one window, and it was small - they could see out it, but none could see in it.

Jess ran to the corner and picked up her signature big red bag of explosives. She took a peek in. "Grenades, bombs, laughing gas, Joker toxin, nuke to only be used if desperate..." she muttered aloud to herself, taking account of her favorite tools. Finally, she pulled it over her shoulder and touched the pocket of the purple side of her denim shorts. Her signature butcher knife was there.

It was time for the second annual back-to-school one-girl heist.

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