Through The Dark

It's the sequel to My Bully. If you have not read My Bully, please do so before you begin this one!!! Thanks :)

-M xx


2. The First Cry

After hours of pushing and screaming, my lower half felt like it had been ripped to pieces slowly and then stomped on my a giant and then smushed some more. 

    “One more, push, Nichole, one more.” Harry was yelling in my ear, his green eyes excited and wide as he gripped my hand tighter, watching the doctors work. I nodded my head fast and held my breath, pushing as hard as I could. 

    In the distance and through all of my screaming I heard a faint babies cry, making me smile through the pain. I had just given birth to one of my kids. I watched as the baby was handed to one nurse and placed into a little bed and then wheeled out of the room. I whimpered, letting go of Harry’s hand to reach for my first baby. 

    “They are just going to clean him and make sure he’s okay.” Harry reassured, his eyes brighter than they have ever been. He grinned at me and I smiled a small smile before another round started.

    “One down, one to go. Push!” The doctor said. I complied, doing the best I could to not burst into any more tears. I want to see this baby as well and I don’t want it to be blurry. Another faint cry started and she was wrapped up and taking out as well. 

    I fell back against the mattress and started crying. My body hurt so bad, my entire lower half throbbing in pain. They let my legs down easy, being gentle as they set them down and covered them up.

    “You did such a good job. I’m so proud of you.” Harry said, landing endless kissed on the back of my hand and wrist before moving to my face, showering it with kisses as he repeated those words over and over again. 

    “I’m proud of you, Nichole. You did it!” Fer said happily. I nodded at them both, letting go of Fer’s hand to wipe at my face. She looked at Harry then at me, smiling.

    “I think I’m going to go tell the boys that everything’s okay.” And with that, she was gone. I watched her leave before my eyes fell back onto Harry.

    “You did such a good job, love. I’m so proud of you.” Harry said gently, kissing the back of my hand again. I nodded my head, fresh tears rolling down my face.

    “Shh, don’t cry. It’s all over now, no more pain. I’m so sorry.” He said softly, his lips kissing my tears away from my face. 

    The sound of a door opening brought Harry’s attention away from me, making him turn towards the sound. Two nurses were grinning at us as they pushed one little bed each into the room. In one was a blue blanket, his little arms wiggling out of the blanket as he made little noises. Another as a pink blanket, her little arms doing much the same of her brothers. 

    The nurse helped me sit up, inclining my bed forward a little and putting to pillow behind my back and head. I eagerly reached for my children, my patients wearing thin. They were so close but yet so far away from me. The nurse took her time getting my baby, making sure the blue blanket was still wrapped around him. I reached for him as she came to my side, laying him gently in my arms. 

    I finally laid eyes on my son, my breath getting stuck in my throat. He was beautiful. He had a headful of dark hair, laying in little ringlets. His little arms were still waving about until he was settled onto my chest, easing his nerves as I gently rocked back and forth. I felt Harry’s presence at my side as he leaned over, looking at his baby. I glanced up at him, smiling widely at him when our eyes connected.

    “He’s so beautiful.” I said, blinking away tear to look back down as I lifted one hand, using my finger to play with his little hand. His tiny little hand gripped my finger tightly, making me giggle lightly.

    “And here’s the little girl.” Another nurse said from the foot of the bed, holding a little pink blanket. Harry seemed to materialize at her side, popping out of no where. She handed him the little bundle, smiling at us before leaving the room. 

    “She has blonde hair.” He stated, never taking his eyes off of her. I looked at him, confused.

    “What?” I ask, not comprehending what he had said. he chuckled at something she did, brushing the blanket further away from her head so I could see. He bent down beside me, showing the little blonde curls. I laughed.

    “I had blonde hair as a baby too.” I said, looking back down. I still can’t believe I’m finally meeting my kids for the first time. 

    A knock brought my attention to the door as well as Harry’s, watching it be pushed open. Tons of people came piling into the room, giving us space though. Harry took the little girl over to the boys, letting them see. They cooed at her, Louis sending me a wink. Niall came over to me, glancing down at the little one I had in my arms.

    “You did a great job. They are beautiful.” He said, kissing my forehead. I looked up at him, nodding my head.

    “Yeah, they are.” was my response, making him chuckle. The next hour or so was visiting time though the babies never left mine or Harry’s arms, staying close together. Another nurse came in holding a clipboard and a pen. She smiled kindly at us, stopping just at the foot of the bed.

    “Have you decided on the names?” She asked, looking expectantly at me and the tall boy beside me. I nodded my head, looking up at Harry. He told her the names, spelling Darcy out for her. She nodded and said she will be back later to give us all the paper work. I nodded my head, yawning.

    “We would like to keep you over night to make sure you and the babies are alright to go home tomorrow.” The nurse said, stopping at the door.

    “Okay, that’s no problem. Thank you.” Harry said, nodding gratefully at her before going back to cooing at Darcy.

    “You can’t keep hogging her, ya know.” I say, feeling a little jealous. I want to see both of them, not just one. Besides, I think I deserve it after everything I just went through in order for this moment to happen. He grinned at me before sighing dramatically.

    “I guess I can’t hog her.” he said, gently handing her to me before taking Dylan from me.

    I looked down at my little girl, brushing her curls back from her forehead. Her little  lips were pink and plump, shaped like a small heart when she pursed them. I smiled down at her as she yawned, her little mouth turning into a small ‘o’. Another hour passed and the nurses came in, letting me say good night to my babies before taking them and shooing everybody out except Harry. Liam shot me a sad look before kissing my forehead, saying he would pick me and the kids up tomorrow. I nodded my head, smiling up at him.

    “I will be here as soon as I can tomorrow. I’m sure my mum will be dying to meet Dylan and Darcy. Do you want me to come pick you up tomorrow? I’ll order another crib and you and the babies can stay at the house for the next couple of days until my mum leaves. Her and Gemma are going to have them spoiled in just hours.” Harry said as little shyly. I hesitated.

    “I think it would be best if Liam came to get me tomorrow. After I rest up, I’ll let you know when I will be on the way. Just text me or Liam and tell us when what’s up.” I say, catching a glimpse of sadness in his eye.

    “Oh, yeah. Right, that’s probably be a good idea for you to rest up. Okay, well I will be here early tomorrow.” he said, kissing my forehead and leaving the room. Sighing, I recline my bed and wait for the nurse to come in.

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