Stay ( One Direction)

Zoe sister of Katy Perry is about to get swooped into the world of showbiz in one night for her talented singing and then she gets noticed by a member by one direction will she enjoy being famous?


9. be careful of Harry

Chapter 9

" omg well done Zoe congrats " Zayn says huggin me " thanks Zayn " I say and pull away from him and Louis rushes into my hands" im so proud of you baby girl you grew up so so fast too quick " Louis says and i laugh " Louis you have only knew me for 4 hours " I say and we al laugh " so your coming home with us are you " Harry says and slings his hand around my shoulders " not with you " Louis says and pushes his hand off my shoulder and slings his instead " wait guys I have to text Katy first to tell her where I will be first " I say and push Louis hand off my shoulder while he and Harry glare at each other whats their problem I take out my I phone and go the far side of the room 

To Katy 

Hey Katy you have out house keys so im gonna stay over at One Directions house for the night if thats alright get well soon love you xxxxxx

To Zoe 

Thats fine just be careful of Harry lol and tnx love you baby sis see yah tommoro xxxx

I slip my phone in my pocket and walk back over to the boys " so lets go to your house guys " I say and put my hand over Louis shoulder as a joke " lets go then " Zayn says and Louis puts his hand over my shoulder instead we walk over to their car whih was parked outside with Paul following us close behind for safety we get into a big van/car and start driving down to their house I wonder how they live and I wonder what Katy ment about Harry wierd ......

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