Through The Dark

It's the sequel to My Bully. If you have not read My Bully, please do so before you begin this one!!! Thanks :)

-M xx


47. Speeches

Cheers erupted as our lips met, making me smile into the kiss. We pull apart a few seconds later, turning towards our united families. I loop my arm through Harry’s and smile up at him, earning a wink and a grin back. We start down the isle, the loud crowd following us.

“See you in a few!” Ashley calls out as we pass her.

I smile gratefully at her as she scoops up Darcy and grabs Dylan from running after us. Wonder where the others are. Probably somewhere lost in the small crowd.

The large double doors open to reveal people waiting outside. I giggle and duck into Harry’s body as we continue quickly down the stairs as the rain of rice begins. I felt a few pelt the back of my head and was pretty sure it was Louis trying to mess around.

Harry opened the back door of a sleek black car, bending over me so I was half protected from the rice before he slid in beside me and closed the door quickly, his own chuckle mixing with my laugh. That was exciting!

The first thing Harry done as the driver pulled off was turn to me, his right hand cupping my cheek as he pushed me back into the leather seat, placing a long, lingering kiss on my lips. I fisted his curls in one hand before he pulled back a few inches, looking at me with a grin on his face.

“We’ve done it.” He says excitedly, kissing my lips again.

“Yes, we have. Now we are officially a family.” I say, lacing my fingers through his.

He grins at me before sitting back in his seat, his arm wrapped protectively around my shoulders. I rest my head on his shoulders as the car moved on across town to a large empty building that will hold the after party. I don’t even get to change but, then again, I don’t want to. I feel like a princess in this dress.

After another fifteen minutes the car comes to a stop in front of the building, cars already starting to fill up the parking lot. I take a deep breath and smile up at Harry as he gave my hand a reassuring squeeze. He opens the door, still holding my hand as he patiently waited on me. I stepped out of the car and was almost blinded.

Camera’s flashed and questions were thrown at me. Some ranged from the wedding and honeymoon activities while others abandoned that topic and drilled me about Kendall Jenner. I frown as Harry steps in front of me, calling out for Paul. I’m glad he had a back up plan.

Harry tugged on my hand, leading me forward as Harry’s body guards pushed through the crowd and made room for us to walk through. We rushed inside, holding the door open for a few of his family members to come through.

“You look so beautiful, Nichole.” Harry’s cousin said, offering me her best smile. I grinned back and thanked her, telling her I hope she enjoyed the party.

“Let’s go, love. We have things to do.” Harry said, gripping my hand tightly as we wound through the crowd.

He came to a large rectangle table with four seats and two high chairs, making me smile. He took the seat to my left as I sat down, facing the other tables.

The long table was covered in an orange fabric table cloth with brown place mats underneath the plate and silverware. two glasses were at each seat, one for water an the other for what ever drink you desired. There was a table in the back for the food and other things with little pumpkins sitting in the open spots.

The round tables where the guests sat was covered in the opposite colors of the long table, the table clothes being brown with orange place mats. In the middle of the tables were clear vases with little orange and brown candles that were lit, giving off a soft glow.

My mum appears out of nowhere with Dylan on her hip while Anne materializes beside Harry with Darcy in her arms. The twins are placed in the high chairs as other grab seats at the other round tables.

Louis caught my attention as he stood up in his chair, raising his stemmed wine glass up and tapping the side of it with a spoon.

“I would like to make a speech.” He says, grinning at me as he winked at Harry.

I heard Harry mutter something along the lines of “here we go.” but I couldn’t be sure.

“Harry is one of my best mates. We’ve been friends for a very long time now. I’ve been with him through all the troubles and girls, never not once thinking he was the type to settle down with anybody at the early age of twenty. Not to mention, girls really didn’t stick around for a long time with him. I know what you are thinking. How could a girl just walk away? I mean, look at that face!” Louis said as laughter started up as he pointed at Harry.

“Lou, just get on with it!” Harry said, his face red as he chuckled. Louis raised his glass a little higher, smirking at him.

“Mate, even if I end this one now, there will surely be another later. I’m not even drunk yet.” Louis said, making more laughter erupt.

I smile and shake my head, giving Harry a teasing pinch on the cheek. His face reddens more as he swats my hand away, making me snicker.

“Anyway, back to my speech. When Nichole first came into our lives, she was a fighter. I’m pretty sure she could have whipped all of our asses if she wanted to. Instead of running away screaming like the others did, she stayed. She had every right to leave but she didn’t. No matter how bad it got between her and Haz, she fought through it. And I can’t be more happier for them than I am now. I’m glad Hazzah as someone that can put him back into place when he needs it. I’m happy to be back in this rememberable building, the place where the three little words were popped. Congratulations, Harry and Nichole. I love you guys.” He said, smiling at us before hopping down as he was applauded.

I felt my eyes widen as I looked around, actually taking in the sight before me. I felt a large grin appear on my face as I began to recognize the place. This place held my last birthday, when Harry had proposed to me. I grabbed Harry’s face with both hands, yanking his head around as I placed a hard kiss onto his lips. I felt him smile into the kiss as his hand cupped my face and softened the kiss.

I smiled at Louis, earning a wink from him as I blew him a kiss. Harry shook his head at his friend, smiling as Louis flipped him off. I scent a stern look at him, silently reminding him we were at after party, not at home. He just grinned back at me before engaging himself into a conversation with Ariel.

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