Stay ( One Direction)

Zoe sister of Katy Perry is about to get swooped into the world of showbiz in one night for her talented singing and then she gets noticed by a member by one direction will she enjoy being famous?


8. new freind and awards

chapter 8

i walk over to him and he gives me a warm smile " did the ladie tell you to sit here " he says and i nod he pats the chair beside him and sit down " so how is it to have Katy as your sister " he says and i laugh " a lot of work thats all " i say and he laughs aswell " you were amazing today by the way " he says " thanks " I say " oh.. guys this is zoe Katys sister " Louis says " I never knew Katy had a sister " Liam says while the others looked confused " yeah she and mum wanted to keep me safe so paps wont be all over me and then I can study properly in school my classmates dont even know I have a sister " I say " that makes sense " Louis says I hold out my hand to shake their hands thy stand up and start giving me huge hugs then pull away with huge smiles " we have an another friend " Niall says and we all laugh happy " Now tonight best female pop artist goes to ..... Katy Perry " he says and I smile looking for Katy when I remeber im Katy I rush up on stage " umm... T-thank you for this award it would mean loads to Katy to win this and thank you for voting for her " I stay and wobble walk off stage " you did a good job jut work on the walking off stage you looked like you were gonna fall off into the crowd Louis says " thanks mister professional at walking and presenting " I say and he laughs " just trying to help " he says and I nod " Now two more awards left to go " the presenter says I root through my bag looking for my lip gloss to put on must have left it at home OMG I left my keys at home and I need Katy but mobody cant visit her till morning and I brought money enough for one drink ug.... great " Louis do you know a place I could stay " I say " and the winner is One Direction " the man says and Louis rushes off with the lads thy speak thanking their fans and for the votes then they come off stage " why do you need to place to stay I taught you shared with Katy  " he says " yeah well she has the keys and I dont have , oney and the doctors said I cant visit her so yeah " I say and take a breath I said that quickly " well that means are coming to stay with us " Louis says and all the boys cheer "and now this award was awarded by fans for the newest performer and best Zoe Hudson everybody " the man says and my jaw drops me me me I walk up on stage and take the statue " wow thank you everybody so so so much I love you all and thank you for voing for me thank you " I say and walk off the stage without wobbling can this day get any better and worse 

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