Through The Dark

It's the sequel to My Bully. If you have not read My Bully, please do so before you begin this one!!! Thanks :)

-M xx


1. The Need For Speed

“Oh, so you are already taken?” The guy asked, flipped his hair for the thousandth time. I shook my head at him, sighing. I wish.

    “No. Me and her are not together as a couple.” I say, running my fingers through my hair.

    “But, you had to be at one point, correct?” The nosy guy asked, leaning forward, resting his elbows on his knees.

    “Um, no. We have never been together has a couple. It was kind of a one night thing, as bad as that sounds. It wasn’t supposed to happen but it did.” I replied. 

    My phone started buzzing, earning me odd looks from the guys in the room. I tried to ignore it and it eventually stopped for a few seconds before it started up again. I looked around the circle to find the boys fidgeting, seeming to hide the vibration of their phones as well.

    “Do you mind if I check this? They keep blowing up my phone.” I ask, feeling annoyed that I have to ask to answer my own phone. It was supposed to be off anyway.

    I looked down at my screen to find that I have fifteen new texts and four missed calls. I opened one message, reading frantically the information given. My eyes widened at the new knowledge and I shot up fro my stool, knocking it over.

    “I’m sorry but I have to go.” iI said, stuffing my phone into my pocket as I nearly ran to the door.

    “Wait, what’s wrong?” Louis asked, following right after me. I stopped just at the door, turning around to face them, feeling my lips turn up into a grin.

    “My kids are on their way.” I say happily before disappearing through the door. 

    I ran out to my car, noticing I was followed by the other four boys. We piled into my vehicle with me behind the steering wheel. Once it was started I reversed out of the parking lot, shifting into drive before I had stopped completely. Seconds later I was weaving in and out of traffic, driving way over the speed limit.

    “You’re going to get a ticket if you keep driving like this.” Louis said, making me chuckle.

    “I’d rather get a ticket for driving to fast than for to slow.” I said, making the boys laugh, with the exception of Louis.

    “At least I wasn’t putting our lives in danger!” He said a little high pitched as I barely missed a car that I had just passed.

    I’m glad I wasn’t the only one happy about the twins coming. I mean, I would have liked to be there when her water broke but I guess this will work. The hospital came into view fast, making me take a sharp right. I heard Niall mutter a long stream of bad words when Liam was slung into him, squashing him into the door.

    “We are here, mate, slow down.” Zayn said, sounding a little worried.

     I eased up on the pedal, finding the closest parking spot and whipping into it. I quickly got out, not bothering to wait on the others as I slammed my door and sprinted across the parking lot. I ran inside and didn’t stop running until I came to the front desk, earning a scolding look from the nurse behind it.

    “I’m looking for a girl, she just came in about thirty minutes ago, her water broke.” I breathed, gasping for air. I don’t want to miss it.

    “Do you have a name?” The nurse asked slowly, moving like a snail to her computer to look it up.

    “Mercer, Nichole.” I said, tapping my foot as the boys joined me, breathing heavy. The nurse took forever finding the room, slowly driving me crazy with each slow movement.

    “She’s in room 345. That should be on the third floor.” She said, motioning to the elevator.

     I nodded my head quickly, already half way there by the time she finished her sentence. We all stuffed ourselves into the small space, clicking the big button with a 3 on it. We waited as it slowly lifted us up two floors. I began tapping my foot again, my patients wearing thin with all of the slow movements that every seems to have in the past hour.

    The loud dig told me we were on our floor, having me right up agains the sliding doors. I squeezed through the small space of the elevator doors as it took for ever to open completely, frantically searching the halls for the room she was held in. I finally found it, darting to it and stopping just out of the door.

    Nichole was laying in bed on her back, her face pouring sweat as she tried to control her breathing. Fer was holding her hand, telling her to just focus on her breathing and everything would be okay. I walked further into the room, taking large steps. Nichole turned her head, looking at me. She smiled weakly and went back to taking deep breaths.

    “Hey, love. How do you feel?” I asked, feeling just as stupid as the look she sent me said I was. 

    “Okay, then, never mind.” I said, shaking my head at myself as she grabbed for my hand, squeezing it hard. I saw the tears in her eyes and realized just how scared she was. I gripped her hand just as tight, kissing the back of it.

    “It’s okay, everything’s going to be okay. You’re doing good.” I said shooting Fer a question.

    “She’s not fully dilated, they won’t give her the spinal tap until she is.” Fer responded, looking just as pissed off as I felt. Nichole began to cry, her little hand squeezing mine so hard that it turned white.

    “They are coming, now.” She said before she let out an unlady like grunt, her face consisting of pain. I pried her hand off of mine, running to the door.

    “Can we get that damn spinal tap?!” I yell, the words echoing off the walls. Two nurses quickly came to her aid, one carrying a large needle while the other had a wheelchair.

    “I need her on her side.” One nurse commanded. I nodded, helping gently turn Nichole over on to her side. The nurse lifted up her hospital gown, reveal her back. She located the spot and stuck the needle in. Nichole jerked a little before letting out a long breath.

    “Get her into the wheel chair.” someone said. I did my best at helping transition her into the chair. She was quickly rolled out of the room and down the hall with me hot on her trail. Liam appeared by my side, following me.

    “How is she?” He asked, looking at Nichole as she panted, trying to stay calm.

    “She’s just now getting a spinal tap and fully dilated. She about to go into full on labor, I think.” I replied honestly. I don’t know much about giving birth but Nichole looked like she was about to pop.

    “Only the father can be let in.” One nurse said, stopping both of us.

    “I’m the father.” I said before shoving past her, not waiting for her permission.     They had Nichole’s legs up on two props, spread out and bent on the knee and hip. She was half sat up, half laid down, sweat dripping down her face already. Her hair was sticking to her face and neck, falling out of its bun.

     Fer was gripping her hand tightly, or the other way around, telling her to remember what she had taught her. Nichole  started breathing heavily in short pants, Fer doing the same thing. I quickly got her other hand, kissing her forehead before kissing the back of her hand. I started breathing with her, telling her that she was doing a good job. Her head snapped towards me, her eyes wide and her face red.

    “When this is all over with, I’m going to kill you.” she snapped before another grunt was made, this one louder and longer, ending with a whimper.

    “It’s okay, I’ll let you. I’m so sorry.” I replied before returning to breathing her. She dug her nails into the skin in my hand as she let out a scream, her face scrunched up in pain.

    “Okay, we need her to push.” The final words were given and Nichole set her feet deeper into the contraptions at her legs and pushed.

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