The Story of MY Life

"Written in these walls are the stories that I can't explain"
I wrote this for the story of my life contest. I wrote it in one day, so apologies for all the spelling errors or incorrect grammar. I've been thru a lot of shit in my life, and this basically sums it up. Telling you my story from beginning to the end.


2. Jr High

Jr. high was one of my best and worst years. 


In seventh grade I fell back into my quiet stage. It took me a couple months to open up and talk to people again. I had to make all new friends and I didn't know any of the teachers. Out of the 400 people going there, I knew two. She was pretty annoying and he became one of my closest friends. I made new friends as well, only 4 of them actually have background/meaning to me. One of those kids I met in theater, he was cocky but super nice. He gave me his number and we texted for a couple months and he eventually asked me out, I said yes. Then there was girl drama. Now I find this both stupid and funny now, but then I thought it was the end of my life. I had two best friends, both absolutely hated each other. One of them had told me I can't be friends with both, so I had to chose one. I chose the other, my reasoning was because she didn't make me chose. I got ignored for the rest of jr high because I didn't choose her. My decision then wasn't the best, but now I do not regret it. I grew closer with my best friend then imaginable. Until one day she told me she cut. I thought I was Einstien and told her to just stop. She didn't. One of my favorite memories with her is during lunch, going out to pe, sitting on the grass and just crying our eyes out. Sounds really weird I know, but we both had relatives passing away. She knew what I was going thru, and I know what she was. 


Eight grade. One of my most regrettable yet unforgettable years. At the beginning of eighth grade I fell into the wrong group of friends. It was the first time I smoked, drank, got in a fight and ditched. I thought it was so cool, I regret it so much now. The second half of the year was spent trying to pick my grades back up. My best friebd gad taight me to cope by listenibg to music. Then it was like one direction and cody simpson. I was doing pretty good, but old habits die hard. I almost got pulled out of graduation. My best friend had gotten in a little argument with one of my other friends. Since they were both my friend I was a terrible person and had told them the shit they said about each other behind their backs. And then eventually more of my best friends friends had ganged up against the other girl. It was 5 to 1, nobody told the office until one day she went home crying. I felt like complete shit, I remembered being told cutting helped my friend cope, so I tried. It was the first, and definitely not the last time I did that. When the office called me out of 6th period I knew it was about picking on her. I can't remember exactly what went down word for word, but I do remember the office lady calling me a terrible friend and saying I didnt deserve either of them. Then is when I realized how many of those girls were my real friends. While all the girls on 'my side' were dead silent not sticking up for me, the one I had picked on stood up for me. She said she's glad she heard from a friend not done stranger and went on and on sticking up for me. We were all threatened to be pulled from graduation, but we all did graduate. I'm still friends with all those girls. I just can't look the one I helped Hirt in the eyes without wanting to break down and giv her a hug.

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