Stay ( One Direction)

Zoe sister of Katy Perry is about to get swooped into the world of showbiz in one night for her talented singing and then she gets noticed by a member by one direction will she enjoy being famous?


7. show and seat

chapter 7

" hello everybody well as you all know K-Katy is in hospital from and accident im sorry if im not good " i say into the mic and start singing the two songs i have rehersed for 

Double Rainbow 

your a one of a one a one of a kind

that you only find once in a lifetime 

made to fit like a finger print

a code that clicks open a gold mine

they say one mans trash is another mans treasure

when i found you it was all pitter-patter

secretly i hit the lottery 

cause your brighter than all of the northern lights

you speak to me even in my dreams 

wouldnt let you go for even the highest price 

cause i understand you we see eye to eye 

like a double rainbow is hard to find 

and wherever youll go so will i ......

i sing into the mic and the crowd go wild wow i never taught i would be good not even good enough to be in the MTV awards it was like a dream come true i keep singing the song untill the last note and i stop at the crowd and they all cheer " was she great or what " the man says and the crowd cheers " well lucky yous shes going to sing another song " he says and they cheer and after a while settle down  for me to sing i start singing slowly  unconditionely and they all sway as i sing i sing my heart out and stop they all clap again and i go off stag to fall into a boys hands by accisident " oh.. sorry " i say and look up to see Louis staring down at me " you did great your a pro " he says and rushes off the stage and i could hear the crowd go wild as i taught they would i go over to the sofa and sit down and take a glass of water and wolf it down wow i never knew singing would make me thirsty then i see Mike walking over " wow kido you did good we have yet to make you into  a star like your sister " he says and leans in a hugs me as always " now go change into another outfit woull have to exept Katys awards and look good " he says chuckles and rushes off and i follow him and a lady gives me chlothes a matalic long dress with accessories to go with it and shoes ( nice ) i go and change and then they cakl me to go and sit at a sofa near the stage with all the celebs " hey honey you go and sit down with some friend of your as we have hardly any space as its so crowded in here " she lightly pushes me and i walk where was i going to go i have no friends here i look around and spot one and only person Louis....



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