Mummy,Is Santa Real?

"I rubbed my eyes ,it couldn't be!Santa Clause was standing right in front of me on Christmas morning.A Christmas miracle!I rubbed my eyes again certain I was dreaming crazy things,after all we all know Santa Clause isn't real..."


1. Mummy,Is Santa Real?

"Don't be ridiculous Michael Santa isn't real!"I shouted as Michael showed me his Christmas list wanting to know Santa's address so he could mail it off.Micheal burst into tears when I said that but I wasn't finished yet.

"And anyway if Santa was real,which he isn't it would be much too late to send it!Nobody in their right mind would trek all the way to the North Pole on Christmas Eve."I continued not noticing my mum hiding behind the Christmas tree.

"What have you been telling your brother?"she asked .

"The truth."I answered sharply.

"Em-"mum began, putting her hands on my shoulders.I shook my her hands off,disgusted by her excess affection.

"Mummy,is Santa real ?"Micheal interrupted,his eyes shining in a sickening way.

"Of course he his!"Mum said picking him up and spinning him nearly knocking down the Christmas tree for the second time in a day...

I arched my eyebrows and answered back

"Go on then lie to  your son!"

"If you're going to be so terrible go to your room!"

I made a face and stomped upstairs angrily.

If you're wondering, the liar of a woman who was downstairs was not my mother she was just my dad's horrible wife!After my real mum had gotten admitted to a hospital my backstabbing father was much too fast to get a new wife and have that evil child Michael.I wanted to stay with her but my dad was given custody of me.

While the court cases were going I had to stay with my aunt and go to this school filled with  kids who had had trouble with the police.They told me about how the Easter Bunny,Santa Clause and The Tooth Fairy weren't real.If my childhood was ruined Michael's would be too! 

 After sulking in my room for a while I went downstairs,it was filled with the smell of freshly baked Christmas cookies.Downstairs was empty except for Michael sitting on the couch watching Christmas movies.I crept past him in my woolly socks.Operation Christmas Cookie Termination was at go.The cookies were beautiful with rudolph, Christmas tree and present shapes.

They were probably for Santa,since he wasn't coming I decided to do the environment a favour by eating the delicious cookies.And I wasn't the slightest bit scared I would get on the naughty list after all it didn't exist.

Life was just too sweet...    



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