The Story of MY Life

"Written in these walls are the stories that I can't explain"
I wrote this for the story of my life contest. I wrote it in one day, so apologies for all the spelling errors or incorrect grammar. I've been thru a lot of shit in my life, and this basically sums it up. Telling you my story from beginning to the end.


1. Kindergarten to sixth grade

I was born mid July. Blonde hair blue eyes, I was a little fat baby.


During my 2 years of preschool I got sat in the corner all day. If I wouldn't talk and tell them the activity I wanted to do, I wouldn't be able to do anything at all. So I sat in a chair for hours just wanting to go home.


In kindergarten I still didn't talk. I ate inside with my teacher because her and my mother thought I would get bullied outside. I made a couple friends, I don't talk to them anymore, but they were my friends all thru elementary.


In first grade I did not like my teachers or classmates at all. I had two friends in there, one of them would tell me every day "If you talk out loud, we can have a pizza party." I never talked once. My friend anthony, who I still try keeping in touch with, didnt care if I spoke or not. My mom has pictures of me in first grade and in all of then he's right there. One of my favorite memories from first grade that I laugh at now was getting stuck in the closet. For a week we had minimum day, I dont know why but we did. And everybody was suppose to leave out the front door, but I would hide in the closet then sneak out the back, because that's where I it picked up. But one day my plan didn't go so well. There were other adults in the room, so I was waiting for them to leave before I walked out. Funny part was, they never left. I just sat there in the closet silent crying for about 20 minutes. Them the teacher heard sobs and started looking around. Basically what happened in the end was I didn't like her so I wouldn't let her hold my hand to help me find my mom, so I sat in the nurses office waiting for my mother to arrive. 


Second grade was pretty normal, I still never talked to anyone but made a couple friends. Third grade was partially different. I made myself a friend, and she would whisper to me trying to get a response, until one day she did. So my third grade was filled with whispers. Third grade was also spent drawing and writing, which I assumed was just third grade stuff. Some time last month my mother found my third grade journal. And apparently I wanted to run away. It says I wanted to run away, and nobody would ever notice because nobody liked me. My mom after reading that felt terrible so I told her I wrote that to see if she would go through my stuff, she believed it. I also started theripy that year, 3 days a week I would have it at school and once over the weekend I would go to a professional. Theripy lasted about 2 or 3 years.


Fourth and fifth grade. In fourth I was still whispering, but I made my best friend. She knew I didn't want to talk so she got me to loudly whisper. Fifth grade I was told to talk. My Spanish teacher did NOT support my no talking. So first I only talked quietly in there, until my best friend helped me come out of my shell. I talked to anyone and everyone and would not shut up. 


When sixth grade came around I got placed in class with my first boyfriend and best friend. She was like my big sister. We went to movies, hung out after school, went to concerts, we did everything together. When I told her I liked the cute kid who sat at the table next to me, she flipped and did every thing she could to hook us up. When he eventually did ask me out it was cute, we had a little wanna be elementary school relationship. I thought my life was perfect, until  Jr. High came around. My boy friend, and best friend weren't going to the same school. I broke things off with him and didn't want to say goodbye to her. I still see her once in a while, as for him, I haven't seen him since.

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