Through The Dark

It's the sequel to My Bully. If you have not read My Bully, please do so before you begin this one!!! Thanks :)

-M xx


32. It's just the beginning

    “Just go already! I know where everything is, I live here too!” Harry laughed pointing at the door as I tried to tell him where their sippy cups were. 


    “But-” I started but he grabbed the tops of my arms, making me look up at him.


    “Gooooo. We will be fine. We have five different sets of eyes to watch them with, they will be fine. Now, get your cute bum out of here before I change my mind.” Harry said, winking at me. I felt my face redden at his words, making me grab my laptop  and head outside. 


    Instead of driving, I just had Fer pick me up. I felt like it’s to soon to drive again. I mean, I will eventually have to but, as of right now, I don’t feel comfortable with it yet. Fer beeped her horn at me as she pulled up, grinning at me. I opened the passenger door excitedly, sliding in and slamming it, placing the laptop case between my feet.


    “Ah, are you excited? You are finally starting the planning!” Fer nearly squealed as she backed out of my driveway and faced the car towards Nialler’s and Ashley’s house.


    “I’m nervous actually. I don’t know what to start with!” I confess, feeling my foot tap against the plastic of the floor board protecter.


    “Aw, that’s easy. We will help you sort it all out. Who all is supposed to come?” She asked, taking a left turn.


    “Anne, Gemma, Sarah, you, Ariel, mum and Ashley of course.” I say, leaving off one girl. 


    Almost every 1D  girl was going to be there with the exception of Sophia. No body likes her and I’ll be damned if Liam brings her to my wedding. Either she stays home or he don’t come. I know it’s wrong to do that to him and that be his girlfriend but I have a feeling that I would ruin my wedding dress over killing that bitch.


    We got to Ashley’s quicker than I thought we would but then again Fer has a heavy foot when it comes to driving. I sighed and got out of the car, toting my leather case like a business woman would. I felt like a pro, haha.


    “Ah! Yes, you’re here! Okay, come on ladies, move your asses and get in here.” Ashley said, widening the door so we could enter.


    “Drinks are in the kitchen, snacks are on the table. Get what you want right now and meet me in the living room. Let’s do this!” Ashley said, obviously pumped and ready to go. 


    I helped myself to many chocolate snacks, grabbing a yoo-hoo from the fridge before finding a spot on the carpet beside Anne. She smiled sweetly at me before Ashley called all our attention to one place.


    “Okay, ladies! So, we all know that little miss Nichole over there will soon be the Mrs. Styles! Nichole, where do you wanna start?” Ashley asked, sitting indian style across from me.


    “Um, I’m not sure. I’m not even set on what colors, when, where, how or anything like that.” I confessed, feeling silly for even trying so soon.


    “That’s okay, we can help. What’s your favorite season?” Fer asked, catching my attention.


    “I like the fall season. It’s nearly perfect weather in fall.” I find myself saying, nodding at my decision.


    “That’s perfect! It gives us short timing but it’s perfect! If we all work together on this, we can have this thing planned in less than a month!” Ashley gushed, her face bright with excitement. 


    “Now when I say august, I need to to say a random number between one and thirty one. Go!” Anna said, scaring me a little bit.


    “Twenty five!” I say loudly, not caring as the number flew out of my mouth.


    “August twenty fifth it is. Now that we have that set, what colors do you like?” Ariel said, drawing my attention to her.


    “Since it’s going to be in the fall, I was going to stick with oranges and browns and golden yellows.” I admit, shrugging a shoulder.


    “That’s a great idea. Let’s get started. Do you have a spending limit?” Sarah said,  from the other side of me.


    “No but I would love to keep it cheap and simple please.” I say before turning the reigns over to them. I sigh and opened my laptop, unlocking it and placing it in there hands.

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