Through The Dark

It's the sequel to My Bully. If you have not read My Bully, please do so before you begin this one!!! Thanks :)

-M xx


8. Depending On You

I shifted on the couch, voices catching my attention. I sat up, looking around. The kitchen light was on and so was the hallway light, shining into the living room. I moved out from under the covers that had been placed over me, I got up slowly, my lower regions still tender. I followed the voices to the front door, finding Harry blocking my view of who was outside.

    “My kids are not going to be put in that car with you drunk and with her. They will stay here. Go home and come back tomorrow when you are sober.” Harry was saying, his back tensed as he ran his fingers through his hair.

    “I’m not leaving.” Someone slurred, sounding really familiar.

    “Harry? What’s going on?” I asked, pushing past him to find a familiar face. I stopped, looking up at him.

    Liam grinned at me, swaying slightly. The girl beside him was just as drunk, eyeing me like she was going to do something. Her dark hair was pulled back into a slick ponytail and her dress was tight fitting and had sequins all over it, making the light reflect. 

    “So this is the ‘few things’ you had to do? Go out, get drunk and then show up with this chick? Go home and sleep it off, Liam. I’m not leaving tonight. We will talk tomorrow.” I said, feeling angry that he had lied to me and then had the nerve to show up here drunk and actually think I was putting my babies in that vehicle.

    “Oh he won’t be sleeping.” The girls said, running her hand down Liam’s chest as she eyed him hungrily.

    “Then leave. Goodnight, Liam.” I said, stomping off before I could get a reply. I will probably hit that bitch if she gave me another nasty look.

    I clicked on the light in the living room, folding up the blankets that Harry had laid over me. I set them at the end of the couch and sat beside them, my elbows resting on my knees and my hands supporting my face as I leaned forward. I was depending on Liam to pull through and come get us. Instead, for the first time, he let me down. Now that I’ve had my twins, I’m going to depend on him a lot. I hope he realizes that and this will be the last time he does this to me. Harry came in shortly after sighing heavily. He sat beside me quietly, letting me think.

    “You can stay here tonight. The babies are already asleep anyway. You can stay in my room with me so you can be close to Dylan and Darcy in case anything happens.” Harry offered, his large hand rubbing up and down my back for reassurance.

    “Okay. I need some clothes though.” I say, to sleepy to think of anything else. It must be real late.

    “I think I got some that will fit you. Come on, let’s get to bed.” He said, offering me his hand. I took it and turned out the light, letting him lead me through the dark. 

    I leaned into the nursery, checking on the babies. They are still sleeping quietly, twitching a little. I smiled and continued to follow Harry to his room, catching the clothes he through at me. I went into his bathroom and closed the door, stripped down to my under clothes. I caught my reflection in the mirror, crinkling my nose.

    My chest are was bigger because of the breastfeeding thing, causing my boobs to almost pop out of my bra. I guess it’s time for me to get new ones anyway. My hips were wider and I had a strong hour glass shape, my waist small until you got to my hips. My thighs were thicker and so was my tummy from the baby weight I had gained during the pregnancy. Sighing, I pulled the large shirt over my head and slid on the boxers Harry had let me use. 

    Yawning, I walked back out to find Harry shirtless and in a pair of joggers slung low on his hips. He didn’t change any from the last time I saw him half naked. He still looked hot, his muscles tensing and contracting under his skin as he pulled the covers back on his bed. I climbed in, not waisting time as I snuggled deeper into the covers.

    Harry nestled in beside me, not shying away as he pulled me backwards, wrapping one arm tightly around me. I started to protest until his lips were in my ear.

    “Just for tonight. I don’t have women over, I’ve been sleeping alone. Just let me hold the mother of my children, for one night if not any longer.” He said, his voice sounding a little sad as he rasped the words out. I nodded my head and shifted back towards him, getting comfortable. I closed my eyes and let his light breathing guide me into sleep. 


    It felt like I had been asleep for ten minutes when crying reached my ears, making me jerk straight up. Harry was already at the door, rubbing at his eyes. I sighed and followed him to the nursery. He picked up Darcy and I got Dylan, holding him to my chest.

    “Shh, what’s wrong little man?” I asked, even though I knew he couldn’t reply. That’s when Harry checked Darcy’s diaper, making a funny face.

    “They need to be changed.” Harry said, making his way over to the light. 

