Through The Dark

It's the sequel to My Bully. If you have not read My Bully, please do so before you begin this one!!! Thanks :)

-M xx


36. Play Fights

“So how do you feel now that the day is over and done with?” Harry asked, running his fingers through my hair before twisting a few strands around his finger.


    “Well... I feel tired, that’s for sure.” I said, earning a light chuckle from him. I loved the sound of his heart beat. I placed my head on is chest, listening to it thump.


    “I feel.... different. In a good way, though. I can breathe. Now that I actually have a place to go when I miss her, I don’t feel all spaced out. I can think straight. I know that she won’t be able to laugh or cry but I don’t feel like she’s completely gone. I just feel better about everything now.” I say, tapping my finger softly against his tummy to the timing of his heartbeat.


    “I’m glad you feel better. It makes me happy that you aren’t moping around anymore.” He said gently, twisting my hair before letting it fall against my shoulder.


    “I was a bit like a zombie, wasn’t I?” I asked, making him chuckle again.


    “Yeah, just a bit, love.” he rasped, kissing the top of my head.


    We laid there in silence for a few minutes, leaving me to listening to the beat of his heart.


    “Nichole?” He rumbled, his voice deep and raspy.


    “Yeah, babe?” I asked, looking up at him.


    “It beats for you, ya know.” He said, kissing the tip of my nose softly.


    Harry says that to me almost every day, a constant reminder of what a romantic, sweet man that I will be marrying in a few short weeks. I smiled at him and kissed him, giggling as he raised his eyebrows at me and waited for me to respond. Instead of saying what I usually said back, I hopped off the bed and stood at the very end of it.


    I brushed my hair back away from my face and straightened out Harry’s white shirt that I was wearing, preparing for the dramatics.


    “Are you sure it doesn’t beat for Kendall?” I tease, sticking my tongue out at him.


    “Kendall, oh, Kendall!” I say, throwing my head back and resting the back of my hand against my forehead.


    “What ever shall I do without my true love!” I say, failing epically at trying to mimmic his deep tone.


    “Come here!” He growls, a smirk on his face as he crawls towards the end of the bed. 


    I squeal and dart to the door, yanking it open and running out as I continued my little act.


    “Oh, Harry! Does this mean that you are my boyfriend?! Oh, it’s a dream come true!” I say in a high pitched voice as I run through the house, giggling with him hot on my heels.


    “Oh, I’m going to show you a dream come true.” Harry threatened from behind me. I felt his fingers brush against my shoulder as he tried to grab for me, leaving me in a fit of laughter as I pushed my legs to go faster.


    “This moment couldn’t get any better! I’m going to be the future Mrs. Styles! I say, rounding the corner to go into the kitchen.


    I squealed as his arm wrapped around my waist, lifting me up off the floor. I could feel his heart beat against my back, beating hard and fast.


        “Gah, I gotta start working out.” Harry said, his breathing hard. I laugh and gasp for my own air, agreeing with him. 


    He toted me back through the house to our room, locking the door behind us. Hm, this feels familiar. I twist around in his arms, wrapping my arms around his neck and locking my ankles behind his bum.


    “Mm, remember this?” He asked, shocking me as he unlatched my arms from around his neck and prepared to toss me. 


    I giggled as I landed on the bed with a thud, eagerly waiting for him to crawl up over me. Instead of crawling up to me, he grabbed my ankles and drug me down to the edge. He smirked at the surprised look on my face, cupping my cheek. He caught my wide eyed gaze with his own, rubbing his thumb over my cheek.


    I sighed as our lips finally met, not in the rough manner I thought they would. He kissed me softly, sending shivers down my spine at the memory he just brought up. I remember the first time he’s done that to me. Gosh, that was so long ago! Over two years ago actually.


    So much as changed since then. Harry has never been so loving towards me until I got pregnant. Would have have came around sooner or later if I wouldn’t have had the twins? I want to say yes but a side of me wasn’t sure. All I know is that no matter what kinds of hell him and the others put me through, I wouldn’t change a thing. I wouldn’t trade my past with Harry for anything if it all really turns out this way.


    “What are you thinking so hard about?” Harry questioned, placing another light kiss on the tip of my nose.


    “The first time you ever through me on your bed.” I teased, fisting his curls.


    “Mhm, what about it?” He asked, resting his forehead against mine.


    “Well, at first it scared me but the follow seconds after it was a huge turn on.” I admitted, nibbling on his bottom lip.


    “Oh, it was?” He asked, fisting my shirt in one of his hand.s


    “Major. Turn on.” I tease, scooting back away from him to the center of the bed.


    He smirked and crawled up the bed, stalking my every move.


    “I think I can do better than that.” He rasped, grabbing on of my ankles and tugging me back down to him. 

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