Through The Dark

It's the sequel to My Bully. If you have not read My Bully, please do so before you begin this one!!! Thanks :)

-M xx


9. What The Hell

After Dylan and Darcy were dressed I put them back in their cribs, I went to my room for a quick change in clothes. Throwing the clothes Gemma had bought me in the dirty clothes, I heard the door bell ring. Sighing, I made my way to the front door and opened it.

    A familiar looking girl stood before me, her dark hair in a neat wave style. She looked up from her phone, her brown eyes connecting with mine. Her face scrunched up and she gave me a once over. I waited patiently until her little show out was over, raising my eyebrows at her.

    “Can I help you with something?” I asked, leaning against the door frame. She snorted and popped her hand onto her hip, her nose in the air.

    “Liam invited me over. Who the fuck are you?” She sneered, eyeing me again. I prayed for patients, not wanting to drop to her level.

    “I’m Nichole. I’m one of Liam’s friends.” I reply, blocking her way as she tried to push in. I didn’t invite her in yet, she isn’t coming in until she starts to use manners.

    “Better be just friends. What are you doing here?” She said rudely, cocking her head to the side. My hand twitched, wanting to knock over to the opposite side.

    “I live here, actually. Me and my kids.” I say, the ‘k’ word seeming to catch her attention.

    “Kids?” She asked, raising her eyebrows has she looked me over again. I nodded my head.

    “Yup. Twins.” I say, smiling sweetly at her before I stepped out of the door and into her face.

    “So. That being said, past that door way you will use manners. If you actually plan on being over here often, you will not be rude and hateful towards me or anybody that steps foot in that house. If I have to correct you, it will not be with words. You will not cuss in front of my kids, even if they are to young. Do I make myself clear?” I asked. She rolled her eyes at me and nodded her head.

    “Good. Now, you can come in. Make yourself comfortable, I’m about to make lunch.” I say, going back to my usual self. She hesitated at the door, seeming to take my words to heart. Good.

    I went to shut the door behind her until a red head caught my attention, emerging from Louis’s car at the end of the driveway. She grinned at me as Louis caught up with her.

    “I hope you don’t mind that I brought an extra. He didn’t have anything to do today and wanted to come with me. Liam can keep him busy.” She said, hugging me. 

    “Nah, I don’t mind. And I’m sure Liam will be pretty distracted with the little thing that just showed up at the door.” I said, smiling at Louis as he kissed my cheek.

    “What you mean?” Louis asked, looking confused.

    “Go into the living room, she’s probably there. I’m about to make lunch, do ya’ll want any?” I asked, starting towards the kitchen.

    “She?” Louis said, looking majorly confused now. 

    “Yeah, I’ll help you with everything.” Ariel said, catching on. 

    I nodded my head and we parted ways, Louis going into the living room while Ariel and I stepped into the kitchen. We could hear the beginnings of a conversation as we got the stuff we needed out of the fridge and placed it out. Minutes later Louis was perched up on a tall chair by the counter, watching us prepare the food.

    “So?” Ariel asked, looking at him as she cut up the meat. Louis was quiet for a moment, seeming to try to find the words.

    “She’s.....friendly.” Louis muttered, hinting to something else. Ariels head snapped up from what she was doing, looking at him with a serious expression.

    “How ‘friendly’?” She asked, watching his face. He was a horrible liar and Ariel came to find this out.

    “Well, erm. Friendly enough to offer an invitation to her and Liam’s little get together later tonight.” Louis said, speaking fast so his words rushed together. 

    Ariel’s faced turned evil, her pale cheeks now a bright red as she brought the knife up and went to walk around the counter with it. I rushed after her, managing to put myself between me and the snobby girl in the living room. Louis was right beside me, making sure she couldn’t get around me.

    “Hey, easy now. I rejected the offer and told her that I have a beautiful, loving girlfriend that I could never do that to.” Louis said, trying to sweet talk her. I smiled.

    “Plus, if you use a knife you could kill her and that will send you to prison. Use your hands, that will only get a restraining order and maybe probation.” I say as I walk back to my original place shrugging a shoulder.

    “Nichole!! Don’t give her any ideas!” Louis said, scolding me as a look of disbelief covered his face. 

    I managed to make Ariel laugh, my own little giggle joining it. We finished the food and put it in the pan to cook. Liam came in soon after, ignoring all the eyes on him as he pulled out apple juice from the fridge. He drank straight from the bottle and put it back before turning towards me.

    “Sorry about last night. I seriously didn’t mean to drink that much. I planned on being sober enough to actually be able to drive you home last night.” He said, leaning against the fridge.

    “I’m not mad that you went out and did your own thing. I’m not mad because you couldn’t take us home last night. I’m not mad because you brought her home last night.  I’m mad because you lied to me. If you didn’t want to go to Harry’s all you had to do was say so. I thought we were closer than that.” I said, not making eye contact as I flipped the chicken on the raw side. 

    “I’m sorry.” Was all he said before walking towards the living room. He stopped at the door and turned back, looking towards me.

    “Oh and I’m not going to be home tonight. I’m going over to Sophia’s and I have to go to the studio tomorrow so I probably won’t see you until sometime tomorrow night, if then.” He said and walked out, not waiting for a reply. I stared after him in complete disbelief, along with Ariel and Louis. Louis finally broke the silence, asking the very question that was in my mind.

    “What the hell has gotten into Liam?”

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