Growing Up Crazy: A Batman Fanfiction {Book V in the Kids of Gotham Series}

It ain't easy being the kid of a crazy person, and nobody can tell you why better than the kids of Gotham. {Batman X Catwoman, Joker X Harley, Poison Ivy X Two Face, Baby Doll X Killer Croc, OCs. Rated Y for mild language and violence, mainly in later chapters as the children get older. Some Superman (Lois X Clark/Superman, Lex Luthor X Mercy) incorporated}


10. Chapter Nine - Deux

Deux knocked on the door of the Funhouse in the abandoned amusement park. This is where the Joker, Harley, and the twins made their home - and quite frankly, he was surprised they'd managed to live there thirteen years without someone knowing. The toxic dump his mother and sister lived in, that made sense, because nobody except the few that had the antidote could survive more than maybe twenty minutes without a gas-mask. His mfather moved from place to place constantly, taking Deux with him. Nobody dared enter the sewer where Killer Croc, Baby Doll, and Lacey lived. But the amusement park that the Clown Pack occupied with the Mad Hatter and his kids on the other side in the most obvious of hideouts? Why hadn't anyone thought of that?

Deux heard a familiar voice inside declare "I'll get it!" and Jessica cautiously opened the door, pointing her gun of laughing gas at him.

"Hi. Please put the gun down." Deux smiled a little.

"Hi, Deux." Jessica replied, tossing the gun behind her. A trait the twins shared was a natural immunity to the Joker toxin and most laughing gases, so she wasn't too worried about laughing to death.

"Is Jess home?" Deux asked quickly, trying hard to keep back his nervousness.

"Yeah, but she's in a lousy mood. Won't really talk to anyone. Not even Dad." Jessica rolled her eyes. They all knew that Jess was her father's favorite twin, and Jessica their mother's - and as a result, Jess was a daddy's girl. Jessica was a little more independent.

"Wow. What happened?"

Jessica shrugged. "Can I take a message?"

"Yeah. Can you give her this?" Deux handed her a note.

"Of course. See you tomorrow."

"See you tomorrow."

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