Returning What Is Lost (Loki/Percy Jackson Fan Fiction)

What happens after the war with Gaia, Piper finds a knocked out young man who looked like in his early twenties outside Camp Half Bloods boundaries? Believing him to be a Demigod she brings him in.

When he wakes up, the gang relise that this mysterious stranger is more than what he seems and he can only remember his name...Loki

Loki wish's to regain his memories but what if the only way to do that is go on a dangerous quest with the seven demigods.

The Demigods soon relise they are dealing with something way out of there league.

And will Loki find out that some things are better staying lost?


1. I remember


I remember falling.

From Somewhere

I remember a strange pain throbbing in my soul.

In my heart.

I remember a terrifying darkness surrounding my mind.

Surrounding my spirit.

I remember a terrible sense of hate.

And a overwhelming sense of self loathing.

I remember a terrible sense of anger.

And a overwhelming sense of pure grief

I remember my name.




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