Through The Dark

It's the sequel to My Bully. If you have not read My Bully, please do so before you begin this one!!! Thanks :)

-M xx


41. Twinkling Lights

“I’m not wearing that. I can’t.” I said, shaking my head as Ashley and Ariel cornered me.


    “Yes you can and you will. Come on, Nichole. This is one of the last nights you will be able to do this and not get into a fight about it! Live it up! You act like I’m taking you to a male strip joint. Just put it on!” Ashley said, holding the dress out to me.


    I sighed, knowing she was right. I did want to go out. I missed it even. But, I’m a mom. I’ve gone so long without drinking and partying it feels foreign to me to even think about it. All the times I’ve gotten drunk, they ended kinda bad. I got pregnant the first time and the second time, I’m pretty sure I told Liam he was yummy.


    “Fine, but I’m not getting drunk.” I said, snagging the dress from Ashley’s hands.


    “Don’t worry, I won’t let you. Nobody is going to get waisted tonight.” Ariel said, smiling at me before disappearing with Ashley.


    The dress was solid black and smooth against my palm. I sighed and stripped down to my panties, sliding the dress over my bare skin. It was a little snug but not to much, making me smile. Ashley has fabulous taste.


    The dress was black and it stopped a couple of inches above my knee. It showed a little bit of cleavage but not to much for a bride to be. It had a large cut out in the back, baring most of my shoulders. I curled my hair and placed it half up, leaving a few strands down to frame my face. Popping some light make up on and slipping my feet into my red stilettos, I walked out of the spare bedroom ready.


    The others were just putting their heels on when I walked in, making Ashley smile. She wore a dark blue strapless dress, stopping about mid thigh with a thick black belt around her waist and her black heels from earlier. Her hair was in a high pony tail, the long black ends curled and teased a little bit. 


     Ariel was in a deep purple top tuck into a high waisted black pencil skirt, showing off her long legs and that bum she’s got. Her thick red hair was down and curled naturally, the light make up around her eyes making the green pop.


    Sarah was in a spaghetti strapped red dress that was tight up top but had a flowy type skirt the stopped just at her knees. Her dark hair was down and straightened, going with the natural look and her black pumps.


    Fer was in a tan colored wrap dress, her black blazer pushed up to her elbows. She had the smokey eyed look, making her dark brown eyes have a sort of smoldering look. I had to admit, even though I’m a chick, it was hot. Her long dark hair was in a high pony tail as well, the ends board straight and shiny.


    Every girl in this room had on something black, almost like we had some how color coordinated in a small way. Ashley walked to stand beside me, handing me a small black clutch.


    “House keys and cell phone only.” She said, before brushing by me and grabbed Ariel’s car keys, tossing them to her.


    I placed those two things in the clutch and followed them outside to the car.




    “Oh, wow.” I say as I look around at the large building. 


    “What?” Ashley asked lightly before giving her last name to the host.


    “Right this way, ladies.” The man said, motioning us to follow him. We walked through the crowd and up the stairs in the back.


    He opened the door and we followed him through, my jaw dropping. We walked out onto the top of the building, the small lights giving off a glow as they wove through the top of the tent. One large table sat in the middle of the large tent, a simple white table clothe draped around its circle form. Crystal wine glasses sat beside expensive looking plates, shining silverware seeming to reflect the lights.


    “It’s there anything you would like to drink? Wine? Champagne perhaps?” The man offered as another guy came towards the table with a cart full of each drink.


    “Wine, please.” Ashley said, taking over as she picked the flavor.


    They filled each of our glasses half full before taking our orders. We each picked out something before handing in our menus, thanking each person before they left, leaving the wine bottle in the middle of the table in a bucket of ice.


    “So, what do you think?” Ashley asked, grinning at me.


    “Of what?” I asked, taking a sip of my drink.


    “Of this, silly. Are you enjoying yourself?” Ashley questioned, fiddling with her glass before taking a sip as well.


    “It’s wonderful! I love it. I’m really glad you did all this for me. All of you. I couldn’t have pictured it any better.” I say, looking around the table and my four best friends.


    They all grinned at me before Ashley raised her glass, standing up. We followed her actions, standing up and raising our glasses up.


    “Let’s make a toast. To friendship, love and that Nichole has a bangin’ honey moon.” Ashley said, sending me a wink as my cheeks turned red.


    “I like it!” I said in a weird voice as we clinked our glasses together, taking a large sip out of it.





    A few hours later we were piling into Ariel’s car, giggling as we dodged Sarah’s grip as she stumbled over her own feet, nearly busting her bum. I slid into the front seat beside the red head, smiling widely at her before buckling up. We headed back to Ashley’s place for the last time.


    “Ah, I’m so sleepy.” Ariel said as she yawned.


    “No. Get unsleepy, we still have movies to watch.” Ashley said as I unzipped her dress, shimming out of my own.


    “I think we should just make a giant blanket pallet in the living room and sleep in there.” I say and I pull my sweat pants up.


    “I like that idea. I’ll get the blankets.” Ashley said, already dressed in her shorts and tank top.


    “I’ll help.” I offered, following her out of her room to the hallway. 


    She opened the closet door and started handing me piles of blankets and pillows. I let out a little giggle as I rearranged the blankets until I could finally see over the blankets. I head towards the living room and start laying out the blankets, tossing the pillows onto the couch for the time being. Soon Ashley joined me, piling on more blankets before spreading out the final one and throwing the pillows on top.


    “The others are in the kitchen getting pop corn and the drinks.” She informed me just as the smell of popcorn found my nose. 


    “Okie dokie.” I say, plopping down on my claimed spot.


    Minutes later we were all propped up in our spots, munching on popcorn and sipping on coke as the movie played. One by one we laid back and got comfortable, sets of eyes eventually closing for the night as the movie neared its end. 


    I laid there as the last one awake, flipping off the telly and sending the room into darkness. I placed the empty popcorn bucket a few feet from me and rolled onto my side, snuggling deeper into the blanket I shared with Ashley. As I drifted off to sleep, I couldn’t think of a better way to spend time quality time with my friends one last time before my wedding day.


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