Through The Dark

It's the sequel to My Bully. If you have not read My Bully, please do so before you begin this one!!! Thanks :)

-M xx


19. Snow Day

    Harry managed to fit ten different baby doll boxes under the tree, along with my presents for her. The babies talk, cry and only God knows what else they do. That was the last thing I needed, crying baby dolls. Dylan got toy tonka trucks and one big one that he can sit on and scoot around the house. He really loved that one. 


    I had bought Harry a necklace, a little air plane pendent since he “lost” the other one he had gotten a few months back. He had grown really attached to it and I felt bad. I didn’t have to heart to tell him I had worn it out during one of my shopping trips and the chain broke, sending the pendent flying somewhere and the necklace down in my bra. I bought him a few shirts and a new beanie, knowing he loved them.


    I had gotten a new necklaces and a mommy bracelet from the twins and Harry had bought me new shoes and a new dress. I loved it. Most of the presents were for the babies, knowing it was their first christmas and all. I wanted it to be special for them. 


    “You wanna take them outside and let them get a taste of the snow?” Harry asked, holding Dylan as he stood in front of him, waving a toy car in his face.


    “Yeah, but not to long. I don’t want them to get sick.” I say, scooping Darcy up to get her into a tiny snow suit. 


    Once we were all dressed appropriately, I opened the front door, revealing the front yard buried in snow. It wasn’t windy, thank God, but it was still cold. I sat Darcy onto her feet just outside the door, letting her take her time. Dylan, on the other hand, charged right into the snow. A few seconds later he was running out of his, holding his little gloved hands up to Harry, whimpering. Harry laughed at his cute little face, picking him up and setting the boy on his hip.


    “It’s cold, ain’t it buddy?” Harry said, taking his little hand in his large one and blew on it, trying to warm it up. Dylan nodded his head in agreement, giggling. Darcy waddled up to a large white pile, touching it. She snatched her hand back before looking back at me, grinning. I smiled back, nodding my head. She grabbed a handful of the cold substance and ran to me, chunking it at my legs.


    “Well, at least we know she will be into snowball fights.” Harry chuckled, making me nod in agreement. 


    “I think it’s time to go inside.” I say, scooping Darcy up. Harry followed me, a laughing Dylan wrapped up in his long arms as Harry tickled him a little. Today could not have gotten any better.




    I laid in bed, listening to the sweet sound of the twins little snore. It was adorable. Harry and I have been talking and doing other things *cough cough, wink wink* on and off for the past couple of hours, sharing a few new stories. I laid peacefully in his arms, knowing he would just have to leave tomorrow and force me to get used to him being gone again, this time for a long period of time. I frowned and snuggled closer to my fiancés chest, listening to his heart beat.


    “It beats for you, ya know. It always has.” Harry rumbled, his voice low and raspy in his half asleep state. I smiled, looking up at him in the dark. I grabbed his hand and placed it in the center of my bare chest, letting him feel the heart beat there.


    “And mine beats for you. Only for you.” I whisper, letting the intimacy of our moment sink in. I couldn’t wish for a better couple love moment.


    “Good.” was all he said, his lips soft against mine for a moment.


    “Get some sleep, love.” He rasped, his voice trailing off a little at the end. I sighed and snuggled deeper into his arms, closing my for sleep. Happy and peaceful for one night.

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