Through The Dark

It's the sequel to My Bully. If you have not read My Bully, please do so before you begin this one!!! Thanks :)

-M xx


34. Troublesome Visitor

We started back towards the parking lot, Harry nearly having to tote me out of there. I was wide awake when I arrive but funerals really take a toll on me. I felt sleepy and sluggish, just emotionally exhausted. I wrapped my arms around Harry’s waist for support, letting him lead me to our car.


    “There he is! It’s Harry Styles!” Someone shouted, mutiple bodies rushing forward. Thank God Harry had his guards here today. The people were shoved back away from us though their questions couldn’t be ignored.


    “Harry, is that the girl you ditched Kendall Jenner for!?”


    “Harry, who’s funeral was you attending? Did one of you children die?” some shouted.


    “Yes, one of his kids died and you are attacking him at her funeral. You should all feel ashamed for bothering him and his family on a day like this!” Fer snapped, causing all of the paps to shut up. 


    Most of them looked shocked at the news, not expecting it to be told so bluntly. This will no doubt make the head lines tomorrow. I can just see it now. “Latino woman lashes out at paps as they mob a funeral for one of the Styles’ family.” Yay.


    I was rushed into the vehicle, Harry cussing as he slammed the door behind him. Thank the Lord that the twins were already inside and buckled in before all that happened.


    “I’m so sorry, Nichole. I don’t know how they knew about the funeral. I’m sorry.” Harry said, wrapping an arm around me. I nodded into his shoulder, sighing. I knew something would fuck this day up. It had to happen sooner or later, though I had hoped for later.


    We got home quicker than I thought, having me getting the twins out of their carseats. We were inside a few minutes later, a light rain starting to fall outside. I changed the twins and changed out of my dress, sighing as I slid into my most comfortable sweatpants and a long sleeved shirt. Harry was sprawled out over the couch with Dylan in his lap while Darcy played beneath him on the floor, tending to a baby doll. It was an adorable scene. 


    Harry was in a pair of joggers and a black shirt while Darcy was in a cute little onsie with a matching bow. Dylan was dressed similarly to Harry, which I found rather cute.


    “ I got it.”I said as the door bell rang, catching my attention. I’m hoping that it’s the paps so I can tell them what they are and give them a piece of my mind. Ruining a funeral... What nerve..


    I pulled back the door, prepared to be bombarded by question when I met the eyes of a dark headed girl. She smiled sweetly at me, looking around me and inside the house.


    “Hi, I’m here to see Harry Styles. He does live here, right?” She asked, her voice annoying perfect. Ugh, I can stand perfect girls.


    “And who are you?” I asked, crossing my arms over my chest. She looked so familiar but I know I haven’t met her. I would know her if I had.


    “Oh, I’m Kendall Jenner. Harry’s expecting me.” She said, shooting me a fake smile. 


    “Oh, really? What business do you have with him?” I asked, stepping to the side to block her view of the inside of the house.


    “Whatever business I want, I’m his girlfriend.” She snapped, starting to lose her patients with me.


    “Oh, okay. Just one second.” I say, holding up one finger towards her before turning around and poking my head through the door.


    “Harry Edward Styles, get your ass out here!” I shout through the house, smirking as I heard him cuss. 


    I turned to Kendall, giving her my best fake smile.


    “He will be along any minute now.” I say, listening to the sounds of Harry’s feet padding down the hall way, followed by another tiny set.


    “What’s wrong, babe?” Harry said stepping beside me, pulling the door further back to reveal her was carrying Dylan and that Kendall was on our door step.


    “I should ask you the same thing. Why do you let your staff talk to you like that?” She asked, ignoring my glare. 


    “I’m not his maid.” I snapped, stepping forward. Harry grabbed my arm and tugging me back, handing Dylan to me to keep my hands busy and from around her neck.



    “Kendall, what are you doing here?” Harry snapped, crossing his arms over his chest.


    “I came to see my boyfriend.” Kendall said sweetly stepping up to kiss him. I stepped between them, causing her to bump into me and then stumble back a little bit.


    “Kendall, for the last time, I’m not your boyfriend. We were never together and we will never be together.” Harry said, taking Dylan away from me and I offered him up.


    “So your dumping me?” She asked, her eyes glaring at me. I smirked at her, waving sarcastically.


    “Take a picture, honey, it last longer.” I say smugly, bracing myself as she rushed forward.


    I saw Harry quickly put Dylan in the house and push Darcy back a little, reaching up and grabbing Kendall’s arm from connecting with my face. I know it was meant to stop the fight but I couldn’t help myself has I slammed my fist in her stomach, getting a satisfying “umff” from her and the breath left her lungs.


    “Nichole!” Harry snapped, leaving me snickering as I gather Darcy up in my arms and lead Dylan back into the house with Harry hot on my heels.


    “What was all that about?” He asked, pointing towards the front door.


    “She came to my house claiming that you was her boyfriend then called me a maid. If it wasn’t for her, none of this crap would have happened!” I snapped back, walking away from him.


     He didn’t respond, knowing that I was right. I popped in a cartoon video for the twins to watch, lifting the both on the couch. I was plopped down on the opposite end, huffing. How dare he blame all of this on me.


    Minutes later Harry plopped down beside me, wrapping his arms around my shoulders.


    “I’m sorry, love. But, I will give it to you, you sure can land one.” He said,making me laugh. 


    “I love you, dork.” I say before grabbing his perfect face and kissing him.

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