Curiouser and Curiouser: A Batman Fanfiction {Book IV in the Kids of Gotham Series}

The Mad Hatter had assumed he'd be forever alone with no one to love him, but an orphan's love for any kindness is unconditional. {Rated Y to fit in with the others, there's really nothing PG-13 about it. Very Out Of Character}


2. Chapter Two

A little girl, four or five, was struggling to quiet a wailing child in a small stroller. She had blonde hair and blue eyes... actually looked quite a bit like Alice.

"Who, pray-tell, are you?" Hatter asked.

"Alithe Harriet Kingthley, thir." the little girl replied, revealing that her two front teeth were missing. "And my brother, Chethire Catticuth Kingthley."

She even had her name. "Where and who are your parents?" he asked with extra emphasis on the word are.

"Died in a fire last week, thir. Alithe and William Kingthley."

Hatter stared at the girl, Alice, stunned. That explains why she looks so much like her. "How old are you and your brother?"

"I'm five, thir, and Chethire'th two monthth."

Had it really been six or more years? "I knew your parents, Alice."

Alice stared at him with a look of wonder in her eyes. "You did? What were they like to you?"

With a deep breath, Mad Hatter decided to tell this little girl the truth she deserved. It wouldn't do any good to diss her dead father. "Your mother . . . she was the most beautiful person I knew. She was kind and thoughtful. I didn't know your father all that way, but he made her happy." Talking like this twisted his heart into a pretzel with almost as many knots as Wonderland had twists.

Alice looked up at him. Her eyes were so innocent, and had a thoughtful look like that of her mother. For a moment, Hatter considered adopting the siblings. Saying sorry to her mother in his own way.

They could never have a normal life, though. A happy one, maybe. But not the one they needed. He glanced at the time. He was late for the meeting.

"Well, Alice and Chesire Kingsley, I'm late for a very important date. I'll see you around, I believe." Hatter patted Alice on the head, and looked at Chesire, who even at a young age looked much like Billy.

With a small glance back, Hatter left for the abandoned warehouses.

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