Petal to the Metal: A Batman Fanfiction {Book III in the Kids of Gotham Series}

Pamela Lilian Isley, AKA Poison Ivy, is the last person you'd expect to want children, but everything is never as it seems. {Poison Ivy X Two-Face. Rated Y for implied sex, some violence, and mild language}


3. Chapter Three

(A/N: I'm sorry, my brother is the Two-Face fan. I haven't watched that many episodes with him, so he's a tad bit out of character)

Harvey pulled out the coin.

The sight of the thing made Ivy stiffen up. What did he need to make a decision on this time?She sighed. "What do you need that thing for?"

The coin landed on the scratched side, the side that meant he'd do the evil thing. "I needed to decide whether to ditch you."

"What does the bad side say?" Poison Ivy asked. She couldn't stand the thought of raising a kid alone. What if she got tired of it?

"This was your idea, Pam. You deal with the consequences." Two-Face glared at her, climbed up a latter to his helicopter, and was gone.

Ivy'd had herself fooled. She thought she didn't really care for Two-Face, she thought she'd only been dating him to say she was taken whenever anyone tried to flirt with her and then to father her child.

She didn't realize what she had until it was gone.

Of course there was a dull ache in the pit of her heart. She figured that it had to be there, if she'd given so much to the guy.

No sir, Ivy didn't like Harvey Dent one bit. It didn't matter that he was gone. She could do just as much alone.

But as soon as she was in the privacy of her own poisonous home, she began to cry.


"Hey, have you seen Two-Face?" Ivy asked one of her former goons. Surprised to see her again, the goon shook his head and ran off. She was tempted to go after him, but she was starting to show, and she didn't feel like running.

Two months. Two months, and no sign of Harvey Dent the entire time. She'd been hunting down her old goons to see if she could track him down. It wasn't going well.

Maybe . . . she really would have to do this alone.

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