Petal to the Metal: A Batman Fanfiction {Book III in the Kids of Gotham Series}

Pamela Lilian Isley, AKA Poison Ivy, is the last person you'd expect to want children, but everything is never as it seems. {Poison Ivy X Two-Face. Rated Y for implied sex, some violence, and mild language}


1. Chapter One

Pamela Lilian Isley, better known as Poison Ivy, couldn't believe she was jealous of Harley Quinn of all people. But she was. And the reason she was jealous was even more ridiculous than the fact that she was jealous.

In truth, Harley was six months pregnant with her first child by her abusive boyfriend, the Joker.

Poison Ivy had never really wanted children. She'd assumed that her super-strong immune system would always keep her from reproducing, and she was fine with that. Kids liked to pick (and thus kill) flowers, and plants were Ivy's reason to be.

However, whenever she looked at Harley, she saw the love that had ingrained itself in Harley's heart. The love for her unborn child. Ivy had gone without humanly love since her then-fiancee Harvey Dent, now Two-Face, had killed of an entire species of plant. Even now that she had gotten back together with Harv, she totally lacked the level of love she felt emanating from her best friend.

She hadn't wanted love for and from another mammal since Harvey had unintentionally betrayed her all those years ago, but it looked like a small bit of humanity had found its way into her heart again. That little bit of humanity brought with it the ability to envy.

And, no pun intended, Ivy was absolutely green with envy.

She looked out her kitchen window at the lake of toxins. For some odd reason, that dirty 'lake' had always made it easier for her to have deep thoughts, more so than the cleaner waters down by the docks. She couldn't really explain why.

Her Venus flytrap, Fluffy, snapped and growled. It was probably hungry - she hadn't fed it for a few hours and flies didn't last very long in the poison air. She tossed a hunk of hamburger meat at it.

Her plants had been considered her family for years, and she'd never wanted more. However, now she realized that they lacked any kind of . . . communication skills. She could help them grow, but they could make it in the world without her. That once appealed to her, but now she wanted someone dependent on her.

She picked up her phone.

"Hello?" the gruff voice of Two-Face picked up.

On an impulse and without thinking about it, Ivy blurted out her question. "Harv, can we try to have kids?"

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