Stay ( One Direction)

Zoe sister of Katy Perry is about to get swooped into the world of showbiz in one night for her talented singing and then she gets noticed by a member by one direction will she enjoy being famous?


2. cinema

Chapter 2

 I wake up with kitty purry curled up at the endn of my bed . Today was going to be a big day the paps haven't gotten pictures of me in years because my family and katy kept me well hidden but today oh.. today they are going to get hundreds of pictures of me I look at katy and understand  why so many people look up to her and like her she was pretty has a  great sense of humor and was always funny I wish I was like her I get out of bed and go to the bathroom I look at my self oh.. god my hair was greasy today but katy was getting a hairdresser to come and do our hair  might aswell leave her the dirty job  I put my hair in a bun and get in the shower  and shave myself I gotta look good today  I cleanse my face and wash it and get out of the shower wrapping a towel around me I head out of the bathroom and see katy awake stroking kitty purry who was now on her bed  " hey had a shower " she says " yeah you should take a shower aswell " I say and skip into my walk in wardrobe I scan the place and find a cream crop top with brown shorts and peach sandles and brown accessories I put everything on and look at myself in the mirror I did a pretty good job I go out of the  wardrobe and see katy already dresssed in a lime green dress that said pow on it she was quick at getting dressed I go over to my make- up table and do some simple natural make -up as usuall while katy put on pink lipstick it blue eye shadow and a cat eye katy put her hair in a high pony tail and I braded my in a messy fish tale " hey what do you want to do today as we have spare time before the show " katy asks " how about we go to the cinema " I say " yes thats a good Idea I haven't been in ages  ill call ian for security " katy says takes out her ohone and calls  him " yeah see yah bye " she says and hangs up " so when is he coming " I ask " in 5 mins " she says " okay I'll gt my bag and stuff " I say " me too " kayy says and we both go looking for our bags I get my brown leather one to match my outfit while katy takes a shiny pink lip shaped clutch I hear a loud bang on the door "I'll get it "I say and rush down the stairs and open the door " ian hey " I say " hey zoe zebra " he says and hugs me it was his nickname for me as long as I can remeber " so are you and katy ready to go " he asks " yeah " I say " KATY HE'S HERE " I scream and katy rushes down the stairs in cream heels 

skip car ride

" wow I haven't been here in like forever what will we see " I ask " um.. how about gravity it seems good " katy says " yeah let's get  popcorn aswell " I say and katy goes to order everythingand comes back with popcorn, drinks and skittles my favorite she hands me the tickets and we go in 

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