Petal to the Metal: A Batman Fanfiction {Book III in the Kids of Gotham Series}

Pamela Lilian Isley, AKA Poison Ivy, is the last person you'd expect to want children, but everything is never as it seems. {Poison Ivy X Two-Face. Rated Y for implied sex, some violence, and mild language}


6. Chapter Six

(A/N: Good lord working on this one makes my head hurt, especially since I had to squeeze in a little Baxter scene by request. This ending won't be very good. Oh well, allons-y!)

"Did you hear that Poison Ivy's in labor right now?" Nightwing asked, standing behind Batman as he worked on his giant computer.

Batman sighed. "If they keep multiplying like this, Gotham is doomed." he groaned. He wondered why they all had to be born around the same time as Baxter . . .

Speaking of Baxter, the two-year-old stumbled into the Batcave with Alfred in pursuit. "Master Bruce, young Master Baxter reminds me quite a bit of how you were before your parents' unfortunate demise." Alfred announced breathlessly before continuing to chase Baxter. Must be bathtime, everyone in the room thought in chorus.

"I refuse to believe I was anything like that." Batman grumbled, turning back to the computer screen.


The boy had red hair.

His eyes were baby blue, but most people's were at birth. He slept peacefully in Poison Ivy's arms.

He was the best human that Ivy knew. He hadn't betrayed anyone yet, he hadn't been broken by the crime-filled world of Gotham City. He was innocent, pure, full of potential.

She figured she'd try to keep him that way, at least until he started school. Harley and the Joker had already started training their daughter to hate the Batman, and Jess was only six months old.

As soon as he was old enough, though, she'd get to work on plant rights.

As she stared at her newborn son, Deux Forest Isley Dent, Ivy began to make thorough plans on how she would raise him. She knew she couldn't control how Harv raised him on the weekends, but she'd have more time with him, and that was all right. She could work with that.

"You've got one hell of a life ahead of you, Deux." she muttered to the sleeping boy.

{End Book III}

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