Stay ( One Direction)

Zoe sister of Katy Perry is about to get swooped into the world of showbiz in one night for her talented singing and then she gets noticed by a member by one direction will she enjoy being famous?


4. Celebs

chapter 4

" are you ready you look nervouse " Katy says " yes " i lie and Katy opens the door and im blinded by flashes of cameras and i feel being shouted Katy walks and i follow her she walks much neater and so do i we stop and Katy turns to face the cameras she smiles and so do i i open my eyes wide and smile niecely like Katy showed me " Katy is that your sister " Katy are you and Niall Horan going out " they yell we walk away and pose walk and pose by the time we get to the end i feel mad tired " so now all we have to do is go back stage and i have to reherse my song while you can chat with celebs " okay " she says and i nod we go to a door and she opens it to reveal a room full of celebs miley,The wanted,riannah and much more celebs " bye i have to go practise " she says and leaves me Miley comes towrds me " hey your Katy sister im Miley her friend " she says and i smile " hi i love your songs especially cant stop and wreaking ball " i say " omg your so sweet thank you i have to goo see yah at the show " bye she says and hugs me wow i huged Miley wow then some boy comes towrds me " hey " he says he had brown hair and blue eyes " hey " i say " so your katys sister " he says and i smile " yeah how dio you know " i ask" because nialls good friends with her and so am i " he says " cool but who are you " i ask " im from One Direction Im Louis " 

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