Through The Dark

It's the sequel to My Bully. If you have not read My Bully, please do so before you begin this one!!! Thanks :)

-M xx


13. The Trip

The next few weeks were perfect. Harry managed to be home every night and when he could during the day. I guess you would say that we are a thing now. He never officially asked me out but he treated me like I was his girl. We cuddled and talked every night and he’s constantly been telling me he loves me. It made my day to wake up with him by my side, or with him kissing my forehead before he left early in the morning.
The hate kinda got worse. I had more little girls pointing out all of my flaws, making them more known to me than they already were. Of course, there was a few Directioners that took up for me, saying that I was beautiful and that Harry deserved to be happy. As far as I know, they don’t know about Dylan and Darcy, though Harry said he was going to change that soon.
“Wakey wakey sleeping beauty.” Harry rasped, wrapping his rms around my waist and pulling me back into him.
“Mm, good morning.” I say, rolling over. I giggled at the sight. His curls were everywhere, sticking out in all directions
“You should go look in the mirror before laughing at me.” Harry teased, kissing my forehead before rolling out of bed and sauntering out of the room. 
I sighed and followed him into the nursery, picking up Darcy and leading him and Dylan to the kitchen. I heated up the bottles and gave one to Harry, sliding the smooth tip into Darcy eager mouth. She sighed happily as she fed, her eyes looking up at me.
Darcy’s eyes went from a dull grey to a bright blue, her curls growing out little by little in the past four months. Dylan’s eyes, how ever, have turned into a light green like his fathers. His dark hair and green eyes looked just like Harry’s. The twins were an odd mix, the exact opposite from each other. Niall claims that I have had his kid by some magical force that had given her to me to give to him. Of course, Harry told him the baby was way to cute to be Niall’s kid. Niall would flip him off before going back to coddling the little girl.
“ I think I want to take them out today.” Harry said, looking up from the squirming bundle in his arms to make eye contact.
“Where to?” I asked, getting nervous has I remembered the last time I was out with him. It was the best night ever, without the mob incident.
“Just out. They’re about to need new baby stuff anyway, they are getting big.” Harry pointed out, lightly poking Dylan in his chubby little belly. I sighed, knowing he was right.
“Okay, but I want a couple of more people to go with us in case we are mobbed again.” I say, looking down at my baby.
“I will slit someone’s throat if they hurt either of the twins trying to get your autograph.” I say, half teasing half serious. Harry nodded his head and smiled.
“You and me both.” Was all he said.
A few hours later I had Dylan and Darcy dressed to go out. Harry packed two separate diaper bags with the things we will need for the next two or three hours. I already fed them so they will be out in a little while. We put them in new suburban Harry had bought after deciding the car just wasn’t big enough for the whole family. Louis, Niall and Ashley were in the very back while Ariel was sitting in between the baby seats. It wasn’t the most comfortable seat but she volunteered for it. The two strollers were in the very back for when we get there so we won’t have to carry them the whole time.
We were all talking and deciding who was going to do what if the worst happened. I was nervous about going out all together but I know as long as we stuck that way, everything is going to be fine. We got there and parked, getting everybody and everything we needed out quickly. The babies were put in their strollers and the diaper bags were put under them in the little cubby that was under their seat. Harry got Darcy while I pushed Dylan around, putting his little shade down to keep the sun out of his eyes while a blanket was tucked around him from the waist down like Darcy.
For the first hour we was left alone to do our shopping, the others helping carry the bags that we couldn’t tote. We all took turns pushing the babies around, cooing and giggling at the faces they made. We were in one store and Harry was squatted down in front of Dylan, tickling him and making faces. Dylan’s little lips drew up in the corner and a little giggle came out, surprising all of us.
Niall got the same reaction out of Darcy just minutes later, smiling smugly out at Harry. Harry never could make Darcy smile, no matter what sounds he made. Huffing at the blonde, Harry kissed her forehead and took her from Niall, pushing the wheeled object out of the store as we followed him.
After that, we constantly had a string of people following us everywhere we went. Multiple girls came up and flirted with the boys until they signed what the girls wanted signed and dismissed them without the slightest hint of interest. I was proud of them because their were some gorgeous girls that were surrounding them. Darcy began to fuss until Harry took her out of the seat and hugged her, mumbling sweet words to her. She quieted down as he popped a binkie in her mouth, chuckling at the look she gave him.
“Who does she belong to?” A girl asked as she walked up, tossing her long carmel hair over her shoulder. She walked with confidence, her head held high as her hazel eyes locked on my curly headed boyfriend.
“Me, actually. They both do.” I said, butting in as I pointed to the youngest in our group.
She looked down at me, giving me a once over. She was taller than me but only by about three inches. She was tall but if she kept giving me that look, I was going to have to bring her down to my level. Ignoring me she returned to Harry, smiling sweetly at him.
“What’s her name?” She asked, raising her hand to rub it against Darcy’s curls. I stepped in between her and the baby, making her take a step back. Harry wrapped a protective arm around my waist and kissed the side of my head, handing Darcy to me when I reached for her.
“That’s Darcy and that’s Dylan. This is Nichole, their mother.” Harry introduced, pointing to each body has he said our names.
“That’s cool. So are they friends or family? Baby cousins?” She asked, her eyes never leaving Harry.
“They are my kids actually, Nichole is my girlfriend.” Harry confessed, giving me a sweet smile. I grinned back as I put Darcy back in her stroller, kissing her sweetly on the cheek as she squirmed a little bit. The girls face scrunched up and she eyes me before the hazel orbs landed on my babies.
“At least the babies are really pretty.” She said, her hateful eyes meeting mine one more time. The girl was getting me pissed off. Harry pulled my close, hugging me tightly.
“I’m glad you think so. They get most of their looks from their gorgeous mum.” Harry said, catching on to her hateful comment that was thrown at me.
The girls face was red as she turned on her heel and stomped off. We were silent as we watched her.
“Well, isn’t she a bitch.” Louis said, making me giggle and Harry chuckle. I shook my head and carried on shopping for the things we needed for the babies.

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