Through The Dark

It's the sequel to My Bully. If you have not read My Bully, please do so before you begin this one!!! Thanks :)

-M xx


24. Problems

“When was the last time you talked to Harry?” Ashley asked me, wrapping Darcy up in a towel. I took my little girl and frowned at her question.

“A few days. He called me drunk at four in the morning the night of the twins birthday. He told me he would call me back later but I haven’t heard from him.” I answered, drying off little chubby feet.

“Have you tried calling him?” she asked, leaning agains the counter as she watched Dylan play with the bubbles in the tub.

“Yup, I have. Rang twice and then went straight to voicemail.” I said, popping the “p” on yup.

“So he forwarded your calls? All of them?” She asked, getting a new towel and picking up a wet toddler from the bathtub.

“Yes, all of them. Maybe I keep calling at the wrong times.” I say, trying to stay positive.

“Oh. I think he should at least answer and tell you it’s a bad time instead of ignoring you.” Ashley said, having me nod my head at her as I finish putting Darcy’s diaper on.

“Or maybe he lost his phone and the person that has it doesn’t wanna give it back.” She though out loud, her attempts to make me feel better vain.

“Yeah, maybe.” I mutter, swapping kids to get a diaper on him.

“So, he’s still clueless about the new baby?” She questioned, bounding Darcy on her hip.

“Yup. The last time he called he was drunk and I don’t know how the drunk Harry would have taken that kinda information so I decided to wait until the next time he called.” I say, sighing.

I still have no idea how I’m going to tell him about the baby. He found out himself last time, I didn’t have to break the news to him. Why can’t I be that lucky this time? Why can’t he just bust through the door and confront me about being pregnant? You wanna know why? Because that was only a once in a life time deal, that’s why. Harry was being a dick about the first pregnancy, glad to rub it in my face that it was his and not Liam’s after all.

“I’ll try to call him after the twins are in bed.” I say a few minutes later, holding the bouncing toddler in my arms as I leave the bathroom to go to the nursery.

After both babies were in their jammies and snoring, I left the door cracked and headed into the living room. I sat down heavily on the couch, grabbed the remote before pulling my legs up and underneath me. I flip on the t.v. and put it on the news, turning it down to where I could barely hear it.

I fished my phone from my pocket and eyed it, contemplating the though of calling Harry one last time before giving up on all communication with the boy. Taking a deep breath, I dialed the all to familiar number and pressed call, holding it to my ear. I glanced at the telly, smirking at a silly commercial before the phone started to ring on the other side. I listened quietly, expecting to hear his voicemail. Instead, there was a click and a few seconds of silence before his voice was in my ear.

“Hello?” Harry rasped, sounding wide awake and perky. Ugh, it’s eight at night here while it’s two in the after noon there.

“Yeah, hey.” I say, letting a bit of my anger and frustration leak through my voice.

“Oh, uh, hey babe.” Harry said, sounding a bit nervous. Good, he needed to be.

“Don’t ‘hey babe’ me! I’ve been trying to call you for the past four days and you’ve been ignoring me. I rather you call me every night at four in the morning instead of ignoring me. What the actual fuck, Harry?” I asked, glancing at the telly. I looked away but my mind comprehended the picture quickly, making my eyes snap back to the screen.

“Nichole, listen-” Harry started but I cut him off.

“Hold on.” I snapped, turning the telly up louder to where I could hear it.

“...fourth time being spotted with the lovely miss Kendall Jenner in the past week! Just last night the cute couple were caught leaving a bar in the early hours of the morning. Where does this leave Harry’s mystery girl and his own children? More coming up next, stay tuned.” The lady said, pointing at the screen beside her.

As she talked photos flashed on the screen, four different pictures of Harry beside a brunette with an oval shaped face and dark brown eyes. The last picture I seen on the screen was a picture of the day we first outed the twins, the photo showing Harry holding Dylan while Niall played with Darcy. I can’t believe it. Harry’s been cheating on me with Kendall freaking Jenner.

“Baby? Did you hear me? I said I’ll be home soon, the next few shows are in the UK.” Harry said, making me jump at the sound of his voice.

“Well, good luck with that. I won’t be here.” I snapped, blinking away the tears in my eyes.

That’s why he’s been ignoring my calls. He was with that bitch the night he called here drunk. He’s been doing a freaking Jenner and who ever while I’ve been at home taking care of his kids and being faithful. I should have known better than to actually believe all of his lies.

“What, why? Baby what’s wrong?” Harry asked, sounding alarmed and worried.

“Oh, I don’t know. Why don’t you ask Kendall, maybe she can tell you.” I snapped, sounding a bit immature but I didn’t care at the time. I hung up the phone and dialed another number, hoping they would pick up.

“Hello?” Her sweet voice cooed in my ear.

“Mum, I need to talk to someone. Can I come over?” I asked, my voice breaking at the end as I blinked rapidly, refusing to cry right at this moment.

“Of course, baby girl. You can come over any time, this is still your home. I’ll have coffee made by the time you get here. Be safe.” She said and I hung up the phone, pushing off the couch.

“Ashley, can you watch the kids? I’m going to mum’s for a bit.” I say, not bothering to knock as I just barged into her room.

“Yeah, is everything okay? What happened?” She asked, sitting up at the sound of my voice.

“Channel 68. That’s what happened.” I said before leaving her room to go to mine.

I stuffed my feet into my nikes and yanked my jacket on. I snagged the keys from the table by the door and was in the suburban within seconds. I backed the vehicle up carefully and shifted into drive, the speed increasing with in seconds as I direct the car towards my mum’s house.

That was when I let it all out. I pulled over onto the side of the road, shifting into neutral before beating my hands against the steering wheel, screaming to let a little anger out. How could he do this to me! After everything we’ve been through, after all the things he’s said to me, he’s going to go run around with another girl and think that I wouldn’t find out about it.

I sat there for a moment, screaming and beating the crap out of the steering wheel until my hands hurt and my throat started to feel a little raw. My phone started to go off, making me grab for it quickly to shut it off. Harry’s picture flashed on the screen making me angrily click the end button and turn the damn thing off. I shifted back into drive and was on my way once again.

How can he do this to me? How can he do this to the twins? I trusted him. I believed him. How many others has there been and I didn’t know about? How many times has Harry lied to me about going somewhere? I’m so stupid to believe that he actually loved me. So stupid and naive that I agreed to marry him. Ugh, I’m so pathetic.

In the middle of my next thought, the suburban was shoved to the left harshly, making my head snap to the right then back to the left, my head exploding with pain as it smacked the window next to me. The last thing I heard was the sound of screeching metal and screaming.

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