Through The Dark

It's the sequel to My Bully. If you have not read My Bully, please do so before you begin this one!!! Thanks :)

-M xx


31. Plans For Plans

The next day my toddlers were returned to me, earning me an all knowing look from the couple has they walked up the drive way. I blushed but ignored Niall as he wiggled his eye brows at me. Ashley grinned at me before making a sex face, having me laughing. I smacked her arm and picked up Darcy, ignoring the silly couple as Dylan was immediately taken by Harry.


    “They’s already been fed and everything, so no worries with that. Darcy had an upset stomach last night but she seems fine now.” Ashley said, giggling as Darcy swatted her hand away has Ashley tried to pinch her cheek.


    “Okay, thank you.” I said, tickling Darcy. She laughed her angelic laugh and attempted to cover her little round belly with her tiny hands, making me laugh.


    Okay, so I have to admit. The doc was right. I felt better after my little love time with Harry yesterday. Hell, after this morning to. I was in a fabulous mood and I think it was kinda obvious to everybody around me. They wasn’t treating me like I was glass today, like I would just shatter if somebody said the wrong thing.


    “Hey, Ash. I was wondering, are you going to be free tonight?” I asked, looking away from the laughing toddler to one of my best friends.


    “Uh, yeah. Do you need me to watch the kids again?” She asked before winking. 


    My face reddened and I heard Harry chuckle, making me lash out and smack his chest. I glared up at him playfully, earning another wink from him. He blew me a kiss and I took it, pretending to put it in my shirt before looking back at the girl in front of me.


    “No, actually, Harry is going to watch the kids. I want to get together with you and the others to talk about the wedding plans and all that.” I say, smiling at her. Ashley’s eyes lit up and she grinned at me. 


    “Oh, of course! It’s about time! We can all meet at my place. I’ll get the snacks and everything, you just call everybody and have them meet at my house. Babe, looks like you will be hanging out here for a while tonight.” She said excitedly, turning to face Niall at the last part.


     He pouted, poking out his bottom lip but all she did was kiss his plump lip, not giving in. Hm, I need to take lessons from her. Harry’s little pouty face always wins and he knows that.


    “What do I need to bring?” I asked, getting excited from just the way she talked about it.


    “Just your pretty self!! Ah! Okay, I have to go now and prepare, it’s going to take me all day. Oh, you do need to bring something. Do you have a laptop that only belongs to you with a password and all that?” She asked, ignoring Niall’s cries for attention. Oh she’s good. I’m such a sucker.


    “Yes, bring it?” I asked, smiling as she nodded her head.


    “Ah! Okay, see you later tonight. Niall, baby, call me if you need anything. I love you all!” She said excitedly before kissing Niall once and dancing through the house and out the door.


    We all stood there for a few minutes, Niall holding up the keys as he waited for her to come back in. I giggled as she came back, blushing as she snatched the keys out of his hand.


    “I love you, babe.” He said, kissing her.


    “I love you too. See you later.” She said before rushing back out the door.


    “Well, you must have your hands full with that one.” I laugh, setting Darcy down on her feet.


    “Ah, but she’s fun. I love her.” Niall said, staring off after the girl.


    “Aw, my Nialler is in love! So, when will she become Mrs. Horan? Or are you too chicken to ask?” Harry said, wrapping a strong arm around Niall’s neck and messing up his perfect hair. 


    Niall laughed his adorable laugh and shover Harry off of him, his face red.


    “It’s not that I don’t want to. It’s not that I don’t know when or how to do it. It’s that we’ve already had that discussion. She told me she wasn’t ready for marriage just yet but she gets excited just thinking about it.” Niall admitted, the boys locking eyes and pretending that I wasn’t there.


    “Is that it?” Harry asked, searching for more info.


    “That’s all that was said.” Niall offered, shaking his head.


    “Well, what the hell does that mean?” Harry asked, looking at Niall.


    “Hell, I wish I knew.” Niall said, chuckling.


    “Women.” Harry said, laughing when I smacked his arm. Niall nodded his head, agreeing before dodging my fist.


    “No! Darcy Marie Styles, do not put that in your mouth!” I said, rushing away from the boys to take a marker that had some how found its way into the floor out of the little girls hand. I’m going to kill all five of them boys for that marker war.

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