Growing Up Crazy: A Batman Fanfiction {Book V in the Kids of Gotham Series}

It ain't easy being the kid of a crazy person, and nobody can tell you why better than the kids of Gotham. {Batman X Catwoman, Joker X Harley, Poison Ivy X Two Face, Baby Doll X Killer Croc, OCs. Rated Y for mild language and violence, mainly in later chapters as the children get older. Some Superman (Lois X Clark/Superman, Lex Luthor X Mercy) incorporated}


21. Chapter Twenty - Baxter

Baxter sat dejectedly in Wayne Manor, watching the news for any new information. Any at all. She had been missing for four days . . .

He felt himself lose hope as he rested his face on one of his fists. If she hadn't been found yet, she would probably never be found at all. The relationship was doomed anyway, he tried to comfort himself, but it did nothing to help. He loved her, whether it was logical or not . . . and he was devastated that he couldn't find her.

As the theme music for Gotham News at Nine began to play, Baxter was only half paying attention. Probably nothing new.

Story after story after story, nothing of interest besides the Joker and Harley Quinn killing at least seven civilians in their ruthless search for their older daughter, which Baxter could completely understand - he was tempted to go out, take hostages, and kill people to find her too.

Zoe Claypole - the woman on the news - was handed a piece of paper by someone offscreen. She read it over quickly, and looked up with a relieved expression.

"Gotham Front Street Hospital has stated that Jessica Theresa Quinzell Nicholson, the missing daughter of the Joker and Harleen Quinzell, came to the hospital at eleven o'clock last night. She has been treated for infected cuts on her face and self-done stitches, and is later going to get scanned for sexual abuse. She states that she was attacked while walking home four days ago, knocked out, and a smile was carved into her face; other details withheld. She is not currently willing to see any visitors aside from her twin sister and boyfriend, who will be called shortly. Now for Matt Silver with the weather . . ."

Baxter had already violently torn his cell phone from his jean pocket and was staring at it intently, waiting for the call that Zoe Claypole had just pretty much promised him. He didn't have to wait long; it began to play its ringtone after about two minutes.

He let it ring a little while; he didn't want to seem too eager. "Hello?" he finally answered, holding the phone to his ear.

"Baxter Wayne?" Commissioner Jim Gordon's voice was easily recognizable.

"Yes, sir." Baxter replied, impatiently reaching for his jacket.

Reluctantly, the Commissioner spoke again. "I trust you saw the news? Well, you're free to go see her any time you see fit."

"Thanks, sir." Baxter hung up the phone, placing it back in his pocket and sprinting out the door, just barely pausing to tell Alfred where he was going before resuming his journey to the hospital.

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