Petal to the Metal: A Batman Fanfiction {Book III in the Kids of Gotham Series}

Pamela Lilian Isley, AKA Poison Ivy, is the last person you'd expect to want children, but everything is never as it seems. {Poison Ivy X Two-Face. Rated Y for implied sex, some violence, and mild language}


2. Chapter Two

"Ah, the vines are sprouting." Ivy announced nonchalantly as she stared at the little green stems she'd planted when first admitted to Arkham a few months earlier. Two-Face had already broken free, leaving her behind. 

Harley watched with a sad expression. "You can just go without me, Red." she sighed.

Ivy stared at her friend. Harley's kids had been born two days before, and then taken away as soon as the cord on the younger one was cut. She'd been there. Harley hadn't been herself since, and not even the Joker could snap her out of it.

"Seriously, Harley? The sooner we get out the sooner you can get your daughters back . . ." Poison Ivy's voice drifted when she saw the look on Harley's face.

"Actually, Red, I'm really tired. I'd rather recover first . . ."

Ivy gulped. This lethargic, sad, and quiet Harley bothered her. Scared her, even. She wondered if her friend would ever be the same. She hoped so. "Okay, Harley."

As soon as the vine had grown enough, Ivy grabbed onto it like a lifeline and let it carry her out. She was free, out of Arkham, and there was something she needed to do.


"Positive." Ivy breathed to herself. There. That little detail was done. Her goal was met. She was three months pregnant at the latest.

Now . . . she just needed to keep it alive.

Why didn't I think this through? Ivy scolded herself. You looked at all sides, all the pros and cons, figured out everything you needed to do. The one detail I forget just happens to be the most important. I can't exactly give it the antidote yet and it won't survive in this air . . .

It would likely have the same affect as if she was smoking.

Of course, she could always try that. It was risky in the best light. Might result in her own death or disfigurement.

But she was desperate.

She grabbed her supply of antidote and drank the entire bottle.

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