Growing Up Crazy: A Batman Fanfiction {Book V in the Kids of Gotham Series}

It ain't easy being the kid of a crazy person, and nobody can tell you why better than the kids of Gotham. {Batman X Catwoman, Joker X Harley, Poison Ivy X Two Face, Baby Doll X Killer Croc, OCs. Rated Y for mild language and violence, mainly in later chapters as the children get older. Some Superman (Lois X Clark/Superman, Lex Luthor X Mercy) incorporated}


11. Chapter Ten - Alice and Chesire

Alice had finally managed to chase off her younger brother.

She'd sent him on a wild goose chase to find the person that stole her vest. Of course, it was tucked safely away in her middle drawer, but she needed to chase the kid away. She needed to make sure there was no eavesdropping.

Alice was running away.

She loved her brother, adopted father, and friends. But she wanted to leave her identity as the March Hare behind. She wanted a new life, and the only way to do that was to run away from Gotham.

She walked to a pay phone.

"Hello, could you tell me when the next plane to Metropolis is? Just me. Alice Tetch. Yes, sir. No, sir. Thank you."

Little did she know that Chesire was watching.

I should go and tell Dad right this second. Chesire thought, but quickly decided against it. Alice had the strength to try and shake off how she'd been raised.

That took skill.

And for once, he wasn't going to get in her way.

As Alice began the walk home, Chesire began his - slightly more shady, a path his sister would never once take.

He was going to miss his sister, but he'd let her go.

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