Life is just magical

Hello my name is Millie pronounced mil - ly , anyway I'm just a college girl who loves music. I'm very popular , but I'm just not like those girls who sleep with guys and wear slutty skirts , infact I'm a Virgin and I wear clothes what are decent. My mom and dad never spend time with me. Yawn. Workaholics. Yet there is one thing I missing? Oh that's right it's --------


1. chapter one

Millie's P.O.V. 


I slowly walked to my locker and grabbed my science book. I looked round to see if anyone is looking. Nope no one. Perfect I quickly grabbed my contacts and placed them in hiding my disgusting brown eyes with perfect bright ocean sparkling blue contacts. 

"Hey hey Millie , what you doing girl" Leah said in her California accent.

"hey le le and nothing babe just getting my book for our science lesson" I smiled quickly hiding my contact case.

"Okay well you know jos---- holy shit Millie thee Liam Payne out of one direction is here staring at you girl oh my gosh eek" Leah squealed so loudly.

"puh-lease like Liam pay--"

"hey I'm Liam Payne out of one direction nice to meet you" He said shaking my hand.

HOLY MOTHER OF GODS WOW! Thee Liam Payne is right here shaking my hands. I think I'm going to faint. Breathe Millie , breathe. I'm never going to wash my hands again!

"h-h-h-h-h-hello o-oh my LORD" I screamed. Jumping up and down. Oh come on I'm a huge sucker for one direction I love them to pieces.

"hey so what's your name" Liam said staring me up and down.

"oh Millie but just call me mill for short if you want" I said giggling.

"nice to meet you. Mill. Would you like to walk round with me" Liam said smiling. Wow that smile man.

"love to but my friend Leah is --"

"girl go with him" Leah said pausing me away from her and pushing me into Liam.

"You sure" I said happily

"hell yeah I would of left you straight away if this happened to me" she said laughing. Wow. 

"Oh okay then yes Liam I would love to walk round with you" I said smiling at him. He grabbed my hand a hold it very gentle. All the girls in the hallway was screaming and giving me dirty looks. Well to bad for them because I'm popular and I'm with Liam Payne !!  

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