    We both shielded their eyes as he flipped the switch, laying the blonde on the changing table. She was changed and exchanged out for Dylan. I walked around the room with a slight bounce in my step, shushing her cries. Harry sat in the rocking chair with Dylan, rocking him as he gently hummed. Once they were back asleep we placed them into the original cribs, flipping out the light and going back to bed.

    The next morning came quickly, Harry leaving me alone in the bed. I rolled over sleepily, fully prepared to talk him into making me breakfast to find the room empty. I sighed and sat up, deciding to go check on the babies. It was seven thirty in the morning, making me feel even more sleepy. 

    I slowly got out of bed, gently walking out of the room. I went into the nursery, panic setting into my body. The cribs were empty, making my heart race. I quickly left the room, searching the house. I walked into the living room, finding Niall loving on Darcy. My heart beat slowed down as Harry came into view, Dylan laying in his arms while him and Niall talked. Harry’s eyes shifted over Niall’s shoulder, his eyes meeting mine as a small smile played on his lips.

    “Good morning, sleepy head. Did you sleep good?” Harry asked, making Dylan wave at me. I nodded my head and reached for Dylan. Harry handed him over, making room for me to sit down. I laid back against the couch, holding Dylan close.

    “Good morning, my little prince.” I coo, kissing his cheeks. His lips twitched as he attempted to smile. I grinned at Harry, finding that he was watching Dylan to.

    “He almost smiled!” I said excitedly, making baby talk at Dylan.

    “I saw. If I was being coddled and loved on my a beautiful women, I would smile too.” He said, his voice sweet and soft. I smile sweetly at him before deciding it was time for the babies to eat.


    “Are you ready to go?” Harry asked, his voice emotionless.

     I nodded my head as I tucked Dylan’s blanket in around him, grabbing the bag Liam left me before picking up his seat. Harry grabbed Darcy and the car keys. After the kids were set in the back seat and everything was in place we were on our way to Liam’s place. It was almost one in the afternoon, he should be up by now.

    We pulled into the drive, finding Liam’s vehicle missing. I sighed and got out, pulling out the key Liam had made for me. I got Dylan out and grabbed the bag as Harry grabbed his daughter, following me to the door. I unlocked the door and pushed it open, walking through the house to the nursery. Harry looked around, seeming to inspect the room. He looked a little upset but I shrugged it off. This is where my kids will be staying until I decide differently.

    I put Darcy in her crib, turning on the little toys about the bed to keep her entertained for a few minutes. Harry did the same to Dylan, walking out of the room with me. We stopped at the front door, Harry turning toward me. 

    “Do you want me to stay here until Liam gets back? I don’t want to leave you with to much so soon.” Harry said, his voice sounding concern. 

    I shook my head at him, my hand finding the necklace he had gotten me for my birthday and playing with it. His eyes followed the motion, a small smile playing on his lips. I grinned back at him, looking down at the gift.

    “I’m surprised you’re wearing that.” He admitted, taking the locket out of my hand to inspect it.

    “In perfect shape. Looks like you just bought it.” Harry said suspiciously as he eyed me playfully. I laughed.

    “I don’t ever take it off, so it can’t get messed up.” I admitted, smiling shyly at him as I said this.

      He smiled back, his hand finding my cheek. I blushed, feeling my face heat up. His thumb rubbed over the reddened area. He stepped forward, the front of his body brushing against mine. He leaned down, his nose brushing mine. I rose up on my toes, tilting my head forward. His eyes were a dark sparkling green, making me feel light as he leaned further down, his lips brushing mine. 

    Just as our lips were about to touch, the door swung open and a sleepy looking Liam walked in. Harry and I jerked away from each other at the surprise entrance. Liam chose to ignore us, shuffling past us without closing the door. Harry took that has a sign to leave, kissing my cheek before walking out and closing the door. I sighed and made my way back to the nursery. My phone went off in te bag, sending me digging through it to answer it. 

    Ariel claimed it was her time to spend with the babies, offering to come over and help me. I agreed to it, know that Liam wasn’t in the mood to change diapers and hear crying. I changed Darcy into a cute little outfits and did the same to Dylan, deciding that I will attempt to bathe them for the firs time tonight. As I made plans, I couldn’t keep my mind off of what happened just minutes ago. Did I really want to get involved with Harry again? Soberly?



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