Through The Dark

It's the sequel to My Bully. If you have not read My Bully, please do so before you begin this one!!! Thanks :)

-M xx


43. Five O'clock in the morning

It took all of one day to move into the new house beings we only had to pack our clothes and take them there. We got settled in and used to the house in record time, the twins loving all the new space to explore and run around in. I woke up to Harry by my side every morning and the sound of little feet running through the house during the day.


    Bo became a big hit with the twins, almost automatically connecting with the children. He slept in the nursery with them in his own little house that Harry put in there for him. Luckily he was house trained, putting the doggy door to good use and kept the house clean and smelling fresh.


    The night came for the boys to kidnap Harry for his bachelor party, making me sigh as I go to answer the door. I pull it open to reveal four grinning boys, all with that mischievous glint in their eyes as I stepped back and let them in.


    “Harry is getting dressed, he will be a minute.” I say, leading them to the living room. They spread out and piled on the furniture, cooing as Bo busted into the room, the little ball of joy.


    “Hey there, little guy.” Liam said, scooping the pup up in his arms to play with him. 


    “I’m thinking about getting one.” he said as he lightly grabbed Bo by his muzzle, shaking his head before letting him go. Bo growled at him, barking once to make Liam laugh.


    “You should. He’s adorable.” I say, plopping down in a recliner as we all waited for Harry to get done primping himself.


    “Oh, Nichole, before I forget. Do you mind if I bring a date to the wedding?” Liam asked, his cheeks turning pink as I grinned at him.


    “Aw, Liam of course! Wait, is it Sophia?” I say, eyeing him. He shook his head, his blush deepening.


    “What’s her name?” I asked, crossing my legs as I watched him.


    “Danielle, actually. She’s a dancer and a part time model. She’s perfect, Nichole. I really think you would like her.” He said, grinning at me.


    “Oh, I wanna see!” I gushed, leaving my spot in the chair to make Zayn move over so I could sit by Liam.


    He nodded his head once and dug out his phone, tapping the screen and flipping through pictures until he held his phone up for me to see.


    “Oh, my gosh, Liam. She’s gorgeous!” I say excitedly as I look at the photo.


    A dark headed girl smiled up at me, her dark brown hair curled  as Liam pressed a kiss to her cheek, making the picture all the more adorable.


    “Yes, she can definitely come. I can’t wait to meet her!” I say, bursting with joy. Yay! Liam found somebody!


    “Hey, guys. We ready?” Harry asked, walking around the corner as he fixed his collar.


    I stood and met him half way, hugging him around the waist before pressing a kiss to his lips. He grinned down at me before kissing the tip of my nose once.


    “I love you.” He says, making me smile.


    “I love you too.” I say, releasing him and turning to the boys to give them a stern look.


    “No strippers.” I say seriously, pointing at them. 


    The boys laugh a little to easily, instantly making me suspicious.


    “I’m serious guys. Please no strippers.” I say, frowning at them. 


    Harry wrapped an arm around my waist and pressed a kiss onto my temple.


    “I promise there are no strippers.” Liam said, easing my nerves a little. He wouldn’t lie to me would he?


    “There’s no strippers. Do you really think that Ariel would let me out of the house if she even thought about thinking that there would be strippers? No.” Louis said, making me chuckle. Now, that I can count on.


    “You would do it just so she could kick your ass.” I teased, sticking my tongue out at him. I laughed when he did the same thing before flipping me off.


    “Alright, let’s get going. We will return him in one piece. He may be a little tipsy but he will be in one piece.” Niall says, shuffling towards the door.


    “Be careful, guys. No drinking and driving. Stay safe.” I say, following them to the door.


    “Don’t worry, love. If it gets out of control, I’ll cut it off and come home. I love you.” Harry said, calming my nerves a little bit as he pecked me on the lips and followed the boys to Louis’s car.


    I sigh and shut the door, locking it and setting the alarm system. I walk through the house and check all the doors, making sure each is locked and secure. I made my way to the nursery, checking on the twins as they slept. Bo’s head came up as he looked at me for a moment before laying back down, seeing no threat. 


    Seeing they were peaceful and sleeping, I headed to the master bedroom, gathering a towel and dug through Harry’s side of the dresser. I snagged a plain white shirt and a pair of his boxers with a pair of my knickers, I locked the bathroom door behind me.  I placed my clothes and towel in the open counter on the sink and started my bathwater.


     After adding bubbles, I stripped down bare and stepped into the hot water, sighing in relief as I sank down into the liquid. I let it fill up most of the way before shutting the water off and resting my head agains the back of the tub. It feels so good to relax and not hear any screaming or crying. Don’t get me wrong, I love my kids but it felt nice to be in the bathroom without being followed.


    I soaked for about forty minutes before I bathed and washed my hair, forcing myself to pull the plug and get out. I dried off and got dress, towel drying my hair before wrapping it up in a bun. I checked on the twins one last time before shutting off the bedroom lights and snuggling into my bed.


    It felt like I had been asleep for only ten minutes when I heard the light flip on, sending me wide awake and squinting at the bedroom doorway. Harry whispered an apology before stripping down to his boxers, turning the light back off and sending me into complete darkness. 


    I felt the bed dip down beside me and Harry’s arms wrap around me, pulling me back into him. He smelt lightly of alcohol but not to strong. I glanced over at the clock and realized he had only been gone two and a half hours.


    “I thought you was gonna be gone until, like, five.” I said, turning over to face him. 


    My eyes had finally adjusted to the dark, letting me see the outline of his wild curls. I heard him chuckle before pressing a kiss onto my forehead, pulling me closer to him. 


    “I missed you to much so I cut it short.” He confessed, making me smile. Aaawww.


    “But, babe-” I started, but he cut me off, pressing a lingering kiss on my lips to shut me up.


    “I wanted to come home. I didn’t feel right being gone two hours much less out  until five in the morning. I wanted to come home and cuddle with my amazing fiancé.” Harry said as I buried my face into his bare shoulder, smiling.


    “I love you.” I say, closing my eyes.


    “I love you, too. Get some sleep, love.” He rasped, kissing the top of my head.


    I sigh happily before letting the sound of his heart beat lead me to sleep.

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