Through The Dark

It's the sequel to My Bully. If you have not read My Bully, please do so before you begin this one!!! Thanks :)

-M xx


4. Winning This Round

Harry’s POV

    I hung up the phone, leaving Liam alone to gather everything. I packed a bag just in case he forgot something, making sure I had extras just in case. I knew that he would have Nichole’s clothes so I didn’t worry about that. Mum had bought two car seats and multiple baby toys since the last time Nichole was in here, the room actually looking like a real nursery. I smiled at the room, my eyes lingering on the two beds. I bought the extra one yesterday, even though I knew I might not ever get to use it. I think I did a good job, beings that I put it together alone and that it looked almost just like the other. Smiling at my work, I placed the diaper bag in one carseat and stacked it on top of the other and picked it up. 

    After turning off the lights and grabbing my car keys, I took the stuff outside and set it by my car. Returning to the door, I closed it and locked it, giving my house one last look. I will need to baby proof this thing soon. I walked back to my car and started the fun.


    Forty five minutes later and I had just now figured out how to place both car seats in properly in the back seat. It was so easy after I actually took the time to read the directions. Shutting the door and climbing into the front seat I started the car and headed to the hospital.

    The ride was a little longer than I wanted it to be, my patients not holding out. I’m ready to see my kids. I pulled into an empty parking spot a lot slower and cautious than I had the day before. I grabbed the bag and locked the car, I headed to the front desk, grinning at the lady behind the wood.    

    “How are you today?” She asked, smiling back at me.

    “Better than yesterday, that’s for sure. I’m looking for Nichole Mercer.” I say, eagerly waiting for the room number.

    “They have her in room 345 again. Congratulations by the way.” She said, pointing to the elevator. I smiled at her and nodded once before walking off.

    After the doors opened I walked quickly to her room, catching her smile when she seen me walk through the door. I set the bag down beside the bed and sat on the edge, holding one of her hands. 

    “How do you feel?” I asked, searching her face. She still looked tired but she looks better than yesterday.

    “Well, I can walk but not well. I tried that earlier when I had to pee.” She said, her face going a little white. I guess that didn’t end well for her, in some sort of way.

    “But, I definitely feel better. Just a little physically tired, I guess you would say.” She said, a small smile playing on her lips as she looked over at the door.

    “How are you today?” Liam asked as he strolled into the room, bulky bag in hand. I sighed, inspected the bag from a distance. It looks like he got everything but then again, it looks like he just shoved everything in there. I wonder if he put the seats in right....

    “Better, actually. When can I go home?” She asked, grinning up at him as he kissed her forehead, taking her other hand and sitting on the edge, seeming to copy my position.

    “Soon, hopefully. Are you up for anything later tonight? The boys want to come over and play with Dylan and Darcy.” Liam asked, his eyes avoiding me as he waits for her permission.

    “I was actually just about to ask the same thing. Mum and Gemma wanted Nichole to come over so they could meet their new family members.” I said, using specific words. I know how big Nichole is on family, so I threw that in hoping she would kinda lean my way in the say-so.

    “Actually that’s not a bad idea. How about we all meet over at Harry’s? The boys know how to get there and plus Anne and Gemma will already be there. Is that okay?” She asked, glancing at me before settling her eyes on Liam. He seemed to be deep in thought, his face blank.

    “I have a few things to do and I won’t be able to take you over there until a little later than a get together should be.” He said, using the excuse to get his way. Nichole looked at me, her dark brown eye big and round.

    “That’s okay.” Nichole started, making Liam smile until the rest of her sentence flowed out of her mouth. His smile dropped and mine grew.

    “Harry can take me over there. You did drive, didn’t you Harry?” She asked, looking expectantly at me. I nodded my head, trying not to grin so big. 

    “When you are done with your errands, you can come over and visit a little before taking us home.” She said, shrugging one shoulder and nodding. Ha! The decision as been decided! 

    “Harry doesn’t have car seats though.” Liam tried, also shrugging a shoulder. I innerly rejoiced, praising my brian for taking precautions and putting them in the car. That forty five minutes were not waisted after all!

    “Actually, I put the ones I have in the car this morning.” I said, looking over at Liam. He turned a little more towards me, his eyes staring directly into mine.

    “Do you have the extra stuff they might need?” He asked me directly, his voice doubtful.

    “I do. Mum, Gemma and I took it upon ourselves to stock up on things they need.  They even got some of the family to help. I even brought the extras I called to remind you about earlier. I packed bag for the babies just in case you forgot something anyways.” I replied, knowing that I was winning. We stared at each other for a moment while he tried to think of something else. Giving up he huffed, nodding his head.

    “Okay. It’s settled then. I’ll leave with Harry and when you are done, Liam, you can come pick me up. Now, both of you move so I can go get dressed.” Nichole said, sounding happy that she finally gets to go home. We both moved, watching her get up slowly. Liam handed her the clothes he brought and she made her way into the bathroom.

    When she came out she was in a pair of sweatpants and a jacket, her feet bare and her hair up in a make-shift ponytail. She looked comfortable but her face said something different.

    “I think I would like to take a shower as soon as possible.” She said, handing the bag back to Liam.

    “I got some clothes that will probably fit you. If not, I’m sure Gemma will have something for you anyway.” I say, winking at her for the hint. She grinned at me before turning to Liam.

    “They gave me back my shoes somewhere in here. Help me find them?” She asked. I nodded my head, even though she wasn’t talking to me. I looked around, shooting a glare as Liam already had them in hand and held them out for her to take. She slid them on and sat back down on the bed gently.

    “They will be here with Dylan and Darcy in a minute. They ran a few more tests to make sure they were okay.” She explained. A few minutes later the babies were in the room, Darcy in my arms as Nichole changed Dylan’s clothes out of the hospital outfit and into the set Liam had brought. We switched out, Nichole cooing at Darcy as she repeated the process with her. The other outfits were tucked into the bag Liam handed to her.

    “I’m going to run down to the car and get the seats.” I say, remembering that we can’t just tote them out of here. Nichole nods and motions for me to hand Dylan over to Liam. I hesitated, not wanting to let go of my son. Liam held out his arms expectantly, waiting for the transition. With a silent huff, I gave in and gently put the tiny body into the crook of Liam’s arms.

    “Please don’t crush him.” I mutter, eyeing the size of his arms. Liam snickered before turning to the baby.

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