Through The Dark

It's the sequel to My Bully. If you have not read My Bully, please do so before you begin this one!!! Thanks :)

-M xx


37. Round Two

    “Harry!” I shout through the house, staring at the magazine in my hand.


    “What’s wrong babe?” Harry asked as he rushed into the living room. I yanked the booklet up and showed him the front cover.


    “What the hell?” Harry said, confusion taken over his beautiful face as he snagged the magazine from my grip.


    “That’s what I said.” I snapped, flipping off the telly as I turned and looked at him.


    “She’s lying!” Harry said loudly, groaning.


    “Well, I would surely hope so!” I say, earning a look of disbelief from Harry.


    “Oh, don’t look at me like that! I know the bitch is lying! She’s just mad because I knocked her in the gut.” I said, rubbing my temples. 


    “I’ll make a few calls and fix everything, alright babe? I’m going to run into town, I’ll be back in about an hour. I have to pick something up. I love you.” Harry said, kissing my forehead. He placed a kiss on the cheek of each twin, Dylan poking his bottom lip out to pout as Harry disappeared.


    “Aw, don’t cry! Daddy will be back in a while.” I say, trying to comfort him as I stare in disbelief at the cover of the magazine Harry tossed back onto the coffee table.


    I shook my head angrily at the cover, wishing I would smash her pretty little face in. Oh, I should have done just that when we showed up three days ago. I regretted my decision as soon as I flipped the cover over to the right page, reading what was plastered all over the first five pages. She puts on quite a show.


    Kendall Jenner sits down with talk show host Marvin McClain, revealing her secret affair with the recently engaged Harry Styles. Kendall tells all that she slept with the growing pop singer three days ago.


    “I feel sorry for her. I mean, she believed that he was faithful to her and trusted him. I’m outing mine and Harry’s relationship to help her see that he’s a liar. I just felt really bad for her and just couldn’t let her make a fool out of herself by marrying him.”  Kendall confessed, her voice full of worry and concern for the soon to be bride.


    I stand up quickly, occupying myself with the baby in my arms. Calm, I think to myself, Harry will take care of it. Don’t worry about it, just breath. Everything will be oh-kay. I take a deep breath in let it out, my mind plotting ways to make her death look like an accident. Not only did she make me out to be a naive, stupid, silly, overly trusting idiot, she told everybody about the wedding that we so skillfully kept hidden from everybody. How the fuck did she even find out about it?


    “I think it’s nap time.” I say, placing Dylan on my hip and letting Darcy hold my hand as we walked towards the nursery. 


    I placed both of the babies into their separate cribs and handing them their pre-made sippy cups, kissing both of their foreheads. I walked back out of the room, heading into the kitchen when the doorbell rang. I stopped in the hallway, mentally preparing myself for what ever will be thrown at me in the next few minutes. I take a deep breath and walk towards the door, yanking it open.


    “What the actual fuck? You’re still here?” Her squeaky voice sneered, giving me a rude once over. 


    “I’m asking you the same question.” I snapped, stepping further out onto our front porch and closing the front door behind me.


    “I’m here because I was invited. I’m his girlfriend, you dumb bitch. He keeps me on the side when you don’t please him.” Kendall seethed, her head moving around like a bobble head. It almost made me laugh. Almost.


    “I suggest you leave.” I say, crossing my arms over my chest.


    “I’m not going anywhere until I see Harry.” She said, mimicking me as she crossed her arms over her chest as well.


    “I’m going to give you to the count of three to leave.” I say, warning her. My next actions won’t leave her so pretty.


    “I’m not leaving.” She says.


    “One.” I start, holding up one finger.


    “You can’t make me.” she sneers, sounding like a child.


    “Two.” I count, holding up my second finger.


    “Kendall? What’s going on?” Harry asked, materializing in the driveway.


    “Harry, baby, there you are! I’ve missed you!”  Kendall said, taking off towards him. 


    My jealously issues kicked in, sending me running after her. Since I was barefoot and she was in heels, I think I had the advantage. I wrapped my arms around his small waist, shoving us both to the ground. Before I could moved, her hand came out of no where, popping me in my face. I felt the sting of each one of her fingers on my cheek as she slapped me, stalling for a moment. She managed to get to her knees, almost to her feet before my fist knotted in her hair. 


    I yanked backwards, hard, making her fall onto her ass. I straddled her waist, knotting my other hand in her hair as I brought her head up before forcing it back down.


    “Don’t. You. Ever. Slap. Me. Again.” I yelled as I bashed her head into the wet ground beneath me.


    Strong arms wrapped around my waist, lifting me off of her. I smirked as I yanked on her long hair, not completely satisfied with her screams of pain just yet. My fingers were quickly untangled from her hair as Harry began to tote me towards the house.


    “Go home, Kendall!” Harry called out, continuing to take me away.


    “Not without a goodbye kiss!” Kendall yelled, shoving Harry sideways.


     Harry’s grip loosened on me, setting me free. I turned around just in time to see Kendall grab Harry’s face and kiss him square on the lips. I felt my temper go through the roof, my body thumping as the blood rushed through my veins. I started for her, taking a good run before leaping through the air, wrapping my legs around her waist. It surprised me that she actually held us both up and that my momentum didn’t send up both to the ground. I fisted her dark hair with my left hand, yanking her head back.


    In the back of my mind, I could hear Harry calling for help, saying something about not being able to do anything. I reared my right hand back and shoved it forward, grinning as the satisfying snap of her nose breaking graced my ears. She cried out in pain as she stumbled backwards, loosing her balance and sent us both to the ground.


    A different set of arms wrapped around my waist, catching my fist before it could do anymore damage to her face. She rolled onto her side, curling up in a ball as she groaned at the pain in her nose.


    Harry’s POV


    Liam pulled Nichole off of Kendall, catching her just in time. Nichole was seriously about to beat the life out of the girl. Kendall curled into the fetal position, crying as she tenderly touched her now broken nose. Damn. Nichole was grinning as the girl, wiping the blood away from the tiny cut on her lip from where Kendall had slapped her.


    “Touch my boyfriend again and I’ll do worse than that!” Nichole threatened, relaxing into Liam’s tight grip on her waist. Liam set her down on her feet and she calmly walked over to me. 


    Liam helped Kendall to her feet and called her a cab, handing her a little ice packet he came with just in case. She snatched it from him and glared at Nichole as she walked towards the cab. Nichole just smiled sweetly at her.


    “Bye!” She called cheerfully, waving at the the beaten girl as she got into the vehicle.


    I raised my eyebrows at her and stared at her until she looked up at me.


    “What?” She asked slightly amused but sounded aggravated.


    “Nothing. I’m just wondering where all that came from. If you would have done that to me or any of the boys, we never would have mess with you. Well, Louis probably would have continued, you know his love for women that can kick his ass.” I said honestly, wrapping an arm around her shoulder. She looked up at me and grinned, shrugging.


    “All I got to say is don’t fuck with what’s mine.”

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